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We all love to save some coin. It's one of my favorite things in life. Even saving a quarter makes my day. But there are just a few things over time where going on the side of cheap, really isn't the best move. Sometimes, those few extra duckets spent are worth it. Let's hear from experience....

Redditor u/Wesology87 wanted to know about when "quality" counts the most by asking... What is something you WILL NOT buy the cheap version of?
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Price and quality don't necessarily correlate.

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I understand capitalism and more often than not, I am a fan. I understand that nothing in life is free and you get what you pay for, also, everyone's time is worth something. And I fully comprehend that taxes are necessary to fund our cities and our basic ways of life. I am clear on a ton of that. However, there are just certain, basic, obvious things in life that shouldn't have a price tag. There is enough money to go around for a few free things. And I'm not alone in this opinion.

Redditor u/starep wanted everyone to share about what things in life should be available to all without a monetary value attached by asking... What should be free?
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When we make buying decisions, we're conditioned toward one common ideal: get the most, give the least.

Usually, that means scanning the shelves and internet to find the cheapest version of whatever it is we want. And usually, that's a solid way of doing it.

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Sometimes it is merely the thought that counts. One doesn't have to go into hock to shower someone with attention and material love. And often a truly creative and witty gag gift can go a long way. Now don't get me wrong diamonds and fancy vacations are fabulous but so are small, even "cheap" gestures. We can all use a good backscratcher. Or a heavy duty flashlight. And new pairs of socks and underwear are imperative. And who amongst us wouldn't love a 'Golden Girls' chia pet?

Redditor u/salawm wanted to know what gifts some of us would except when money isn't the objective by asking.... What is the cheapest gift you'd love to receive?

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