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There are angels among us.

When I was a kid, my mom took me along to a drive-thru KFC. After we got our bucket of greasy goodness, my mom veered over to where she thought was the driveway onto the street.

It turned out to be a very high curb and we were stuck there not knowing what to do.

Fortunately, a random guy happened to be walking by, assessed the situation, and told us to hold on as he ran over to the lumber store that conveniently was located next to Colonel Sander's hut.

The man who literally looked like the dude from Brawny paper towels brought over cut planks of lumber to build a makeshift ramp for us so my mom could navigate the car safely and efficiently. It was brilliant.

When my mom – nearly in tears – profusely thanked the man in her broken English for his random act of kindness, he gently kissed the back of her hand and told her she was a beautiful lady and wished us well.

His very random act of kindness stayed with me.

Curious to hear similar anecdotes of the kindness of strangers, Redditor Daqueef asked:

"What's a random act of kindness that stuck with you?"

Stranger In A Strange Land

Being in a different country can be a thrilling experience until something goes wrong. Fortunately, these locals demonstrated that kindness is a universal language.

Stranded In South Korea

"A few years ago, living in South Korea. Just gotten back from a trip, and was trying to get a taxi from a highway rest stop at like 2am (aka, very difficult). Finally managed to book a taxi, but I couldn't find the driver when he got there. He was calling me and getting frustrated, and I was getting overwhelmed. I don't know if you've ever had to exist in a language that's not your native language, but there usually comes a point where you're so tired, you just can't anymore, and even if you know you understand, it's just not making sense.

I had reached that point, so I sat down and resigned myself to losing the taxi and having to camp at the rest stop for the night. Some random old Korean man saw me crying and saying 'I don't speak Korean well. I'm sorry. I don't understand.' and grabbed the phone, got me to the taxi, and his wife (I assume) handed me some candy and patted my arm and told me I'd be okay. And then the taxi driver was super sweet and was all like 'It's okay. You'll be home soon.' All of them could have very easily ignored me, but were just like 'Here's a person who obviously needs help, so I'm gonna help.'"


When In Albany

"An Albanian man who picked me up while hitchhiking. At the end he gave me 50€ saying that they're good people and not like how they're described in Italy (my country). This happened in southern Albania."


Merci Beaucoup

"Yeah the language barrier is so tough, especially when something unexpected happens. My first time in France I got on a train that I thought was going to the airport. Well I was on the right line but the specific train I was on had a terminus before the airport. My small town doesn't have public transit (and the Paris metro/RER is not the most straightforward system) so I have no idea what's going on. The RER B goes to the airport so I got on the RER B. Well we get to the terminus and everyone gets off. I sit tight because we're not at the airport but everyone is telling me I have to get off so I do. I'm clearly agitated, don't have a cell, don't know where I am or how to get anywhere, and I have a plane to catch. A lady who barely speaks any English tries to comfort me. 'You going airport?' 'Yes' she points down the track and said 'he is coming.' Then she thinks for a second and says 'she is coming.' Then she stayed with me until the next train came and assured me it would take me to the airport."

"Another time in Bordeaux I asked a lady for change for a 5 or 10 or whatever because the ticket machine only took coins. My French was a little better but still terrible, so I was able to ask her for the change but I didn't understand her response. She didn't have change for my bill but she just gave me the money for the ticket. The French aren't super outgoing with strangers but I'm not sure why they get the stereotype of being rude. I've found them quite helpful."


The Hitchhikers

"I was backpacking in Central American and ended up on the island Flores in Guatemala. My travel buddy and I wanted to see ruins nearby. We took a bus out there, got lost a little, but eventually found the trail to the town(ruins). So we're walking for about 3 hours and realize once the we get to the gate of the ruins we may just have to turn right back around to catch the last bus back. We decide to move forward and try to hitch hike our way back since we really wanted to see these ruins. Right when we finally reach the gate a truck pulls up and offers us a ride in, we decline saying we've already made it so we were good. The guy informs us it's about another hour or so walk past the gate to even get to the town so we take him up on the offer. We get, find out he works for the government and he gave us an hours long in depth tour of this historical site. This was especially awesome because it wasn't a popular spot so there wasn't a ton of informational placards around. Then at the end he asked us where we were staying and he told us he was also staying on Flores for a few days so he offered us a ride back. On the way back, him and his wife bought us dinner and then dropped us off and gave us their contact in case we got lost somewhere or needed suggestions on places to visit. It really made me feel like there is always help out there for you, sometimes you have to search and sometimes it falls into your lap. It was an awesome day I'll remember forever."



