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People Share The Reasons They Sympathize With The Opposite Sex
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If you're a human being with friends of the opposite sex, then you've no doubt borne witness to at least one instance that made you aware of the double standards men and women live under.

Men are expected to head out there and grab the world by the balls, so to speak. If a woman does the same, though, watch out. Her daring is enough to malign her forever.

That's just one example, but it's enough to make you sigh and feel some empathy, right?

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Guys Divulge The Most Difficult Things To Explain To Women
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Conversation can be one life's scariest actions. Whoever said it was an art form was 100% correct.

Words are beautiful and language is the bedrock of our lives but boy of boy can it create some problems.

One wrong word, or false noun and it can send a conversation reeling.

Having hard chats throughout life though are just part of the deal of living.

It can be especially difficult in relationships with opposite sex. Women are better at communication, that's just fact.

Men have a more arduous time broaching touchy subjects. Some touchier than others.

Case in point...

Redditor aeronacht wanted all of the gents out there to fess about the times they have to make, what could be uncomfortable, chit chat with the ladies, they asked:

"Men of Reddit, what’s the most difficult thing to explain to women?"
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People Break Down Which 'Physical Flaws' They Don't Mind In Someone They're Dating
Image by analogicus from Pixabay
Pobody's nerfect. Human beings are produced from a chaotic collision of genes that dictate each nook and cranny of their bodies. Then, life comes at them. The weathering impacts of years spent navigating it all begin to add up.
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Society gets confused about when two people of opposing genders are best friends.

It's never that you can just be friends. People make assumptions constantly about you both and how your relationship with each other must be.

And to make it worse, people that you love and trust do this to you too.

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Have you ever thought about whether or not you would date yourself?

Would you be a good date? A good partner? Are you nice enough to yourself and to other people?

Would you have fun at Coney Island with yourself? These are the important questions.

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