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People Break Down Which Professions Are Criminally Underpaid

How in the "richest" country in the world, do people still make pennies on the dollar for hard, often extraordinary work?

It was exposed during the pandemic just how little some are compensated.

What happened to giving people their worth?

Something has to be done. It's a travesty.

RedditorDarlaPAwanted to discuss the careers that need a raise... ASAP! So they asked:

"Which profession is criminally underpaid?"

So what do we do? First... let's make a list...


Law Lawyer GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsGiphy

"Public Defenders. I have a private law practice. The public defenders make a fraction of what guys like me make, know criminal law inside and out, and carry obscene caseloads. The system would break down immediately if they went on strike. Which honestly they should."


Medicine Stress

"I made 9.50 an hour as an EMT. Never ask 'why is there an EMS shortage' around me I will go OFF."


"I’m working on getting my EMT license right now and the main reason I’m doing it is as a stepping stone toward a different career in medicine. I’ve heard lots of people in the medical field say that working as an EMT/Paramedic is great field experience and makes getting into med school much easier and it’s just generally very valuable experience to have."


for the vulnerable...

"Basically any profession that requires you to work with vulnerable people."


"Social workers. High dollar educational costs with licensure for case loads that are not humanely manageable safely and not enough money to eek out a living."


"My wife is a social worker, the expectations are ridiculous and the definitely don't pay enough."


I'll go to Walmart

"Worked as a direct support professional for adults with disabilities in a long term care home. Cooked, cleaned, dispensed meds, bathed, worked on skills goals, drove, shopped, planned enrichment activities, and more. I loved the job most of the time. I really enjoyed helping the people live a decent life. Was paid $9.79 an hour in 2015. I left when I realized I could be a cashier at Walmart for that kind of money and I was putting my future career in jeopardy when some negligent stuff was happening."



Scrubs Fist GIFGiphy

"Janitors. They clean up all our crap, get no respect, and are sometimes some of the chillest people I've ever met. We should pay them more."


Janitors. They are essential and saviors. That was proven during COVID.

In the Wild

Big Cat Love GIF by BBC EarthGiphy

"People in wildlife/conservation."


"This is why I f**king hate disaster type movies. Always show the rich scientist in their top tier lab driving a tesla. Irl is more like broke phds trying to find the protocol for a donated piece of equipment and its corresponding software from 1998 that can only run on win95. Would be rad if we could get 1/1000th the funding of a mid size biotech to save the elephants and penguins."


It’s sad...

"Used to work in childcare. Can confirm the pay is garbage. I make more as a receptionist at a law firm where I mostly just sit there and occasionally answer a phone than I did doing actual work. It’s sad. And children need stable people for them at schools, but turnover at schools is high because the pay is so bad."


Soul Sucking

"I’m a therapist at a non-profit. I have a master’s degree and most of the time I’m getting paid $15/hr to fill out tons of paperwork that only someone with a master’s degree can fill out. It sucks. I also only get paid hourly. If I only have 3 clients that day, I get paid for those three hours only. If someone cancels on me, no pay for that time wasted, even though I structured my whole day around seeing them."

"I thank my higher power every day that I have no student debt because my paychecks wouldn’t be paying back crap. At this point I’m basically working for dirt cheap so I can get licensed and go about my own business. I didn’t get into this field for the money, but it’d be nice if I could at least live off my paycheck, ya know."


On the phone...

"911 dispatchers. We literally have to listen to people die on our phone lines, and in some states, are still classified as secretarial personnel. Over ten years of experience, certifications coming out my ears, and I don't break 40k a year unless I pull massive amounts of overtime."

"We lost three of our people to COVID last year and are running at less than half capacity for the whole place, can't hire anyone to stay because they see what we have to deal with and nope tf out, or they're just ill-suited for the position so they're cut from training and sent packing. I love my job, I love what I do. I wish I could say I loved my paychecks."


The Brilliant!

High Five Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonGiphy

"Scientists, imagine studying 10 plus years, holding the highest academic title possible and earning less than most common 9 to 5s that require little to no education. But hey, its honorable right."


For the fur babies...

"Veterinary professionals."


"Why did I have to scroll so far for this?! 8 yrs of schooling, six figures of debt that the salary will never help bring down, incredibly draining and emotional job."

