People Explain Which Things They Hate To See Romanticized
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We're killing ourselves by making things more palatable when they're not.

There are things we as a culture have made cool that are anything but.

Why do we do this?

Media definitely has a hand in it all.

RedditorReddit_LizarB wanted us to drop the facade and discuss realities.

They asked:

"What is something you hate to see being romanticized?"

Being rude does not equal cool. She may have been right a lot, but Miranda Priestly was not a good person.


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"Family bloggers exploiting their children for views."



"Relationships with clear problems shown as passionate. So much of this 'passion' is terrible emotional management and terrible communicative skills bordering on (or actual) abuse."


"The only 'odd' or 'weird' passionate relationship that should be romanticized is Gomez and Morticia Addams. One where they clearly love each other, support each other, and after years of marriage are still excited to see the other."


"I just wanted to say this. The Notebook is my go-to example, where threatening to commit suicide is framed as a romantic gesture and not as horrible emotional manipulation."


Just Stop

"Gang/thug lifestyle. If you're born into it, raised by the streets, props to you for living this long. Hope you make it out one day. If you're not. DONT. Just don't. Eff off or end up as another chalk line on the pavement."


"One thing I've noticed... is that you can tell who grew up in that lifestyle and who didn't. The ones who did, fight HARD to get out of it (with the exceptions of those who are just too far gone), and the ones who didn't, glamorize it and think it's some game or something and flaunt it like it's cool."


Mental Illness

"Mental illness."


"Hard agree. If they saw the messy rooms, felt the genuine emptiness, and all the other crap that came with being mentally ill, they would (hopefully) stop romanticizing it."


"Not to mention the months of preceding detachment and isolation and misery and self-loathing essentially haunting your every thought."


Calm Down

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"Hustle culture. No, Heyleigh, you’re not better than me because you haven’t slept in 3 years."


Yeah. I'm too tired to hustle. The hustle made me weary.

Get Help

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"Depression. Some memes treat it as a quirk or a way to be relatable and as someone who lost almost 4 years to it, I just hate it. It isn't cool, it screams 'get help.'"


Very Sad

"Cartels and drug dealers."


"I live in a country where cartels are responsible for an indecent amount of deaths and violence. It breaks my heart that every day I get to see news about 14 years old being slaughtered by the traffic while people out there are watching mafia and gangster movies/series and thinking how cool that kind of monster is. For me is the equivalent of saying that the Islamic state is cool. Very sad."


Difficult Recovery

"Eating disorders. It makes my blood boil anytime I see people do this. I had anorexia- it almost killed me- it is disgusting people think this is ok

By the way. if you guys are going through this know that you are not alone and there are people about there who will listen and help you, and those who care about you. Recovery is bloody difficult but you know what’s more difficult, your parents having to bury their child."

"Remember your life is worthy, you are worthy and you deserve every good thing in this world. In terms of online support, in the UK at least, the charity BEAT provides helps and assistance to those living with eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia, BED, PiCa, ARFRID and EDNOS) and their families. You are not alone"


Clean Up

"Alcoholism. It can be terrifying for every party involved. It almost destroyed my family."


"Having gone through it and coming out the other end now, nothing about it was fun. It should never be romanticized. It destroys relationships and fucks your health. It’s not funny, fun, or a good time."


"I’ve had to watch a lot of people in my life suffer from alcoholism and couldn’t agree more. I love them and stay sober for them, but I hate alcohol now."



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"OCD. It's not a funny quirk. It can destroy your life."


"Thank you, from a life long sufferer of OCD. The media and film portray it as though it's a quirk, but totally leave out the mental anguish."


Lesson? Stop romanticizing life to get through it.

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