Just when a person thinks they've met someone who is an ideal match, something inevitably goes wrong and they find themselves back to square one.

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It's a shame that so many people think history is boring.

If they think that, it's probably because they had to spend so much time memorizing names and dates, and no one actually likes that, do they?

No, history is best understood in context. It's important to remember that historical figures were people just like us – and that some of them had sordid lives.

Whether it has to do with sex, murder, or even urine, people showed us their stuff after Redditor Distinct_Bluejay_738 asked the online community,

"Historians of Reddit, what is the most NSFW thing in history you have ever heard about?"
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Ihor Malytskyi/Unsplash

History, as taught in most schools, should be considered a crime against children.

If Hamilton proved anything, it proved that history can ABSOLUTELY be interesting if you serve it with a little spice. Leaving out the juicy interesting bits is a disservice to us all.

So we're adding them back in.

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Do we really forget or do we choose to ignore the less pleasant parts of our history? That is the real question. The crux of how America deals with history.

There are so many vital details and so much fascinating information about the forging of this country that we often just study for a moment, then file away in the dead lands of our brains.

Maybe this is why we repeat history, we never learn from it because we choose to forget it.

Thankfully we have historians, teachers and people who crave random knowledge in hopes of one day ending up on 'Jeopardy.'

They'll never let us forget.

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Life is moving on and some parts of the world are just getting the message, or are trying to ignore it.

Certain industries and careers are falling off as life goes on, thanks to technology, somethings become obsolete.

Let's discuss...

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