"All for people to say you’re heartless for charging for medical care… it's a no wonder there’s shortages for veterinarians AND veterinary nurses in sooo many countries. The corporations that own vet clinics are getting the cash, not all the staff just trying to do their best in a constantly understaffed scenario."


Heavy Burnout

"Any caretaking position. From personal experience, I can loudly say that mental health and behavioral techs are VERY underpaid. Working in a job that regularly sends people to the hospital due to assault by clients, has a very high burnout rate, and very high secondary trauma is HARD."

"Not to mention, people in these roles are caring for individuals that their family/parents cannot handle and they are supervising 4-10 of these individuals at once. It takes a HUGE toll on your mental health, and it barely pays the bills. Being in charge of safety for those that do not have an interest in keeping themselves safe is rough. I’m sorry, but $15-$17/hour is not enough."

"Also, these jobs don’t require a college degree most of the time. From what I’ve found, however, you are not paid enough nor do you have the mental energy or time to finish your degree due to working very hectic (often short staffed) hours. This keeps people stuck in the same workplace forever. HR (who is meant to be your advocate) has often never been on the floor and has no idea what the job often entails."



Sorry Home Alone GIF by filmeditorGiphy

"All professions listed in this thread seem to provide tangible real world value to make our lives better. It sucks that they are underpaid while some hedge fund douche is raking in 6 figures while providing literally zero value to anyone."



"Teacher's aid. I get headbutt, kicked, scratched, bitten, spit, kick, thrown up on, and peed on for less than 700 every 15 days. The parents are worse."


"Amen. This is the one I came here to write. I am a teacher, and I absolutely could not get through my days without my amazing aides. They make instruction possible."


Chairs Up

"Cps or prison work. I worked at a group home with just don't care kids at a direct care facility. We made $10/h. I make more at Walmart now and I get hit with way less chairs now."



"Librarians and library support staff. It's not uncommon that the wage on paper is decent, but the institution cuts costs by keeping jobs part-time or temporary to avoid providing benefits. The education required is high, and the job requires continual education once in the field. With the exception of smaller institutions or institutions with unique bylaws."

"It's increasingly difficult to take the journeyman path through libraries. One really can't advance past a certain point without the master's degree. Pitiful pay for the level of education required and for the level of customer service labor involved. This can be extended to museum workers and archival and public history workers, as well."



"Good teachers."


"Every good teacher I knew in high school has had to dip into their personal savings to help enrich the classroom. Whoever is in charge of providing so little disposable funding for educators to use while also paying them pennies for their work should be locked up. It truly is criminal :("


Flight Time

"Pilots. Yes, older pilots do well but new pilots have to take on so much debt, only to make maybe $600/week. What many people don’t realize is they get paid for flight time, not actual time. And they are limited to something like 100-120hrs a month of flying, if they are given it. That, and regional pilots are often away from home for days on end due to their routes. There is a lot of “paying your dues” for decades in that profession."


After Hours

Grim Reaper Death GIF by Lance FordGiphy

"Grave shift fast food and food service in general. Anything grave shift. Almost no one does that shift because they have better options and it is always an adult doing it, not some kid working for fun money due to labor laws. Any care that requires wiping human butts."


Behind the Line

"Cooks and chefs."


"I make 60k as a kitchen manager. But I’ve been doing this over 20 years and still cook on the line at my current job. I made around the same for the past 10 years give or take a few grand. I was offered a regional manager position for a pizza chain for the same money. F**k that. I’m a glorified prep cook and can walk to work in 5 minutes. And we are only open breakfast and lunch."


So now we know better. How do we get these people what they're worth?

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42 Disgusting But Interesting Facts
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Remember that kid in elementary school who would do anything for a laugh? He'd eat worms or roll in the dirt if it meant the attention of the class. Gross, right? Is there anything that could be more embarrassing?

Well, it's possible that budding clown had the right idea. It turns out human beings have a natural predisposition to be fascinated by the gross and disgusting—and if you agree, boy do we have some facts for you.

1. If it doesn’t cure you…

Boiled toads were once thought to cure for rheumatism. Not salivating at the thought of ground up boiled toad? Try this: rotted mice were fed to children to cure bed wetting.