These Redditors were recognized for traits they were not conscious of at the time.

Sweet Compliment

"I did my makeup nice one day and I felt proud of it, mostly because I hid my acne/scars pretty well without looking cakey. A friend came up to me and told me I looked very pretty today and motioned a hand over her face to signal, what I assumed, meant my makeup. So I thanked her and told her what foundation I was using. She made a point to interrupt me and said no your skin looks very good today. That was the only time in my life my skin has been complimented and it made me realize my skin care is making a difference, I'm just too critical of myself. I was so in shock to her saying that I just got speechless and teared up a bit. Probably not as extreme as other comments on here, but hopefully it resonates with someone."


The Consultant

"My manager texted me with a random cartoon question and when I had the answer he came in on Monday with 100$ for me cause I apparently had won him money."

"Felt pretty random since we nearly never talked and I think he just knew I was the office nerd."


When No One Else Stops

There are those who see people in distress and feign ignorance.

And then there are these caring souls who will stop and help someone in a time of need.

The Rain Stopper

"When I was in college I was walking back to my apartment and it starting pouring rain. I was getting drenched and of course got stuck at a crosswalk."

"Out of nowhere the rain stopped pouring and I looked up and saw an umbrella a girl behind me had put over me."

"She went past my apartment and then walked away. No one ever had done something that nice in my life, I was just shocked."


The Lift

"When I broke my ankle, every single person looked at me on the ground bleeding and walked on. It was really strange to experience. One guy saw me, brought his whole truck around and offered to take me to the hospital. There was already an ambulance coming so I declined, but he sat there and talked to me and told me it's going to be okay."

"He really sticks out. Almost 10 people walked by and minded their business while I was on the ground, my bone sticking out of my leg. He came up and helped. I really hope he's doing okay."


Drunk Driver

"My husband and I were in a car accident where a drunk guy ran onto the highway and we hit him (in the middle of the day, just bolted in front of the car)."

"We sat there in a smashed up car with a dead body lying behind the car for 15 minutes before a car stopped and helped us. Neither of us could speak because of the shock. This lady saw us in the car and made her husband come back around so she could help. Hundreds of cars passed, she was the only one who stopped. She called the police and ambulance, and waited until they arrived. Really grateful for her and her husband."


Got Milk

"When I was in the 1st grade I lived about 3/4 block from the corner store. I'd learned to ride my bike and previously had been sent on foot to buy milk or similar simple purchases."

"Sent with a buck to buy 1/2 gallon of milk, I rode my bike. Purchase made, with the milk and change in a paper sack, I attempted to ride my bike and promptly ate sh*t, the milk bottle rupturing in the paper sack and going everywhere."

"Picking up myself, bike, soaked sack, and coins, I started to cry."

"A stranger asked me if I was ok. I was. He bought me another 1/2 gallon of milk. I walked home with the milk returning later to fetch my bike."

"This is the first time I've ever told anyone."


Extreme Compassion

"A lady in the parc with her husband passing by, both well dressed, there was a guy sitting, didn't look homeless but looked like he didn't shower for a while, wasn't crying then but his face suggests he had been crying his eyes out."

"The lady got on her knees, spoke to him and hugged him, she kept hugging him and conforting him. Her husband didn't like that and kept telling her that they should be going, she just gave him a cold stare and kept hugging the sad dude."

"I fell in love with that lady right then."


Check This Out

Cashiers witnessed charitable acts from these panicked customers.

Card Denied

"When I was 20, I worked at a fabic/craft store. A lady came to the register to checkout with probably $100+ worth of stuff. It was all like... just random cuts of fabric, paint, assorted craft supplies. A LOT of stuff."

"Her card got declined, and she looked really upset. Started putting it all back in the cart, trying to determine what she could pay for. The lady behind her in line just stepped forward and said 'put it all back, I'll pay for it.' Put her card in the reader and the first lady started crying, quietly thanking her."

"The cynical side of me thinks it was a scam by the lady to get free sh*t, as I'd definitely seen that before. (Another woman a few weeks before literally said 'can anyone pay for me?') But the good part of me believes that lady just needed a little bit of happiness in her craft supplies during a hard time. The lady who paid for it just did so with no hesitation."


Battery's On Me

"Working at the register and this guy's car battery was shot, his bank froze his card so he couldn't pay. This other guy seeing what's going on walks up and pays for the battery then walks out as I'm telling the first guy his battery has been paid for."


Picking Up The Tab

"I met a guy at the bar who insisted to pay for my dinner. I didn't know why really. He also insisted I pay for somebody else's and it would be just like him buying them dinner. He said if everyone I meet pays it forward life will he better for everyone. I did pay it forward."


