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The Philadelphia Flyers Just Unveiled Their New Mascot 'Gritty'—And He's Creepy AF 😱


They never stopped to ask if they should...

Team mascots in professional sports are supposed to hype up the fans, keep the momentum for the home team going, and haunt the eternal nightmares of all who witness them.

NHL team Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot on Monday. Meet Gritty.

Reaction online was mixed, to say the least.

Many were unsure of Gritty's wild orange fur, unblinking eyes, and how the second mascot in Flyers history threatened another iconic hockey mascot on social media almost immediately.


Fan reactions poured in throughout the day, with many horrified by what this creature would bring to the sport.

Good luck sleeping tonight. Don't look under your bed.

That's where Gritty lives...

H/T: CBS Local, Twitter

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