Scarred Adults Reveal The Scariest Things That Happened In Childhood

Scarred Adults Reveal The Scariest Things That Happened In Childhood

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Childhood and adolescence is a time in our lives that is supposed to be filled with only joy and promise. However that is never the case. Now plenty of people will have a wonderful upbringing but nobody walks away unscathed in someway. Danger lurks everywhere and life will always throw a curveball when you least expect it. And it's from those moments we carry some of our deepest scares.

Redditor u/SpaceScubaDigger reached out to everyone's inner child by asking What was the scariest thing that happened during your childhood? Let the nightmares commence!


When I was 10 or 11, a guy came up to me and my friend in a park and said he was a gymnastics coach. He told us to meet him the next day and he'd take us to the Y on the other side of the city. We didn't go, thankfully. A girl the same age as us was kidnapped from the same area shortly after, and her body was found near that Y. Was it the same guy? Can't say for sure, but he was never caught, and the location similarities have creeped me out for decades. (And yes, I reported what happened to me and my friend)


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My dad has some serious anger issues, so my entire childhood was pretty terrifying. One event always sticks out though.

My sister and I were on summer break, we were supposed to be cleaning the house. We hadn't finished by the time my dad got home from work, so he lost it. He's screaming, kicking and throwing stuff around. My sister got so worked up she threw up, so he's screaming at us to clean it up. After he ended up locking us in our room for the weekend.


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I nearly drowned in a recreational swimming pool. Think I was around 6 years old and not much of a swimming talent. My parents had my older sisters look after me while they were swimming around with my uncle and aunt.

At some point I went under and swallowed some water which made me cough badly. I couldn't stay afloat anymore and was waving my arms all over the place trying to get someone's attention to help me.My sister saw me and she did something I still give her a hard time over. She... waved back at me. That's all she did, she waved back. I thought to myself "I'm dying."

Luckily a lifeguard saw me and pulled me out in time. Still not comfortable whenever I go swimming now.


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I was about 7. I was waiting for the school bus one morning and about 50 yards away a mother was riding her bike with her child strapped in a bike seat behind her. She cycled in between the curb and a speed bump and fell. Her baby's head hit a piece of rebar that was sticking out of the speedbump. She got up and ran with the child screaming, "MY BABY!!" a few houses down where cops and an ambulance were handling another situation.

Don't know what happened to the child. The mothers screams were the most haunting thing I've ever heard to this day.


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I was playing hide and seek in a small village in the summer when I was 8. I was walking behind the fence to find a way to enter a hidden area, but there was a hole I didn't see. I walked in it and fell down 15ft only to get caught mid air by brambles. My hands, my legs, my arms were in blood, and I felt many MANY ants climb my body. And I couldn't move, I was mid air with brambles stuck in me. I started shouting and crying, and my friends came to see me. They called some strangers (the parents were away) . At some point, an old man slipped and fell down right next to me, he was a lot taller so he could touch the ground, and he was dressed properly to not get hurt. He held me up and got me out of all that mess. We finally found a way out, after 30 min of being stuck for me. I had dark blood pouring down, covering my legs and my arms, it looked like something out of a movie. That's the scariest thing that happened to me as a child I still have scars nowadays.


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Saturday morning, my parents ran to the grocery store to get some beignet mix, leaving me home alone watching tv.

I heard a massive "boom" from outside and assumed it was a bomb... naturally I went outside to investigate.

A small plane had crashed in my neighbor's backyard. It was completely smashed into the ground, no one survived. We found out later 6 people were onboard.


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Someone once tried to kidnap me and a friend at our brother's baseball game. We wandered off on our own for a while, when this guy came out of nowhere and tried to get us to come with him, and after multiple refusals from us, lunged at us and tried to grab us.


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The hillbilly neighbors tried to run me over with a truck. They thought it would be funny to hear me scream. I was 4 years old. Their dad was cop so nothing was done. "boys just having a lil fun." it's been 40 years and I still see that Orange pickup in my nightmares.

Ground Control

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Happened to me maybe ten years ago in Gearheart OR, for awhile my parents and their friends who all had kids the same age as my siblings and I would rent a couple houses in the area and just hangout in the late summer. Anyways it's like 6:00am and everyone here's this super loud noise... we're all wondering what's going on and when we finally walk outside we see a house three blocks down ablaze with six foot flames coming off it. Turns out a small plane full of people leaving from a family vacation went down and hit a house with people staying inside. I was under ten years old so I don't remember if anyone survived or not but that was absolutely terrifying and eerie.

Rodeo Gone Wrong

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I saw a man die during rodeo while bull riding when I was 8. My parents were real big into bull riding and the dude just got thrown off and rag dolled when he hit the ground. The clowns scared off the bull and he just wouldn't move, the EMS dudes came along and put him on a stretcher and carted him away, and as he was being carted we could see his head was turned the wrong way and everyone knew then he was dead.

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