While there are plenty of cruel people in what can be a cruel world, there are just as many of us whose goal is to help others.

These saints among us who put the needs of other people first should serve as a reminder that we too should pay it forward.

I may not have large pieces of wood to help out a motorist in distress, but I would help them get assistance for sure.

Because if it weren't for that chivalrous gentleman who helped my mom drive off the curb on that fateful day, we would have had cold chicken for dinner.

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The finite nature of a hotel stay can lead guests to behave in ways they wouldn't normally. And where there is saucy behavior, there are the artifacts left behind.

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Typically, I would write an intro about my own experiences with the weird kids at school, but I WAS the weird kid in school. Not in a bad way, more like a “I had a John Waters phase” when I was 16 and everyone knew it. So like, cool-weird. At least I hope so.

Schools aren’t always so lucky to have the cool kinds of weird kids though. The spectrum of weird extends even further than that, and can sometimes end up very disasterous.

U/Imaginary_East5786 asked: What was the weirdest thing the weird kid did at school?

​Let’s start with the grossest of the gross. Because why not.

Was it worth it?

peeing ralph wiggum GIF Giphy

He heard that you'd automatically get suspended if you peed your pants at school. He wanted to find out if it was true, peed his pants, got suspended.


Scientific method:

> Observation: 'I've heard that by peeing your pants you will be suspended'

> Hypothesis: If I pee my pants I will be suspended

> Experiment: I peed my pants and I got suspended

> Conclusion: If I pee my pants I get suspended


Uhhh what was the intention here?

He got mad that he didn't understand how to play a game at lunchtime so he started hitting and punching the nearest person to him, who happened to be me. When I shoved him away and asked him what the hell was he doing, he whipped his unit.out, charged at me and when I shoved him away from me again he started crying and ran away with his member still sticking out.


​Next ones up are the lowkey (or even highkey) disturbing stories. These weird kids can get a little scary.

Boom theret.

At my middle school, someone decided to get a little attention with a good old fashioned bomb threat. Except they thought that a bomb threat meant literally writing "bomb threat" somewhere. Worse yet, they misspelled the f*ck out of it, and wrote "boom theret."

So we had to go on a brief, very awkward lockdown while the police checked the perimeter for booms.


I hope there was no overlap in the columns.

Serial Killer Halloween GIF by GIPHY CAM Giphy

She wrote a list of all the girls and boys she wanted to kiss and murder and then casually passed it out on the playground.


2 separate lists or just the 1?


Same list 2 columns lol.


Holy crap.

Had the weird kid in high school ask the teacher to use the bathroom. She said no and this dude legit stabbed his hand with a pencil. Went all the way through then asked if he could*t was wild.

This was Pearl High School in Mississippi. This was the school Luke Woodham shot and killed his girlfriend and her friend at the school. This kid stabbed himself with the pencil about 2 months after that happened. This was late 1997.


​Most of the time, however, the weird kids are pretty d*mn funny.

Ok, but this takes a lot of skill.

Had a kid nicknamed "cheeseburger" in the grade ahead of me in high school. He got his nickname because when it was time for his class to go to lunch, he snuck into the roof and crawled his way into the cafeteria, dropped down and proceeded to steal all the cheeseburger put out for lunch. Unfortunately they caught him in the act and sent him to the principal's office.

A year later he was caught stealing a teacher's computer, and in the process of being arrested he bit the officers hand, getting him sent to juvi never to be heard of again.


Every school had the cat girl.

cat dragging GIF Giphy

The weird kid at my highschool tied a string around his pencil case and pulled out around the halls pretending it was a dog. He still lives in my hometown. I think unemployed.

Oh also weird girl in middle school acted like a cat. She would meow and hiss at people, lick the water fountain and rub her body on the teacher's legs. In 8th grade. I have no idea where she ended up.



Weird kid in elementary was a self proclaimed alien. Once, while waiting for the bus, she told me "On my planet we eat people like you" and proceeded to bite me. We later became friends in high school and she used to give me massages during lunch break in the quad. Just realized now she was likely tenderizing me.


I was exactly this kind of weird.

He didn't say much, but if asked, he would go to the front of the class and perform Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with all of the emotion and volume of Tiny Tim, holding nothing back.

The last I heard, he became an energy trader, made a ton of money and married well.


I can definitely relate to that last one. In middle school, my English teacher would let me go to the front of the class and perform monologues or songs from Broadway musicals. Weird, but that’s what happens when schools cut funding for the arts and the theatre kids have no outlet.

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