The next time you catch yourself complaining about the 21st century, take a moment to say a prayer for the poor child who peed the bed 400 years ago, and got to eat a mouse as a result. Maybe go thank you parents now. They may not have been perfect, but things could have been a lot worse.

2. The grossest thing in your house?

Apparently it's not just your phone spreading the nasty...

Kitchen sinks contain more bacteria than either garbage pails or toilets! How gross is that?

We all have that one sponge (it's the one so brown it blends in with the dishwater) which should have been retired long ago. Maybe this fact is enough for some of us to finally put it out to pasture.

3. They do what on your food?

macro photograph of blue fly on plant's stemPhoto by Philip Veater on Unsplash

Flies eat feces and transport a wealth of bacteria, including typhoid and dysentery on their bodies. That’s not the worst of it. When they land on your food, they also vomit a mixture of saliva and enzymes to break it down so they suck it up using their tongues. And their eggs? They lay them on dead flesh to hatch maggots.

4. You can attract more with honey. Literally.

If flies didn’t bother you before, they almost certainly are about to.

Crime is a problem that has vexed rulers for millennia. After all, it seems some portion of the population is just always going to flaunt the rules. However can we stop the menace? Prison? The death penalty? Stern letters?

The ancient Egyptian King Pepi II had a more... ruthless solution. He would slather a slave in honey and the flies would flock to smell. Eventually, they would begin to feast. Suffice it to say, said slave never misbehaved again.

5. Who needs a pool?

As disgusting creatures go, the vulture comes in a close second to the fly. They live on rotted flesh – in fact they prefer it! And when a vulture is hot, they cool off by excreting (yes, pooping) on their own legs.

6. Gross by any measure

sanc1691 | Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) in a hole at… |

The hagfish would make a gross list based on looks alone. But it qualifies in other ways too. It is blind, toothless and feasts on dead flesh. Hagfish look for openings in carcasses and then enter and eat the corpse from the inside out. For defense, they rely on mucus: when attacked, they can project up to 17 pints of it at their attacker.

7. What’s in that spitball?

Most people have seen images of hippos enjoying a mud bath. But the balls of goop they appear to be playfully flinging at each other are actually a disgusting mixture of their own urine and feces. The idea is to mark their territory and perhaps to humiliate their foes at the same time.

8. Gross is where the heart is

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley had a pretty gross secret hidden away in her desk: her dead husband’s heart. When her husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, drowned in a boating accident, he was cremated, but his heart remained intact. Physicians believe it might have been calcified due to tuberculosis. Whatever the cause, it was eventually given to Mary and discovered in her desk when she died a few years later.

9. Would the dentist still recommend?

blue and white plastic bottlePhoto by 莎莉 彭 on Unsplash

Not crazy about the taste of toothpaste? Mint isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea...

Then again, it's not that terrible.

The Romans, for their part, used powdered mouse brains.

So consider yourself blessed.

10. Imported mouthwash

Looking for a fresher mouth? The Romans would use imported Portuguese urine, yes imported pee. It was so popular that Emperor Nero had to tax it and it remained a popular mouthwash until the 18th century.

11. The ultimate gross revenge

When he discovered that his wife had cheated on him with another man, Peter the Great had the man killed. He forced his wife to keep her lover’s head in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom. The head, still in its jar, is now kept on display at the Kunstkamera Museum in St. Petersburg.

12. One more flavour of mouthwash

gray and black turtlePhoto by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

Looking for a different flavor of mouthwash? Tortoise blood was also once used to disinfect the mouth and clean teeth.

13. What’s in your coffee mug?

Bodily excretions are the things that creep people out the most but consider this: 40% of office coffee mugs contain coliform bacteria – feces according to several studies. Takeout it is!

14. Extra protein

Everyone eats insects. The FDA’s Defect Levels Handbook states allowances for dietary staples. Foods like broccoli, canned tomatoes, and corn contain “insect fragments:" heads, antennae, wings, thoraxes, legs – and even whole bugs. Fig paste is allowed 13 insect heads per 100 grams; canned fruit juices can contain four maggots per litre; and 10 grams of hops can legally contain 2,500 aphids. Let's not get into the allowances for rat hair...

