People Confess Which Popular Trends They Utterly Despise
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Every single day, we are forced to deal with all sorts of things that we'd prefer to never see, hear, touch, or experience for the rest of our lives.

And yet, we understand that plenty of those moments are completely out of our control. We deal with the annoyances and get on with our day.

But most of us have a breaking point. There are some things out there that we truly hate. So much, in fact, that we cannot even focus when they come along.

The worst part of it all? Sometimes the thing we hate is loved by others, so it's all around us all the time.

Redditor Nighthawk2288 asked:

"What is something/someone extremely popular that you utterly despise?"

Many Redditors are most turned off by the latest changes to culture thanks to the internet.

Pulling You In

"These posts on all social media sites that are like 'your second friend has to do X' that are just prompting you to tag people who don't want to be tagged, to drive up engagement on whatever the page put the post out."

"In the same vein: obvious scam posts about giving away a house (no one fu**ing does that) and sh** like 'how old will you be in 2060/your mothers maiden name and the first letter of your birth month are your stripper name!' That people somehow fall for."

-- ReaverRogue

Unfortunately, It's Probably Not Going Anywhere

"The term 'life hack' " -- Believeland-OH

"I know.I hate that too. You can't hack life! This isn't the matrix!" -- Afraid-Baby8276\

"Life hack! Plant seeds from your vegetables for free food!" -- Suyujin

Others had a bigger problem with celebrities and the other famous individuals that we can't seem to ignore. And again, the internet had a lot to do with it.

Always Less Than

"I dislike the worship of celebrities.I think it can create toxic fanbases where people lives can become totally consumed by that person and attack others who dislike that person.Very unhealthy."

-- No_Medicine_2636

Famous For...?

"Any of those Kardashian people, they all look very tacky and artificial. But are a pretty good reflection of our society. I can see why our society loves them"

-- katiethebohemian

And others offered up some odd ball choices.

Little Rhyme and Reason

"Bananas. The combination of the taste and texture sets something off in me, and is even overpowering when blended into a smoothie. Nothing really against them, I just hate eating them personally."

"Banana bread is alright though. I don't know either."

-- MasonP2002

Everywhere They Turn

"Felt. You'd be surprised how frequently it's used in many things. It's texture makes me want to hurl."

-- CloseCombatExpert

Hot Take



-- Marshmall0w_Kun

They Are Pretty Squishy

"Bubble tea honestly. It looks like someone stuck Orbeez in a drink and called it a day. They are disgusting too."

-- DesertOps4

Surely these are not the only despised popular trends out there. But whatever yours is, know that you're not alone in freaking out when nobody else is.

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