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How People Really Feel About The Person They Lost Their Virginity To

"Reddit user Turbulent-Ad-7862 asked: 'How do you feel towards the person you lost your virginity to? Do you still remember them?'"

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There is a reason that Madonna's "Like A Virgin," a sexual anthem of innocence lost has resonated with the world from the instant she fell to her knees on that 1984 VMA stage to this very moment.

Everyone remembers their first time.

And their first person.

Maybe they were and still are your first love.

Maybe the sight of them can make you ill.

No matter the reaction, we remember.

That person played a major character at a turning point in life.

That's hard to forgrt.

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People Break Down The Times They Realized They Hated Someone In Less Than A Minute

Reddit user dirty_maria asked: 'Have you ever listened to someone talk for less than a minute and immediately felt like you wouldn't get along with them? What did they say?'

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We've all heard of love at first sight.

Hate at first sight is less common, but it does happen (though it's not always described that way).

Sometimes, two people don't mesh well. They could never get along, even if they were the last two people on Earth, and its usually because one of them said or did something during their first interaction that rubbed the other person the complete wrong way.

Redditors know this all to well and are ready to share their stories.

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Unfortunately, we can't all get along with everyone. Sometimes, we don't mesh with people. Other times, we did get along until we got burned by the other people one too many times.

And sometimes, they do something that bothers you so much that you hate them instantly.

For me, it's a co-worker who says they will complete a task, then pass it off to me at the last minute since they know I'm too shy to say no. I don't mind doing the work; I'd just like to that I have to do it before the deadline.

I tend not to be friendly to those co-workers. It stops them from trying to pull that again.

Redditors have identified the behaviors that make them instantly hate someone and are ready to share.

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Some companies seem to appreciate their customers and attempt to make their lives better, but others seem to absolutely loathe their customers and actively try to make them miserable.

It might seem odd that many of these companies stay in business, but many of them have monopolies or near-monopolies in their industry or area of the world.

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What do we really know about famous people?

Not much if we're honest.

But that doesn't stop us from prying into their lives and dissecting and destroying it.

It feels like society needs to have people to build up and tear down.

Is it that we all need an enemy?

Or is it just another form of reality tv?

So many people, celebrity and non-celebrity have been heaped on with vitriol.

Their lives often take a downturn.

Then in hindsight, upon re-examing, we learn maybe society went too far.

And those people too were just trying to survive.

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