15. A side of larvae with that?

a rat sitting on a piece of woodPhoto by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Fine... we'll get into the rat hair. The FDA limits the number of rodent hairs that can be found in peanut butter to 5 per 100 grams.

16. Cannibalized airmen

In 1944, nine American airmen were shot down over the Japanese island of Chi Chi Jima. Eight were captured, chopped up, cooked, and served to Japanese officers in everything from gourmet stir fries to special skewered appetizers. The ninth man, who escaped, was George HW Bush who would eventually become the 41st President of the United States.

17. Massacre

The Asian giant hornet is two inches long with a quarter-inch-long stinger. It can inject venom that dissolves human flesh and can paralyze the nervous system. But even grosser is what they will do to honeybees. If they encounter a nest, they mark it to attract other giant hornets. Then they attack, chopping up the defenseless bees by dismembering them in a frenzied massacre that can destroy up to 30,000 bees in just three hours. They leave behind a pile of heads and limbs.

18. Gross cures

white and brown pig on brown hayPhoto by Lauren McConachie on Unsplash

History is full of interesting cures. Ancient Egyptians crushed a pig’s eye and mixed it with red ochre (a common dye). They poured the mixture into a patient’s ears as cure for blindness.

19. Who loves jellybeans?

Who doesn't love a good jelly bean!? Colorful, shiny treats that are full of sugar... You just can't get better than that, can you? Even Dumbledore loved them (although the Harry Potter variety can get a little more nasty than our real world candies).

But perhaps our jelly beans don't have as many differences from Berty Botts Every-Flavor Beans as you think. After all, their colourful, shiny exterior is actually covered in a shellac, which is a compound made from bug excretions.


20. The human snake connection

Before you read on, savor this moment. It's the last time you'll believe that you've got nothing in common with a snake.

Human beings can shed up to 40 pounds of skin in their lifetimes. Not so different from snakes really, just a lot more skin!

21. Twice in your life

a woman in a long dress holding a stick in a fieldPhoto by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

It's a common misconception that people never bathed during the Middle Ages. They did. But then the Christian church authorities proclaimed that public bathing led to immorality, promiscuous sex, and diseases. In response, many curtailed their bathing. Queen Isabella of Castile proudly claimed to have bathed only twice in her entire life!

22. Where does it go?

Snot is gross. That much is a pretty universally accepted fact. Indeed, if you're ever looking for an opinion to share with friends and family that is basically guaranteed to be met with agreement, you almost certainly can't go wrong with saying that snot blows.

So what's grosser than snots itself?

Maybe that humans produce 1 liter of snot every day.

RIP tissues.

23. It seems pretty harmless but...

What’s gross about a sneeze? Well, first it is composed of snot. Second, it’s hard to escape! The spray from a sneeze can travel up to 30 to 60 miles an hour and fly up to 30 feet in the air.

When you move beyond how utterly gross that is, it's kind of amazing though, no? The things we're capable of... Behold, the marvels of the human body! We're so majestic.

24. Headless and still horrifying

File:Dusky Cockroach (Ectobius lapponicus) - Bærum, Norway 2021-07

Cockroaches can survive for a week without their heads, and a decapitated cockroach can still wiggle its antennae.

When the nuclear apocalypse comes, the roaches will be laughing all the way to the burned out ruins of the bank.

And the Jellyfish will control the seas.

25. Gross defense

The regal horned lizard has a unique way of fighting off predators. It shoots foul smelling blood out of its eyes... straight into the attacker’s mouth. Don’t worry though, they seldom use this technique on humans.

26. Green is good. Or not.

The Prasinohaema lizard has green bones, green muscles and even a green tongue. It also has green blood that is extremely poisonous.

27. Supper anyone?

File:Vlad Tepes 002.jpg -

15th century Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler was the inspiration for Dracula and had a uniquely gross way of dealing with his opposition. He invited hundreds of them to a banquet and had them impaled on long sharp poles. His contemporaries reported that he also had a penchant for consuming the blood that dripped from of some of his victims, hence the Dracula connection.

28. A grisly graveyard

There are over 200 corpses of climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest. The extreme weather prevents their removal and preserves them, creating grisly reminders of their sad demise.

