People Break Down Which Professions Are Completely Overpaid

People Break Down Which Professions Are Completely Overpaid

Sometimes we can all get a little envious of someone in a high-paying role, wishing we could make the same. Relative deprivation is real. But did these people all work hard to earn the salary or did some just simply luck out?

Unfortunately, in our society it isn't all merit based. The idea of “the harder you work the more money you make" is a harmful fallacy. You know who works hard and deals with a ton of stress? Laborers, fast food workers, servers, and retail employees. The office job I have making three times what I did back when I worked fast food or retail is significantly easier. I did get a degree but could I have done my current job well with just good training? Yes.

Some fields are just super over paid, we think of celebrities and the like but in the real world who is really making a ton of money?

Peterpuffer4life wanted to dive in deeper and asked the Reddit community:

What job/profession is over paid?"

Some of the answers may shock you, if not make you a bit jealous.

Outting themselves…

“As a bartender I must say: bartenders. I pour drinks. I should be paid a livable wage by my boss, but no, I just kiss butt to rich people and make $500 a night to literally destroy lives. Have it your way society." the-Shredded-Gnar

“While I earned 42K with my engineering degree, my sister earned 75K+ as a full-time bartender. Perks of being young and beautiful I suppose." hinterloper

That’s one way to put it…

“Home inspectors charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to miss obvious flaws in the home you're about to purchase. Worthless." Chingparr

Hospital administration. Specifically in the US. Making $300,000 a year to scam the people and pretend to care about the workers.”​ PatsFans618

“Absolutely true. I have seen hospital administrators put in a four hour day and take off for the golf course. Most of their work is delegated.” Alizaron65


“A lot of people saying athletes. Just stop going to games. Their pay is in proportion to how much income they bring into the franchise.”

“Stop going to the games. Stop watching the games on TV. Stop buying the merchandise. If there is no customer base there is no product Watch local minor league sports instead.” Beavermusk

Or at least you know, overturn the Citizens United ruling….

​“Studies have also shown that low-paid politicians correlate with high corruption and vice versa. And it makes sense, if you already make good money, there's no reason to accept money for doing dirty work. So I'm actually pro high salaries for politicians.” LandscapeOk2012

Loan officers …

“Everyone saying realtors. Wait til you find out about the guys at the desk job who REALLY make the money.


“I will say that my Loan Officer did a hell of a lot more work than my realtor. And problems that came up, he'd walk me through everything and made sure I understood everything. My realtor looked at houses with me and then sent out the bid.”

.lI got one email from my realtor while getting the loan paperwork set up about some problem that came up and when I questioned what it meant, I never got a response. I don't know if mortgage loan officers are like mine but they seem to actually do their job.” missladykatie13

Not just athletes but their coaches too…


​“The highest paid state employee in Michigan is the University of Michigan's football coach. I think he made $7.5 million in a recent year. I'm willing to coach the team to a loss against Ohio State every year for half that.” SturgeonBass

Swimmingly grandma out of her spare money any chance they get…

“‘Big’ time preachers! I'm not saying all preachers, but the ones with mega churches.” SBTHorn

“Years ago I installed satellite tv in a mega church preacher's new mansion when he moved in. We were upselling soundbars at the time for $500 each. I had set up a demo and he listened to it for 30 seconds before buying 2 without looking up from his phone.”

“A couple years later there were bad floods in the area and they locked the doors of both of their churches to all of their displaced parishioners. I think they even claimed FEMA money afterwards.” Estatic_Rooster

Um jealous!

“Mine. I have been working for three years and I'm not entirely sure what I do. Sometimes I write code. Mostly I sit in meetings where I say nothing. But I work for the government so I'm pretty safe from being fired or let go. Definitely the most I've ever been paid for the least work.” CheckShoveTheRiver

Must be nice…

“Estate agents. I've been trying to rent a house (UK) for 5 months now, during which time I've spoken to over 50 estate agents. I'm yet to receive a helpful, let alone grammatically correct email.” ​highlevelsofsalt

Based on today's reading we all may be in the wrong job market.

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