If you are what you eat, then these people are... almost but not quite free?

Reposted, with permission from Oola

1/15. My friends and I were at McDonald's and she told them she would twerk for a free burger. She did and got a free burger out of it.

2/15. Had someone try to get a meal for free because it tasted like fish. It was fish.

3/15. This lady decided to seat herself in the very back and right after I take her order, I hear a clipping noise. I see her clipping her toenails and putting them in a pile. Not even 2 minutes after giving her her food she calls me and the boss over claiming she found toenails in her tacos. They comped her the meal which meant I had to pay for it.

4/15. I had a customer fake an allergic reaction to a pizza he ordered, claiming he was deathly allergic to something we had put in the pizza even though he couldn't say what. He made a scene about his throat closing up and when he didn't get offered a new pizza, he got it to go and walked out.

5/15. A family stabbed their 10 year old kid in the hand with a fork so they could leave without paying. Like it worked, but why?!

6/15. The table asked to speak to a manager and the lady says the sports memorabilia we have should be more female friendly and it wasn't like that the last time she was in. My boss asked when that was and she says 10 years ago. He said none of the memorabilia has changed in 10 years and she shut up.

7/15. This family tried dining and dashing. I looked outside and the whole family (5 kids, 2 parents, grandma, 2 uncles and aunt) was huddled around the van because it wouldn't start. We called the cops and they wound up charging the parents and other adults for theft.

8/15. I had a group of 18 people come in at IHOP. Everyone ordered the T-bone Breakfast. After they got their food they started complaining one by one about different things. My boss talked to them and they caused a huge scene refusing to pay for their meals. The cops were called and 3 were arrested for public intoxication.

9/15. At a Chinese restaurant this blonde girl complained about hair in her food. Manager looked at it and said, "Miss, no Chinese have blonde hair."

10/15. Had a woman complain because of a certain ingredient in her omelet. So I pull out the menu and it's clearly listed, she says, "Well, I don't make them that way." I didn't comp her meal.

11/15. I watched the mother purposely tip her espresso on her lap. I grabbed a linen and helped her clean up. They immediately asked for a manager, told her I spilled the espresso, demanded compensation and me fired. They got their meal discounted and left no tip. The table next to them saw what happened and tipped double to make up for those jerks.

12/15. A guy ordered our most expensive steak and said it was undercooked so I took the steaks back to the grill. He told me I better bring back new steaks or he wasn't eating them. I told him we could make new ones, but it would be awhile which made him complain even more. I did what I could and took off the first steaks but he still threatened to get me fired. My boss just laughed at him.

13/15. At one point we were running a kids under 12 eat free. This woman insisted that her granddaughter and her daughter were both under 12. The daughter was easily 35.

14/15. There was a lady who ate more than half her chicken fried rice and then reached into her bag and I literally watched her take a BUG out and put it into her rice. I walked right over and asked how her food was. She goes off immediately about the dead bug in her food. Of course the place comped her meal.

15/15. We had a table try to play the race card in every way they could think, all in the hopes of getting a comped meal. First, they started off by saying a table of white people got their food before them, claiming they had ordered first. We pulled ticket times - the other table had placed their order several minutes prior to the complainers, so it stood to reason that their food came out first.

When this was explained to them, they said the cooks were racists and they changed the times. The cooks just so happened to be black. (Not to say they'd actually give a rats ass about what any of the customers look like or leave the kitchen to look). So they called their server racist. And while she might be very light skinned, she too, was black. Must be the manager who's racist! Yeah....also black.

They were stuck paying their bill in full (hooray for locally owned business with management that doesn't take any shit) and left bitching about how everyone there was racist and they're "never coming back". As if the latter was a punishment to anyone there.

The worst part about it was how absolutely devastated their server was. She's the sweetest woman, and she'd never experienced hatred like that before. After they left she sat out back and cried.

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