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The Funniest Historical Events Of All Time

Reddit user crooked_yellow asked: 'Which event from history will always be funny?'

"Someday we'll laugh about this."

You have to wonder if the people involved in the following historical events saw the humor at the time—or ever.

No matter.

People are laughing now.

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The Most Successful Lies In All Of History

Reddit user clueless-game asked: 'What is the most successful lie in the history?'

Scrabble tiles spelling speak truth
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

We've all lied, or been lied to at least once in our lives.

Some lies are easy to spot, right from the get-go, while others might have you fooled for years, if not your entire life.

Then there are the lies that made international headlines, and had the world fooled for years.

From Anna Anderson fooling the world that she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanoff, to Mill Vanilli (need I say more?), some people were so convincing with their deception, that we are still kicking ourselves for being fooled.

Indeed, there are some who may have died peacefully knowing they had everyone fooled till the end of their life.

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Ahh... life before the 90's.

The talents and skills lost.

There were ticket takers at the cinema.

When buying concert tickets, there was a human you stood in line to meet at 10AM on a Saturday morning.

You had to purchase tokens, not Metrocards in NYC to ride transit.

So much change.

Who can keep up?

Who will remember?

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Every moment we breathe is a moment to learn something new.

What's funny is the more we learn, the more we're shocked.

Some knowledge is so obvious it's stunning how oblivious we are.

Like, "How did I not know this sooner?'

And no matter what I can still be shocked.

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Girl lurking in a forest
Georgi Kalaydzhiev/Unsplash

Let's face it. We love horror movies–at least a good majority of cinephiles do–because the experience of seeing one in theaters is as thrilling and pulse-pounding as riding a roller coaster.

Scary movies are not real-life.

But there are some scary films that are actually based on real cases or incidences, but even those are highly dramatized.

What genuinely gives people the heebee jeebees, however, are not movies like "Halloween" or "Nightmare on Elm Street."

It's the historical and scientific facts that a lot of people aren't cognizant of us that have the potential of keeping them up at night.

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