Astonishingly, the bodies are actually used by some climbers as waypoints (or landmarks) to help guide them in their quest up the mountain. This is because if a climber dies, they are likely on the well-trod path to the summit.

29. Where that smell is really coming from

Disgusted by something that just smells bad? Consider this – you are smelling it because the molecules of whatever it is are actually sticking to the inside of your nostrils. In the case of farts, it's not poop you're inhaling... it's intestinal gas. Comforting.

30. Unwanted guests

black and white striped textilePhoto by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Doctors in India recently removed a 6-foot-long tapeworm by pulling it through a man’s mouth. Which probably went down in his diary as a really terrible day.

Tapeworms can grow up to 80 feet long by some reports and are often caused by consuming raw pork or beef.

31. Chew your hair? Chew on this.

Another set of doctors removed a 14-pound hairball from a woman. The woman suffered from trichophagia, a condition in which people compulsively consume their own hair. Before they discovered the hairball, she suffered from severe pain and had lost 84 pounds.

32. The grossest of jewels

How about a jewel made from a bundle of hair, vegetable fibers, and food that forms in the stomachs of humans and animals? They’re called bezoars, and Queen Elizabeth had one in her crown jewels. Other royals put them in their wine glasses, and they were even believed at one point to offer protection against poison.

33. Murder for parts

File:William Burke's skeleton.jpg - Wikimedia

Two men named Burke and Hare were responsible for a series of murders in the 1880’s. Their victims were used to provide body parts for surgeons to practice on. One of the men, William Burke, became a victim himself when he was hung for his crimes and his skin was distributed to collectors. Famous author Charles Dickens reportedly had a piece of Burke’s skin that he used as a bookmark.

34. What could he do with a hammer?

A performer by the name of Brad Beyers who goes by the show name “The Human Toolbox” drilled through his head with an electric drill. He has also hammered a nail through his face and hung a wooden board on it and pushed an icepick up his nostril.

35. Frogs bring vomit to a new level

Vomit is always gross but it's how frogs do it that makes it a whole lot worse. When a frog vomits, its entire stomach spews out and hangs out of its mouth. The frog then digs out the contents of the stomach and swallows it back down again.

36. But was it the chemicals or the smell that worked?

black crocodile on body of water during daytimePhoto by Rae Wallis on Unsplash

The ancient Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive. Early North American women soaked dried beaver testicles in alcohol and then drank the solution.

37. Frankenfish

It sounds like a comedy sketch, but the snakehead fish is also known as “frankenfish” because of its predatory nature and long rows of razor sharp teeth. A voracious predator, the snakehead consumes everything it encounters and can even go on land if it runs out of prey in the water. It has pseudo lungs that allow it to breath and propels itself forward across land by wiggling. It eats everything from other fish to small mammals and birds and will even turn on other snakeheads.

38. Cat ladies be warned!

If you die and your body remains undiscovered, your dog will likely wait a long time before it resorts to eating you. Cats on the other hand will only wait a day before they begin to consume you.

And they’ll start on the most tender parts, your face for example.

Nice kitties...

39. Literally giving the finger

File:Greg surrounded by members of the Dani Tribe in the Baliem

The women of the Dani tribe in Indonesia cut off parts of their fingers to mourn the death of a loved one. The finger is tied with a string to numb it, and the stump is burned to cauterize it.

40. Dancing with the dead

Once every seven years, the Malagasy of Madagascar unearth their dead to dance with them. The ritual allows the spirits of the dead to join the ancestors after the body has fully decomposed.

41. An evil twin?

You’ve probably heard stories of twins being consumed by the other twin, but here is the gross truth. Most are benign tumors called teratoma. Teratoma tumors have been discovered containing human hair, bone and even teeth! Some contain organs and are thought to resemble small humans. Teratoma tumors are often formed at birth, although people often don’t realize they have them until later in life.

42. Can’t leave your phone? Consider this.

person holding space gray iPhone 7Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

A London study found that one out of every six cellphones has fecal matter on it. And if that isn’t enough to get you to put it down (or at least wash it), an Arizona microbiologist found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats!

Now that we all know this, each of us is confronted with a pretty painful dilemma: is it still worth it to scroll the internet while we're on the john? I mean nobody wants fecal matter all over their hands... but... it can get pretty boring just sitting there.

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