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At one point in our lives, we have struggled to make ends meet and ate whatever we could to survive.

Whether it was after moving to a new city and struggling to look for work or living in a college dorm and balancing studying with working a part-time job, many of us subsisted on the bare minimum for meals.
But for people who have arrived at a more comfortable place in their lives—where they could afford to eat a well-balanced meal over instant ramen or Doritos and salsa for dinner—the flavor of some of the cheapest meals are hard to abandon completely.

Curious to hear about the palates from strangers online, Redditor knightfall0 asked:

"What is a poverty food you'll always eat no matter how you're doing in life?"

These typical cultural cuisine are popular favorites.

Simple Tacos

"Cheap can of corn, cheap can of black beans, 3 cups of cheap rice."

"Tortillas for flair."

"Boom! Poverty tacos."


Magic Of Ramen

"Same. I've eaten expensive restaurant meals that still don't compare to a 25 cent ramen package."


"25 cent ramen package with a boiled egg marinated in soy sauce packets and sugar and some spinach if you have any for some veggie chef kiss cheapest dinner but makes it feel fancy."


What's In The Bowl

"Rice bowls are like half the meals I eat anymore."


Presto, Dinner Is Served!

"Random stuff in my fridge fried rice. Take the veggies that are about to go off, throw in some cheap white rice and an egg with some soy sauce and garlic- boom, dinner."


Bread-based meals seem to be an easy go-to choice.

The Sweet Spot

"The butter, cinnamon and sugar on toast combo. Always a classic."


For The Posh Palate

"Beans on toast and if I'm feeling posh maybe i will put an egg on top."


An American Classic

"PB and J. Hasn't failed me yet."


Season 5 Eating GIF by Outlander Giphy

Good 'Ole Cornbread

"Cornbread and buttermilk. Seem to recall that my maternal great grandmother's house in the the early 1960s had a manual pump in the kitchen, an outhouse and oil lamps, no electricity! There was a big stump for splitting wood for the heat and killing chickens. Relatives had tractors but at least one still worked with draft horses...big horses. NE TN. And my Mother would eat salt sandwiches."

"I do like cornbread, various peas and beans and greens...a lot!"


Who said traditional side dishes can't be the main attraction? These folks, that's who.

Cheese-Drenched Pasta

"Mac and cheese with hotdogs or sloppy joes were top tier. I remember having to be careful to not take too much meat/noodles since we only had one can/box to share."


Getting Krafty

"If I had a million dollars, we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner (but we would eat Kraft Dinner)"


This Spud's For You

"Potatoes. Cheap, tasty and filling."


Mash 'Em

"Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew."


Instant ramen has come a long way. I go to one of several local Japanese markets here in Manhattan and there are literally aisles of a variety of ramen and yakisoba, my personal favorite, stocked on shelves to choose from.

Yakisoba is basically "fried" noodles. It is "instant" because you basically soften the noodles with boiling water and drain it after three minutes.

The sauce packets that come with some of these are an absolute delight, and I usually add scallions or even a hard-boiled egg.

It is cheap, simple to prepare, and absolutely delicious.

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