People Who Survived A Murder Attempt Explain How They Lived Through It

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Hearing people open up about their near-death experiences is fascinating and it can reignite a sense that life is precious and can be taken away from us at any given moment.

But while a renewed perspective on life after narrowly avoiding accidental death is affirming, nothing is more terrifying when considering those who've managed to avoid death when it was motivated.

Curious to hear from those who were lucky to survive violence at the hands of someone with an intent to kill, an anonymous Redditor asked:

"Murder attempt survivors, what happened?"

These Redditors experienced sharp pains after being sliced. They live to tell their story.

Ultimate Defender

"9 years ago, buddy got jumped at a house party. I jumped in to pull the guy off of him. Attacker ended up pulling out a knife and shanking me in the stomach before fleeing to a getaway vehicle."

"Police were called. Caught the guy. We were supposed to come into court to point at him and be like 'he did it' but the day before he pleaded guilty. No idea what happened to the guy after that or what his punishment was but he probably didn't learn anything from the situation."

"Me? I feel completely fine. Sometimes I forget that I even got stabbed. I feel a little uneasy whenever someone has a knife in their hand and its not dinner time, but that's about it as far as trauma goes."

– TheBadman9001

Disturbed Patient

"I was working as a support worker for people with mental and physical disabilities. My client had schizophrenia and BPD due to childhood and substance abuse."

"She stabbed me three times in the chest (once in the heart, penetrating my right ventricle and severing a major artery) after I advised her against a medication (nicotine gum). I almost died, doctors said that it was a miracle I survived, with a 3% survival rate due to the severity of my injuries."

"That only happened back in August this year, I’m still in recovery and I’m dealing with PTSD. She’s completely ruined my life, and I’m now struggling with my identity and what I want to do in life."

– fridaskahlo

Targeting The Paramedic

"A pregnant drunk lady called an ambulance. I was working with a junior colleague but a female one. The patient said she thought she was in labour and was sat on the floor legs open knees bent with a blanket over her lower part. There was a small table next to her, glass top wooden coffee table thing. My colleague asked to examine her and for some reason she got angry and insisted I examine her not my female colleague. After a bit of back and forth I knelt down and went to lift the blanket to have a look when there was a sudden crash. My colleague had put her foot through the glass table and was standing on the patients hand which had a huge knife in it. Turns out she wanted to stab a paramedic and when we turned up she chose me. My colleague saw it just in time and saved my life."

"Patient had already had several children who were in care and had foetal alcohol syndrome. I was asked for a statement when the next one was born and they were also taken in to care."

"She got away with the premeditated attempted murder on grounds of mental health."

– AsleepPipe371

Parents are supposed to raise you, not kill you.

Going For A Spin

"I was 17 at the time. I was wicked sick one weekend and my mother decided I needed to go to the hospital. She had been drinking all day, as she was a terrible alcoholic. It turned out that I had strep throat. So they're typing out my discharge paperwork and my mother approached the desk where the nurse was sitting. Clearly stinking of alcohol, the nurse told my mother that she wouldn't be allowed to drive me home because she was clearly intoxicated. This sent my mother into a drunken rage, swearing and threatening the nurse. Who told her if she left the police would be called. My mother grabbed me and hurries me into the car. I start yelling at her about how irresponsible she is and how she is ruining her life with alcohol. This pisses her off even more. We only live less than a mile away but my mother has taken a different route than normal, when I ask why she just says it's the long way and she doesn't want to get caught. As we're traveling down this dark, Maine back road she begins speeding like crazy. We were doing at least 90 mph when she looks over at me with a blank face and says I'm sorry. She then pulled the E brake and cut the wheel sending us flying off the road."

"The next thing I remember is sitting in the front seat of a pickup truck with an EMT shining a flashlight in my eyes along who the president was. I responded that Bill Clinton was the president (2000). Apparently she had crashed us into a huge rock at the end of someone's property, directly on my side of the car. Apparently I crawled over her and staggered to the door of the property to ask for help. They put us in different ambulance and we headed back to the hospital we just left. Upon arrival, the nurse my mother fought with said 'I knew you'd be back'. My mother in a drunken semi conscious state kept saying I'm sorry I tried to kill you, I love you, over and over. She suffered several broken ribs, a broken collar bone, broken nose and cracked vertebrae. I had a concussion and some cuts on my face from the door window basically exploding on impact with the rock. She was sentenced to some alcohol program through the courts and some community service. She suffered severe depression and six months after this she took her own life in another car accident. She actually asked me if I wanted to go for a ride with her that night and I told her no, I'll see you when you get home. That was the last thing I ever said to her."

