People Break Down Which 'Physical Flaws' They Don't Mind In Someone They're Dating
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Pobody's nerfect. Human beings are produced from a chaotic collision of genes that dictate each nook and cranny of their bodies. Then, life comes at them. The weathering impacts of years spent navigating it all begin to add up.

Time passes. Those genetic features are joined by all the countless nicks and imperfections produced by time eroding, battering a physical body that is the furthest thing from invincible.

So to fall in love--or at least feel attracted to another--one must accept the physical imperfections of the people around them. Nobody lacks them, so to expect that would leave one alone and always disappointed.

Some Redditors who've fully embraced the imperfections of others recently gathered to share their favorite "flaws."

brofistzerodeaths asked, "What is a 'physical flaw' that you dont mind in the opposite sex?"

Inside Out 

"If I click with someone they become more and more attractive to me."

"Something that would put me off from a person I don't get along with becomes endearing in a person I like."

-- howardkeel

Plenty to Love 

"Crooked or imperfect teeth, scars, stretch marks, other various skin marks, random bulges, moles, body hair, any physical deformities or 'weird' body parts, etc."

"Really physical flaws aren't that much of a problem for me as long as we vibe. I have been with all kinds of people and I'm not bothered by much."

-- LakeofStorms


"I don't consider being a short guy a physical flaw, but it gets treated that way. I'm only a 5'2 chick, I have ZERO interest in dating a guy who's over 6'. I prefer them in the 5'4 - 5'10 range."

"I don't feel like straining my goddamn neck just to kiss my bf."


Manageable Seduction

"Small breasts. I don't think they're a flaw, but plenty of women do. I think they're are sexy."

"My wife is always lamenting about how hers are too small but I can't get enough of them."

-- JaffaRambo


"Small penises. I promise you it's not that big of a deal. Besides, huge ones can hurt."

"ETA, since there seems to be some confusion: I obviously don't think a small penis is a flaw, but some guys who have them do. Didn't think that needed to be stated but here we are 🙃"

-- MyOwnGuitarHero

Hot for the Weathered 

"Acne scars are hot as hell. Edward James Olmos springs to mind."

"I remember a lady who used to work in a grocery store I frequented and I had to actively try not to look at her, she had a strong jaw and looked like an absolute warrior."

"Would have bought her a drink in a bar, but hitting on people in their workplace isn't cool."

-- damagazelle

The Shapes of Noses 

"A hook/Roman nose. I actually find them very attractive."

"Like, if it have to worry about eye injury while making out, then it's perfect." -- GirlsLikeStatus

"I see you like to live dangerously" -- XxsquirrelxX

"I will have to show this to my daughter. She got her dad's nose and she hates it. I think she's beautiful." -- nottypea

Spots to Play With 

"Moles, birthmarks. No matter where they are. If you're cuddling naked it's fun to trace the outlines of them with your fingertip (straight female here)." -- DTownForever

"This is really funny to me bc my ex-gf did that to me once (I have hella moles, I keep a photo record of them so my dermatologist can compare and I've had a pre-cancerous cut out even though I'm only 19) and I totally hated it." -- Lonely_Boii_

Time Passing

"'Saggy' boobs. Things sag. That's how gravity works." -- luker_man

"Life saver, I am so self conscious about them" -- omnianadine

"Thank you. I needed this, I am 100% fine with finding grey hairs and wrinkles but I'm finding my boobs sagging the hardest bits of aging." -- ushouldcmoiinacrown

"Don't care for the word, but it's definitely sexy." -- xtrillia

Some Medusa Humor For Ya

"If she has snakes for hair then just one look from her will make me hard af." -- PhreedomPhighter

"This is the dumbest joke, that succeeded to make me laugh." -- TheShrekster_69

"Petrified wood is such a glam look" -- damagazelle

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