People Describe The Most Obscene Displays Of Wealth They've Ever Witnessed

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Money is one of those things that many people find themselves wanting more of, simply for the sake of security and safety.

But for those who have money in multitudes, it's almost baffling how willingly they will throw large quantities of it away.

Already cringing, Redditor DefinitelyNot203Eels asked:

"What is the most egregious display of wealth you've ever personally seen?"

Unique Employment Opportunity

"I have a friend who was employed by a very famous old pop star. She lived on-site in his mansion (which itself was a very cute cottage) and was paid more than I am with no rent or bills for said cottage."

"Her job? To open the curtains of his bedroom in the mornings, put on classical music, and gently wake him up for the day."

"That sounds sexual, but it wasn't sexual; it was more like, 'Hey, hey big star, I know you're still sleepy but it's time to get up,' etc."

- princessflubcorn

Flaunting Cars

"My boss who owns his own plane likes to do s**t like flaunt the keys to his cars... Like, flick them round up close to the camera on a call to show off the logo."

"I think it really bugs him that I don't 'ooh' and 'aah' because I don't give a f**k about fancy cars."

"What does p**s me off is that there's an item I brought after much saving, and it means a lot to me. He heard about it and just went and brought two so he could comment about it."

- 10191AG

Her Annual Salary

"The company owner got a divorce, went on a shopping spree, and showed a receipt for tens of thousands of dollars to our receptionist as a way of showing off."

"What he spent was 80% of what she makes in a year. She was really uncomfortable and brought it to me as the HR (Human Resources) person."

- b***himgandalf

A Yacht for Your Yacht

"The first time I saw a support vessel, I was blown away."

"It's a yacht that accompanies your main yacht, and it stores your toys in its garage, it houses some of your staff, stores your supplies, etc."

- Eafeaturerequest

The "Just in Case" Staff

"I once met a woman while I was living in Singapore who was a full-time live-aboard chef for a super rich European who had several vessels, but only took a holiday on the one she worked on maybe once a year, but sometimes even more seldom."

"A full staff lived aboard full time, year-round, just in case this guy wanted to board, in which case they would sail to the port where he wanted them to pick him up."

- kiki_deli

The Biggest Cabin of Them All

"I worked in construction project management. We were building a log cabin for a very wealthy individual using western redwood. We had the piles, and foundation in place, the first floor completed, and about 25% done building the second floor."

"The largest base width of the redwood logs we were using was 44 feet, and the two-story fireplace that included 12 hearths was clad in architectural stone."

"The owner found out that the owner of a car dealership on the other side of the lake had just completed his log cabin with the largest logs being 46 feet in width. The owner got one of his employees to sneak onto the property at night and take measurements of the logs to confirm they were in fact bigger than the logs on his cabin."

"Once it was confirmed that the logs across the lake were bigger, he instructed us to take apart what has already been built, and source new, bigger logs with the smallest log being no less than 48 feet in width."

"He also instructed us to remove the architectural stone from the fireplace and replace them with actual stones. This required us to modify the foundation, as the weight of the fireplace increased by 1500%."

"After about 1.5 years, with no limit on overtime spending, the cabin was completed, with the largest log being 68 feet in width, and smallest being 48 feet."

"I ran into the car dealership owner at the lake town market one day and told him about the cabin we were building and how we had to pretty much start from scratch due to the size of his logs (and my boss's ego)."

"He simply replied, 'I had no idea your boss even owned a cabin here.'"

- ExaminationDouble240

So Humbling

"I had an amazing side gig instructing tech nerds how to drive their fancy cars at the racetrack (it's called an 'HPDE' or a High-Performance Driving Event)."

"A rich tech nerd shows up with a new McLaren 12C, delivered in a McLaren trailer and staffed by an entire crew of McLaren techs and engineers."


"The driver was complaining about how the $12k brakes would burn up after just one day at the track and escalated enough for McLaren to wonder if something was terribly wrong with the car."