– Sentient_DMT_Crystal

Violence At Home

"my mum was incredibly abusive. on one occasion, I was around 12 and she came into my room while I was sleeping and stabbed me in the chest with a kitchen knife, puncturing my lung (I didn't know this at the time). obviously this woke me up and I just rolled out of bed and ran around the house screaming. someone on our road noticed the noise and called the police. just before the police arrived, she started choking me and I lost consciousness. I later woke up in the hospital and (mostly) recovered. she's now in jail. this is not the only time that she tried, but it was the most dramatic and came the closest to actually killing me."

– 1BUK1-M10D4

Don't Do Drugs

"I was 15 and my dad plotted to murder me. My dad had only been back around for a few months after being homeless for a while due to his 20+ year meth addiction. He had never been violent towards me before, but I later found out he had tried to kill my mother just months prior and she brushed it off as him having a PTSD episode."

"I came home from school, he surprise attacked me by suffocating me with a pillow/strangling.

"I ended up being able to get up and run to the bathroom- the only room in our house with a lock. He grabbed the door but I found a sharp object in the bathroom and told him to back up or I’d kill him. I somehow was able to shove the door shut and lock it. He tried to get in the bathroom but couldn’t."

"He actually said 'I’m leaving!' and open/closed the front door to try and lure me out. It was quiet for a while but then I heard him breathing outside the door. He eventually left after a few hours, taking my money I had hidden in my bedroom, and called a relative telling them I’d been in a terrible accident and he needed a ride to the hospital. He ended up running when dropped off and was missing for a year. Most terrifying year of my life."

"His body was found by a fisherman at his favorite lake growing up. They found high levels of meth in his system."

"Later, when investigating the home I was attacked in, they found hammers/duct tape/knives under my mom’s mattress and looked like he very much so intended to kill me."

"Edit: Thank you everyone for the kind words. Certainly the craziest life experience I ever hope to have and therapy was a long journey. The craziest part of it all was that my dad from childhood was still there simultaneously with the horrid attacker. He cried outside the door for a while telling me he was so sorry and I wouldn’t ever see him again, but would switch to trying to lure me out and being aggressive. There were many moments I could hear the duality of who he was. The murderous cracked out crazy person and someone who was regretful and really sad inside. Idk- just thought that was an interesting thing to add for context. It’s not always just so cut and dry between a crazy/bad person and a good/normal person I’ve learned."

– livinlavidaanxious

Gun violence survivors share their harrowing stories.


"Not me but my friend's mom. A coworker of hers was stalking her, obsessed. Convinced he was in love with her and nobody else deserved her, that kind of thing. Eventually he came to their office with a revolver."

"She was bending down to put files away, or something similar. He quickly approached her from behind and shot her in the back before immediately shooting himself in the head. She survived obviously, though the wounds were significant. Incredibly fortunate she wasn't hit in the spine or major organs."

"I often wonder how different it would have played out if she had been standing, or facing him. More than likely she would be dead."

"This was before my friend was born, and his mom made a mostly full recovery. Still has chronic pain and PTSD, but she can walk and has a job. Not reclusive or unfriendly to strangers. Terrified of guns, of course, but that seems fair. Both my friend and her are extremely lucky."

– Cutter9792

Never Welcome Strangers

"At the beginning of October my husband was trying to buy a PS5 on letgo. He wanted to make sure it actually worked so he gave the guy our address. I told him a dozen times that he was going to get robbed. He still had the kid come over."

"As soon as he got there he pulled a gun, grabbed the cash and shot twice. One hit my husband in the abdomen. The second went through the stairs behind him and traveled 30-40 feet to the kitchen."

"I heard the commotion and ran downstairs and chased him away from the house. We got to the front gate and he pulled his gun again and shot at me. He missed my head by less than 2 inches."

"He was caught and is being charged as an adult (16) for 2 counts of attempted murder and a variety of other charges."

– jmrobins00

Fortunately, these examples are of people who were extremely lucky to share their stories after a near-death experience since not everyone is able to escape their fate.

But just because one managed to avoid having their life taken from them, it doesn't mean it gets easier in the aftermath.

The lingering PTSD can be unbearable to live with, and anything can be a trigger that brings survivors back to a scary incident.

We never truly know of the trauma or horrific history of anyone around us.

With that in mind, remember that kindness in general goes a long way.

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