Grown Children Share The Craziest Things They've Ever Seen Their Mother Do

Grown Children Share The Craziest Things They've Ever Seen Their Mother Do

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Just a little. Right? But what was the turning point for you? Some people have seen the stuff their mom does at home, and some people have seen the stuff she did in public. But which terrified them more?

u/purplewhitewine asked Reddit:

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen your mother do?

Here were some of the answers.

Turn On A Dime

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I've never heard my mother use any profanity in my entire life, not as a child, or an adult. We had a retirement party for her, and a lot of co-workers showed up. She was her usual pleasant self, and at the end of the night, she got up from the table, called her boss a "f***ing worthless piece of s***" and left the restaurant.

Was It Worth It?

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We were driving down the road once when I was younger. My mom suddenly pulls into a random driveway and jumps out of the car and starts walking down the street the way we came. She bent down to pick something up. She comes back to the car with a coin in her hand and says 'I knew I saw a quarter on the sidewalk.'

Yea Mom!

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One night after kayaking with my parents, we got home really late so we decided to leave the kayak strapped to the top of the Tahoe. In the middle of the night my dad creeps in my room and peaks out my window. I wake up and he hushes me. My mom comes in and goes "Come on." They head downstairs and I hear my dad pick up the phone and start talking to the police. I suddenly hear the front door slam open and my mom scream "DROP THAT F***ING KAYAK." The woman is outside pointing a butcher knife at 3 thieves (who also have knives) cutting the kayak down. I then hear my dad say to the police: "hold on a second" followed by "SANDY WHAT THE HELL!" The robbers ran off and my mom remains the baddest bad*** in the world.

Animal Cruelty

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My mom once got out of the car at a stop light to walk up to the driver's side window of the truck in front of us so she could scream bloody murder at him until the light turned green for intentionally swerving to run over a box turtle along the side of the road.

No Communication

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One time because I didn't tell my mom what was making me upset, she literally hulked out and ripped her shirt off.

I still didn't tell her what was wrong, but there was now an additional problem of seeing the angriest half naked woman in existence.

Mom, The Guardian

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I was having a fire in the back yard w a friend. Early in the night I saw a shadow of someone in a yard over, told my friend. He said nah, I don't see anything. Yes. There's a man there. A couple hours later I see the same man, only this time from another neighbor's yard. Friend gets to take a look and scares the guy off. We decide to call it a night.

Our dogs (who had been inside) bark when they hear the side gate as I let me friend out. Mom wakes up, askes what's happening. I tell her about the creeper. She grabs a flashlight, hands me the phone and says "call 911 if you hear anything wrong!"

Armed with just a flashlight, her wife beater and undies she was sleeping in, she runs outside to look for the creep!

Turned out to be my ex bf stalking me. Cops were called. But I will always remember her running out there with nothing but a flashlight and a mom's courage, and thinking "she crazy."

Slipper Discipline

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My brother was misbehaving so my mom wanted to hit him with the slipper. I was in the bathroom pooping so when I came out I was surprised no one was home. I looked out the window and saw my brother running across an empty field and my mom chasing him with the slipper in hand. Funniest sight I ever saw.

Reverse Role Model

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She used to be the kind of person who would yell at retail and fast food employees. One time she freaked out at a blockbuster employee because she accidentally gave me the wrong game. I always checked to make sure we got the right one before we got home, so it really wasn't a big deal. Later when she was telling my dad what happened she lied and acted like she was the victim. Very uncool. I was only 10 and even I knew better than to act like that.

Not On Mothers Day

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Mother's Day 11 years ago my very petite mother decided to take my brother and I to Ross (local clothing store in a strip mall). We are pulling in and I guess she stayed at the stop sign a half a second too long so the guy behind us lays on his horn and starts flipping her off. She responds by driving at a turtles pace to make sure he was even more irritated until we actually pulled off to park.

Instead of moving along and just being angry the man decided to follow us into the parking spot and pull up so fast to my mom's door he almost hit it when she got out and started screaming in her face. Instead of being afraid she went full psycho mode pushed him backward and kicked 4 perfectly size 6 boot size dents into the side of his car while screaming some of the craziest stuff I've ever heard.

After he fumbles his phone out to call the police we peel out and head home. I did not get to go to Ross.

Next Level Cat Lady

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My mum puts all of the bowls of catfood in the oven in winter so they don't have to eat cold food. We have nine cats.

This Ain't The 80s

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She pops her shirt collar every day. Every. Day.


