Survivors Of Stalkers Share Their Experiences
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Stalkers are a special kind of scary.

That is just a cold, hard fact of life that we must deal with.

And for some reason, these people get fixated on others.

They think they're in love... meanwhile we're calling the police and moving cities.

There is nothing more horrifying than having your life held hostage by someone.

Redditor rentinghappiness wanted to see who would be willing to discuss what it took to live through this scary life experience. They asked:

"People who have had a stalker, how did you realize you were being stalked and what ended up happening?"
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People Who Knew Someone That Died At Their School Share Their Experiences
Photo by Samuel Rios on Unsplash

Content warning: suicide.

Cherish every moment.

That is a saying we just keep taking for granted.

Another second is never promised.

Sometimes we check ourselves when the death of the young happens.

The unfairness of it all is almost too much to handle.

Let's share some stories.

And maybe learn to appreciate life a little more.

Redditor deadmoby5 wanted to see who would be willing to share about the not-so-great days in school. They asked:

"Has anyone ever died at your school/college/university? What happened to them?"
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People Who've Survived An Accident Without Major Injuries Share Their Stories
Image by Ngoc Tang from Pixabay

Life is not guaranteed. Every second is fleeting and could be your last! Feel better about the state of the world? I do.

I'm not here to coddle you, I'm here for truth kids. Danger abounds like mosquitoes in summer. But... there is hope.

We can survive. Everyday we all face insurmountable, life threatening situations, just by crossing the street, or going to Starbucks. And in some instances we survive actual near tragedy.

Who hasn't heard the tales of people walking away from the jaws of life with barely a scratch scratch? It can happen, but often it's rare. So let's discuss them.

Redditor u/CrownedBird wanted to hear about some major miracles by asking:

What moment made you say "Yep, I'm definitely dead", but survived with no major injuries?
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People Describe The Biggest Bullet They've Ever Dodged
Image by Tammy Lee from Pixabay

Narrowly escaping death after being at the wrong place and time is something nobody takes for granted.

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Life can be a harrowing experience. Sadly, we have to be careful everyday of people. Some true evil walks among us and hopefully most of us will never have to be on the rage end of certain lost souls or soulless bags of flesh.

Redditor u/TheShadiestPillow wanted to ask survivors of darkness if they could share some tough experiences by asking.... [Serious] People who have been tortured, what happened, what was your experience like and what impact did it have on your life?

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