"After one session, he huddled around a laptop with the engineers and found what was wrong: he was just that terrible of a driver."

- incomplete_

If You've Got It, Spend It

"A dude just kept grabbing stuff and having me ring it up. At first, I was like, 'You sure?' Then it eventually clicked that this guy was on a shopping spree."

"The shop had no human necessities. I don't remember the total by the end but it was close to 5 figures in USD."

"He pulled out his black AMEX that weighs like a pound and boom, a mile-long receipt."

"That was one of the few days I wished I made commissions."

- blippityblop

Rent Potential

"When I worked at Blue, Justin Beiber spent a stupid amount of money just to ski. He tried to rent the whole resort to make it private, but they wouldn't let him (which I still think is hilarious)."

"This area also has dozens of houses that are all valued well over $10 million, that all sit empty. They're just buildings that billionaires bought on a whim."

- stonedfishing

A Library Belle Would Envy

"I'm a custom metal worker. We did the penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, off of Central Park (the owner lived there). The floors were made of titanium plates."

"The wife had her own massive library and we had to make a rolling staircase that an old woman could move. We did, and it cost $80,000."

"We delivered it and she said, 'It’s too steep, can you make another?'"

"$80,000 later, she’s happy, and my buddy has a rolling staircase at his workshop."

- Denki

Holy Mansions, Batman

"I once toured a mansion under construction in Dallas that was about 45,000 square feet. It was about 80% complete when I visited and the interior finishes were amazing."

"When I was there, the artisans were hand-carving the front door details and the indoor-outdoor pool was being tiled."

"There was a bowling alley, a gift-wrapping room, a two-story master bedroom closet with a spiral staircase, and other over-the-top amenities including a ten-car garage with an oil change bay."

"Shortly after I was there, it burned down under mysterious circumstances, and its demise made the national news and a cover story in the Wall Street Journal."

- centexgoodguy

Wasteful Living

"A kid in my daughter's sorority drives a 2022 Lamborghini Urus. Every time I've visited my daughter, I see this car."

"It's filthy and covered in dings and scratches. My daughter says the owner has had it towed repeatedly by leaving it parked illegally in the street even though she has a space at the sorority."

"She'll just leave it on the street near the bars, Uber home when drunk, abandon the car until it gets impounded, and then pay to get her car back. Basically every weekend."

"In addition, my daughter says this girl's room is full of designer stuff that the girl bought for tens of thousands of dollars, wore once, and then threw on the floor."

"I should note that there are apparently several girls in this sorority with similar lifestyles."

- hiro111

It's Just a Parking Fee

"My boss had to impromptu get a new license to travel. When he was at the DMV, they said he had to pay like $100k in back parking tickets. He just set a card down and paid it."

"Apparently, he couldn't get a parking permit to be able to park in front of his house for some bulls**t reason, so he just parked there anyway, and just accepted that they were ticketing him like $100 per day for years."

- melodyze

Respectful Tipper

"I work at a Zipline in Hawaii. One time we had a couple of people come in, and one of them was a Saudi prince."

"Any time someone helped, or even talked to him, he had his 'assistant' count out hundred-dollar bills and give them to them. He tipped his guides $3000 a piece. It was wild."

- Jorjott

Paying It Forward

"While at a breakfast place I went to a lot in my hometown, I went to pay for my meal, and the waitress was like, 'Don't worry, it is covered.'"

"The next day, I went back. Once again, my meal was covered."

"Repeat for the rest of a week, and I was baffled."

"Apparently, some rich dude liked his breakfast a week ago and bought all orders for the following week and tipped all the staff $10k to keep it a secret and to cover the loss of tips for the week."

"It was a small mom-and-pop shop, but that still has to have cost him 100k or something. For a meal."

"There was intentionally no hype, and the other regulars and I were never told who it was."

- GoodRighter

While there were a few kind and generous people among the fold, the Reddit community could not believe the amount of money many people would spend simply because they could, even in support of bad habits, like terribly wasteful spending.

Having money certainly doesn't buy you manners or values.

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