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The eternal battles of brand rivalry.

Macbook vs PC.

Coke vs Pepsi.

It's all about preference.

But when it comes to phones... the LOYALTY is real!

Redditor SultanofAmerica asked:

"Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an IPhone?"

I won't tell you my preference, I like to stay neutral in this fight.


"I can turn my text bubbles to any color I like."


"This! I changed the background image on my Galaxy phone recently, and it generated a color scheme for my texts based on the colors in the image."



I'm in Charge

"If I'm paying for an expensive device, I'm going to be the admin."


"I like my freedom. Android users are the admin of the phone. In contrast, iPhone user feels like they are just a user."

"Also, I don't want to upgrade my ecosystem( pc, tab, and accessories) just to be compatible/access to iPhone."


"100% this. That and I worked for a buyer of apple devices. There were the most arrogant company I've ever dealt with. Their staff lacked any empathy or ability/wiliness to understand markets outside the USA. Frankly they were just pricks. I decided I'd vote with my wallet."


Don't Force Me

"Apple is too restrictive."


"One of the main reasons why I had decided to get an Android after having an iPhone was the fact that they force me to use iTunes just to add music and videos onto my phone when it should be something that I can just simply copy and paste."


"Apple is the very thing they accused MS of being."


The Game

"Gaming emulators, you can pretty much emulate everything, from NES to PS2, gamecube using an android phone or tablet, pretty much a mini switch or if your phone supports desktop mode or HDMI out, you can also use your phone to play game on a large TV or monitor."



"Price. Familiarity with Android platform. No other devices in my home are apple so having just the IPhone would be a nuisance. I had an IPhone for work for a while and I hated it, never again."


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Price. Price. Price. These phones are ridiculous.

And Chrome?

"No real web browser choice. Apple requires that all browsers for iOS distributed through the App store use webkit as an engine, which means that whatever their names, they are all in fact just themed Safari."


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And the Front?

"Universal back button. It's always there when and where I need it. I had an IPhone a long time ago and every app had its own back button in different locations."


"I searched for damn near 9 mins to find this. How is this not everyone's answer. Blah blah freedom blah blah lol."


"I've never really used an iPhone so I wasn't aware this was a problem, but I'll gladly add it to the list of why I'll never buy one."



"Variety. I can get different phones in different styles with different functions with Android. I still have my old OnePlus 6t because it has an excellent camera and a light operating system (a modded version of android, I believe). With apple, you are stuck with a closed environment on a closed phone, only variation you get is if you buy a new one."

"And Apple makes damn sure to come out with a new phone every year, which I will admit many android phone companies do now too."



"My android phone has been to the bottom of a river without a case and I'm still using it 2 years later."


"Same! My s8+ was in a lake for 3 hours before we fished it out and it was working like nothing ever happened!"


"I dropped my OnePlus 7 Pro (with a case) in a 1000°C fire directly on coals. It didn't even drop the video call. I dumped a bucket of water on it after panicking for a few seconds, fished it out with my boot, peeled off the melted plastic that used to be a case, and the device works fine. Still using it two years later."



"Comfort mostly. Always had an android phone and never felt the need to change as I'm used to the setup, options and layout."


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"I have an IPhone for work related reasons. I don't regularly use it but when I do have to, it feels alien. So I 100% relate to the comfort comment. Also, I really don't care for the look and feel of iOS."


Sync Trouble

"Cause I don't want my iMac and my phone to connect."

"Years ago I plugged my iPod into my iMac and the computer decided my iPod should be the primary library of music or whatever, and it deleted my iMac music library (like 4x the size) to send over my ipods little library. It did this without asking. I nearly lost my damn mind, but was lucky enough to have a backup with most of my large music library saved... So I decided at that moment if I ever got a phone (this was years ago) I would not want my phone and my desktop linked in any way."


"That's where I am. When I use an iOS device, I have to use it the way Apple wants me to use it. I hate how the home screen works, and I can't do anything to change it."

"Edit to answer a lot of people: I'm basing this off using my iPad, but from what I've seen and used, it seems to be the same on iPhones."

"To clarify, it's more that I don't have access to an "App Drawer." I hate that the home screen pages are the only way to see all my apps in alphabetical order... and it's only in alphabetic order until I install another app. I can reset the home screen, but If I've added widgets or done other organization things, I have to redo all that. And no the App Library is not a solution. Once again Apple gives you no control in the categories or what categories apps are put in (unless I'm missing something). So many times I have to try to guess what category an app will be in. It pisses me off because it's the Apple way of "we know better than you, stupid"

"On android, I have the app drawer that gives me access to all my apps at the flick of a thumb, so I don't need to have all my apps on my home screen pages. It's such a little thing that would be so simple to have, but Apple won't do it."


Who loves what more? Who can prove what's better?

We'll never know...