People Explain Which Items They Refuse To Buy The Cheap Versions Of
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When we make buying decisions, we're conditioned toward one common ideal: get the most, give the least.

Usually, that means scanning the shelves and internet to find the cheapest version of whatever it is we want. And usually, that's a solid way of doing it.

It feels good to suddenly have the item we sought and know we didn't blast into our wallet to do so.

But sometimes, it would do us good to shift our paradigm. The lowest price isn't the only quality worth looking at when we make purchases.

There are some things so intricate, so part of our daily lives, or so luxurious that we'd be better off paying a little more to ensure we have the best for the longest.

Plenty of Redditors who agreed gathered to share the things they insist on dropping a little more cash to get.

frobie2323 asked, "What is something you REFUSE to buy the cheap version of?"

A good amount of people advocated spending a bit more on the foods and drinks we love. We are putting these things into our bodies, after all.

Good ingredients made from excellent recipes are well worth the higher price tag.

Paying for the Labor 

"MAPLE SYRUP" -- pickwickswift

"What, too good for vaguely maple-flavored plasticized corn syrup?"

"Yes, yes you are. Everyone is. Even me, and I'm garbage."

"The difference is so night and day that I'd much rather have store-brand toaster waffles with real maple syrup over fancy restaurant belgian waffles with the cheap 'syrup.' " -- ______FRANCIS______

First Thing of the Day Has to Be Great

"My coffee, gotta have the good stuff." -- horselovermidwest

"Cheap coffe taste like crap, needs sugar to taste better, gives you stomach ache, overloaded with caffeine."

"Good quality, organic coffee, taste like comfort in a cup, best taste ever, smooth energy euphoria, doesn't need sugar or milk. People who drink cheap coffee daily, just because it's 3$ cheaper, are not living their best lives.' " -- Snowfreak2507

Taste the Difference 

"Tea. Life is too short anything but the best" -- aegirthorst

"Absolutely ...even if one is twice the price it's still only 5 cents a cup and soooo much better" -- sznfpv

"Oh my gosh. I tried a new brand recently because it was on sale... never again. I feel like I'm drinking toilet water, but I'm too stubborn to just throw it out until I finish the box." -- hblond3

The Best of the Poisons

"Booze, I don't go for the really expensive stuff, but if you are going to harm yourself at least do it with something you like" -- Mr_Agu

"I used to not like whiskey or gin until I tried good whiskey and gin and now I like them both. There is a big difference between an $8 bottle of crap and $70 bottle of booze, if you aren't drinking for quantity buy quality." -- tossme68

Other people discussed shelling out for their most common everyday needs.

They talked about the tools, equipment, or comforts so constantly involved in their life that they'd hate to wrestle with a bad version all day long.

Bottom Stuff 

"Foot wear and bedding. You spend so much time in both that it should be comfy!" -- Fordinneridlikea69

"My mom used to tell me, 'never skimp on things that go between you and the ground.' "

"Footwear: sock and shoes Bedding: home and camping equipment Tires." -- brokenbadlab

Hours of Comfort

"Anything i'll be using for an extended period of time (hours in succession) So a bed, PC, Clothes, Chair etc." -- AussieCollector

"Monitor! Good god, when i took out the old x230 and turned it on, i almost cried. I played over a hundred hours of dark souls with keyboard and mouse on that tiny, horrible screen."

"My neck, my back, and my eyes are more important than some money i have to pay once" -- goldenwsd

An Intimate Product  

"Toilet paper. I literally cannot afford to pay my bills rn but the last time I bought cheap toilet paper it legit made my a** bleed lol." -- MissCheyenne14

"Toilet paper. My sensitive butt can't handle 2 ply sand paper." -- GenXer73

Always There 

"Glasses. I get all the fixings on my classes because they never leave my face. They are the single thing I wear/use more than anything. Love to read too."

"I will shop and shop for whatever frames I want and won't even look at the price. Glasses and my kids are why I max my fsa."

-- Haithin4

And a few people talked about the spending a little more on the luxuries of life. Though for some people, these activities don't feel like luxuries at all, but necessary parts of life.

Either way, it's worth getting the good stuff.

Clean Lines 

"art supplies. no way in hell am i using those crusty af markers that are already dry and those colored pencils that break after 2 uses and barely make a mark on the paper" -- Dazedlogicanimates

"Almost all art / writing supplies."

"I use 'expensive' pens and mechanical pencils on a daily basis. The difference is uncanny. When I have other work to do, I use natural brushes and the best paper I can get my hands on."

"When I started out I tried to save some money by buying cheap things (paint, pens, pencils, lead, paper) and had to go to the store once or twice a month because something I had broke or didn't work properly. My last mechanical pencil lasted 5 years because I lost it when renovating my studio."

"I am also a firm believer that the better the materials and tools, the better the results. Even if it's all in your mind, you will perform better at the end of it...." -- OddPattern2


"Headphones. The difference between a quality pair over 250 and the 5 buck ones is incredible. Only really important if you are obsessed with music and it plays a big part in your life."

"If music is your medicine you need good headphones."

-- Novel-Able

So next time you're out at the store or cruising the internet online shopping, don't be afraid to stop a second and think about whether you're looking at something important enough to turn it into a longer term investment.

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