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Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a constant subject of mockery by conservative media ever since her surprising victory, who often target her for her age and lack of experience.

But the Democratic Congresswoman has also proved to be a force to be reckoned with and received endless amount of positive messages from supporters cheering her on to make positive changes in Congress.

The plaque outside of her office became a magnet for encouragement, with hundreds of colorful Post-its symbolizing a better future under her guidance.

Recently, the 29-year-old was asked to remove the inspirational adhesives.

So in memoriam, AOC posted a photo of the Post-it wall in its former state outside her office.

"RIP our post-it wall :(," she wrote in Tuesday's tweet.

"We were told it had to be taken down..."

But she assured us that the notes of encouragement are not gone forever.

"We moved it inside instead."

These are the colors of support and love.



Of course, her critics couldn't resist noting how childish the Post-it wall was to begin with, comparing the display to that of a "dorm room" and a "kindergarten classroom."

Nice try, guys.

Her supporters came through and challenged the haters.

It's worth mentioning that the mosaic-like presentation of love was not the Congresswoman's doing.

It stood as a testament to her constituents' faith in her.

"It just appeared one day. Some mothers came by & left 2-3 encouraging notes on my plaque," she explained after some inquiry about the display.
"We left them up, bc it was great to read those little encouraging words every morning."
"Soon, more post-its came. It became a little ritual for the public, so we left stacks out for people."

The fate of the Post-its was hardly surprising.

Suggestions to preserve a wonderful concept came pouring in.

The edict to remove the display in the first place remains puzzling.

But the accolades will never go away.

Whether it's out for all to see or in the confines of AOC's office, the encouraging Post-its will continue to convey that positivity always sticks.

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