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Oh, my mother. Love her to bits but she definitely has shaped her own category of how to be a parent.

First off, she works and has worked 60-70 hours a week my entire life. She loves her job, and that's why she's there so much. Wasn't really around the house, but when she was she was drinking Coke by the can and watching Forensic Files. Stopped using a babysitter for my younger brother and I when I turned 8. Set no house rules or curfews. Said, "Rules don't make men, mistakes do." Then sips her soda and watches her show lol

Scary Cousin

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We took a cousin of mine in while his parents (my mom's brother and his wife) divorced. He took all his s*** out on me.

My mom put us on a scale; he weighed 30 pounds more than me. She told us I could use anything up to 30 pounds to defend myself.

A baseball bat doesn't weight anywhere near 30 pounds.


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Probably sending back her food at Red Robin because it was served in a plastic basket. She said "I don't want to eat out of a basket like a prisoner." When they brought her her food on a plate she was incensed that it was the same food. She wanted them to make her a fresh burger because the first one was served in a basket.

Could have also been the time she (successfully, somehow) returned a jar of mayonnaise WE HAD EATEN OUT OF FOR A WEEK because she found it cheaper somewhere else.

Biscuit Drama

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When I was around 14, she went on a blind rampage calling us (myself and 2 brothers, ages 13 and 11) lying little sh-ts, that no one would ever trust us and we'd get nowhere in life, that she hates living with us and she wishes she could pack up and leave like our father did (he left to escape her, and is still very much involved in our lives).

Why? Someone ate the last biscuit in the packet and no one would own up to it.

Monkey See Monkey Duel

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A monkey entered my house through the back door and went straight into the kitchen. It started breaking things and throwing stuff around. My mom tried to shoo it away but it wouldnt budge. So she took a stick to save herself incase it attacks and started shouting at it. The monkey started making these sounds trying to scare her. This went on for about 10 minutes. I guess the monkey got tired and it left but ill never forgot the sight of my mom who is usually kinda calm trying to duel with the monkey.

World War Poo

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When i was like 12 years old, my family made a trip to croatia and we wanted to cross through serbia. after like 5h of driving with the car, i really had to poop out in the middle of nowhere. but because of possible land mines still around after the war, my mum told me to stay at the car, while she makes a safe path to a place i can take a s***. it took me 5 years to realize, that she had put herself in the serious danger of getting killed by a landmine, just because i had to empty my bowels.


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Not evil crazy, but stupid crazy.

My mum can't drive for s***. She has:

  • Driven down a flight of stairs because she thought it was the car park entrance.
  • Reversed into a table that somebody was moving.
  • Gotten wedged half off a retaining wall after driving forward instead of reversing.

She has also scratched her eye twice. Once on an envelope and another time at the store on those metal things you hang stuff off.

An Invitation Into My Mind

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I made some drawings on some cards and sent them as invitations for my birthday to my family members. My granddad thought it was a fun idea, and made a drawing of his own which he sent to me, accepting the invitation and letting me know that he looked forward to it.

This shortcircuited my mother's brain for some reason. When I got home from school, she threw my little brother and myself in the car and drove us to my granddad's house where she proceeded to scream at him, seemingly forever, about how despicable he was, how he played favourites, and how he was a terrible person for not having sent a card to my little brother for his birthday a month earlier.

The fact that my brother hadn't sent out any invitations, and that he didn't care at all about me getting a reply for my effort, didn't matter to her at all. Things were never quite the same between my mother and my granddad after that day. I still don't know what kind of a mental breakdown caused it. It's one of those things we don't talk about. And I didn't send out invitations in the years which followed.

Range Rover

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We were hiking the Grand Canyon and it was day 2 so we were hiking up and out, which is of course more challenging than walking downhill. My mom kept complaining about the heat and how tired she was, and along comes a park ranger leading a group of tourists on a burro ride to the bottom. She walks right in front of his horse (the rangers ride horses, the tourists burros/donkeys) and collapses on the ground, crying and wailing. The ranger asks if she needs medical help and she literally holds the back of her hand against her forehead like a silent film actress and sobs that she can't carry this backpack any farther, etc. The ranger says he can take her backpack and drop it off next to the ranger station at the top of the canyon and she thanks him about 12 times, crying non-stop. All this time the tourists are staring at this spectacle and that was enough for me. I was so embarrassed. I told my sister I would meet them all at the top and I took off on my own.

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