As if teaching isn't a difficult enough job mentally and physically, often it can be the emotional toll that is most draining. That's why sometimes you just gotta go! And go far! One day someone is there and the next they're not. Sometimes it's a Dateline episode gone awry and sometimes people just gotta run for their lives.

Redditor u/RwbysJnpr wanted the teachers out there to share with us by asking.... People of Reddit, did you ever have a teacher mysteriously stop coming to school? What happened?



She got to participate in The Amazing Race for a season! She was kind of eccentric though, so most people thought she had been fired. coppercrystalz


My music teacher in 6th grade had a bad habit of cursing in front of the kids. They called me into the office to ask me some questions and the next week he was gone.

The replacement music teacher we got was the best teacher I've ever had, and helped me recognize my musical talent and get me out of my shell. cascadegaming


One of my high school teacher stopped showing out of nowhere and we had substitutes for a week or so. In the meantime, rumors arose that he was involved with a student and all sorts of things. He finally came to school one day and told us that he was leaving and he felt weird. We heard a couple of weeks later that he was beat up in the parking by a student's boyfriend (who went to jail for that, not his first assault) and the teacher was like... Nope I'm out of here, which is a shame because he was a great teacher and genuinely a nice guy. captain_canada_99

A Cruel Exit. 

10th grade English teacher stopped showing up for four months. Came back and she was three times as big as she was—she had cancer and was taking steroids rather than chemo or radiation. She died and left behind two kids under ten. newtsheadwound

Oh Lord.


Went to a private Catholic high school run by nuns. 9th grade homeroom/math teacher stopped showing up and we had a bunch of substitute teachers until they found a permanent replacement. We managed to get the reason out of another teacher - she got pregnant out of wedlock and was fired. frncsca

A School Affair.... 

The elementary school my mom used to work for had some crazy drama. The principal disappeared. No joke he just didn't come to work one day. He never called, no emails. Even his WIFE had no idea where he was! There was a police investigation and everything.

Weeks later the truth comes out. He was secretly gay and ran off with some other man. Just packed a bag and left his life completely and was never heard from again. Wtf. Dani3113kc

Too Young to Comprehend. 

My first grade teacher. She stopped showing up one day. We had substitute teachers for months and then she finally came back to tell us all she'd been diagnosed with leukemia.

She'd been going through chemotherapy, so she had no hair anymore and that's the only thing I grasped. I didn't understand what cancer was at that point. She passed away that year. I don't know if it was just me who wasn't told or all the kids. The parents were all informed. fauxunicorns

Good Ole Cowboy.

My 4th grade teacher never came back after christmas vacation. He was a very sweet old man, and looked just the way you would imagine a 75 year old cowboy to look like. He was very cheerful and a great teacher. Often he would make time for some very cool stories from his youth if we finished the lesson early and sometimes he even would play the harmonica for us. Even parents loved him. Just one of the best teachers a 4th grader could ever desire. He passed away at some point during the holidays.

But we weren't told. The official announcement was that he had retired and went back to his hometown or something like that. I only found out about the truth about a year after. I cried so hard... I just would have liked to say goodbye to such a great man... Hear his music one last time. He's a very happy memory from my childhood.

My 7th and 8th grade english teacher went to a vacation trip in Germany. She never showed up to school after that. I heard she got back with a "friend" and just stayed with him in Germany. I hope she's doing alright. She was such a sweet person. Norse_Bear

The Target. 

My sophomore year, we went through a couple of Spanish teachers. The first was a male that didn't even last 6 weeks. After a series of subs, we got a new teacher. She claimed to speak 10 languages, but didn't know how to teach. I spent Spanish class with my desk pushed against 3 others playing cards. Of course, not everyone kept to themselves. The teacher was an easy target for bullies. She lasted a few months of mean kids doing things like putting chalk dust in her drinks (and I don't know what else since I mostly kept to myself) and then she was gone. The school told us she left for health reason. Rumor had it that someone put glass cleaner (or some other chemical) in her coffee. weirdchic0124

Stay Gone.


He wasn't just a teacher but the VP and general School Admin as well, man dipped out and for the first little bit all we heard was that he was going in for surgery and would hopefully return quickly after a speedy recovery. Fast forward a few more weeks and we're hearing nothing and honestly starting to imagine what really went down... in all reality he beat his wife and kid so yeah he doesn't work there anymore. sabre127


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