People Who Survived An Attempted Murder Share Their Experiences
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I live in fear every day of being murdered. Maybe it's because I'm too obsessed with Criminal Minds.

Some people are evil and crazy, and it's just our lot in life to find a way to survive them.

Coming face to face with evil and death is something that changes you forever.

Redditor u/xXFAZEMEIDAREYOUXx came to Reddit and asked to see who was willing to share one of their worst life moments. They wondered:

"Murder attempt survivors, what happened?"

Thankfully for me the only times I've cheated death has been random, like a car incident. I've been lucky. I'm trepidatious, but let's see what others have survived.


"He pointed the gun at my face, pulled the trigger and it didn't fire. I could've beaten Usain Bolt in the next 10 seconds." ~ phillybilly

"Glad you're still around to tell the tale. I have a good friend with a similar story (he thinks the gun jammed or the safety was still on or something). He likes to say "you've never seen a fat boy move so fast after that." ~ Gmony5100


"My twin sister and grandpa were killed during a home invasion. I should've been there but I left to go give a drinking friend a ride home. When I came back there were police and tape and ambulances. Home invasion gone wrong- they were both killed execution style. She was 30. Love you Gpa Felix, and the other half of my soul is already in the after with Amelia." ~ berthejew

People are horrible...

"Not me, but a girl I went to school with. Her deranged uncle broke into her house dressed as a Fedex driver while her parents were running errands. Mom and dad came home, tried to wrestle the gun from him before she and the husband were shot and killed. He then made all 5 kids lay on the floor as he shot them one by one."

"The bullet intended for my friend grazed her hand and head and she played dead. She was the only survivor. She came back to school the next year, but people were horrible. There were nasty rumors about how she made it up, faked it, how it was her fault, etc. She's now engaged and in college. One of the strongest people I know, and such a sweetheart. People are horrible." ~ Kona2012


"When I (M) was 7yrs old I made friends with a neighbor girl and we would frequently have play dates. She had an older brother, around 12-13 that would "baby sit" us during these hangouts. One day my parents let me go over to their place on my own, as their house was in spitting distance of ours but the brother was the only one home. He assured me that his sister would be home soon so he lured me out to the back yard. (For background the house was completely fenced in and the backyard had a tree line surrounding it)."

"He told me to wait by the swings, which I did and all of a sudden he charged at me with a sledgehammer. I fell on my back in fear and his swing landed between my legs into the ground. I ran as fast as I could back to my house. My parents, to this day, say it was just horse play but I will never forget the look in his eyes after he missed his swing." ~ Playful_Flatulent


"I was attacked in a friend's house by an ex husband. He slit her throat and slashed my face with a box cutter before hitting me over the head with a plate, knocking me out temporarily. He then lit the place on fire with us in it. I managed to wake up and drag her outside and a neighbor called the police/ambulance. They caught him 2 days later. We both lived through it, and now he is serving a life sentence." ~ avenlux44

Well so far. I'm sufficiently creeped out. But I'm grateful for everyone's survival.

Hit the Floor

"I wasn't the intended target but I could've died. I worked at small family-owned bicycle shop. My boss, the father of the family was a pretty nice guy, as far as I knew him, anyway. One day, I was rearranging displays and my boss's wife and kids were there - a pretty normal day until somebody slammed the shop door open and emptied a full pistol clip into the shop, specifically at my boss."

"I got on my stomach as soon as I knew what was happening and waited until I heard the guy running away. My boss was shot a couple times in the head and chest and was obviously dead on the spot. His daughter got hit in the upper arm and the wife broke her arm diving to the floor."

"Edit: I tried to find any news article about this but couldn't. It happened in Iloilo City, Philippines around December 2015. Apparently, it was about my boss not paying money he owed to the guy that murdered him. Don't know if they ever caught him." ~ Lorac1134

At Uni

"It happened during my first year in Uni. I lived with 3 roommates at my dorm. A few months into the first semester, one of my roommates had a mental breakdown and attempted to strangle me while I was asleep. I woke up to his hands around my throat, his knee on my chest and a deranged look on his face."

"I tried pushing me him off me, clawed at his face etc, but to know avail. My eyes started to dim, my hands felt leaden, I was sure I was going to die. Fortunately my other roommate wasn't asleep, he was laying under the covers browsing on his phone."

"The sounds from our struggle caught his attention and after seeing what was happening, he pushed the attacker off of me and knocked him to the ground. He then woke the other roommate and together they restrained the attacker on his bed and called the university police."

"The police arrived around 15 minutes later and after we told them what happened, they called the actual cops. My roommate was arrested and taken to the police station, there he had another breakdown and bit one of the cops. He was transferred to a psychiatric facility after that. He was also expelled from the university." ~ Adept-Matter

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Never Again

"My drunk (ex) husband came home in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. He was pissed off at me for some unknown reason and got on top of me in bed and strangled me to the point where he thought he had killed me. When I came to he was sitting on the side of the bed crying. He had choked me so badly that I had broken blood vessel's in my eyes. I never spent another night under the same roof as him and we divorced soon after." ~ Redhead-Valkyrie


"I was in Nice, France during the terrorist attack & the truck drove past me with in meters of where I was standing. At first I thought it was an accident and a brakes failure, until the police started shooting, there were severely injured and dead people in front of me & bullets popping off."

"I tried to help a guy who was badly injured but he died when we put pressure on his wounds. Then a policeman came up to us and screamed at us to run, so we ran back as far as we can, it was a surreal night & devastating, I still have PTSD from it." ~ Shine0nBenevolentSun

'he did it'

"9 years ago, buddy got jumped at a house party. I jumped in to pull the guy off of him. Attacker ended up pulling out a knife and shanking me in the stomach before fleeing to a getaway vehicle. Police were called. Caught the guy. We were supposed to come into court to point at him and be like 'he did it' but the day before he pleaded guilty."

"No idea what happened to the guy after that or what his punishment was but he probably didn't learn anything from the situation. Me? I feel completely fine. Sometimes I forget that I even got stabbed. I feel a little uneasy whenever someone has a knife in their hand and it's not dinner time, but that's about it as far as trauma goes." ~ TheBadman9001

Calling 911

"A pregnant drunk lady called an ambulance. I was working with a junior colleague but a female one. The patient said she thought she was in labour and was sat on the floor legs open knees bent with a blanket over he lower part. There was a small table next to her, glass top wooden coffee table thing."

"My colleague asked to examine her and for some reason she got angry and insisted I examine her not my female colleague. After a bit of back and forth I knelt down and went to lift the blanket to have a look when there was a sudden crash. My colleague had put her foot through the glass table and was standing on the patients hand which had a huge knife in it."

"Turns out she wanted to stab a paramedic and when we turned up she chose me. My colleague saw it just in time and saved my life. Patient had already had several children who were in care and had foetal alcohol syndrome. I was asked for a statement when the next one was born and they were also taken in to care. She got away with the premeditated attempted murder on grounds of mental health." ~ AsleepPipe371


"My mum was incredibly abusive. on one occasion, I was around 12 and she came into my room while I was sleeping and stabbed me in the chest with a kitchen knife, puncturing my lung (I didn't know this at the time). obviously this woke me up and I just rolled out of bed and ran around the house screaming."

"Someone on our road noticed the noise and called the police. just before the police arrived, she started choking me and I lost consciousness. I later woke up in the hospital and (mostly) recovered. she's now in jail. this is not the only time that she tried, but it was the most dramatic and came the closest to actually killing me." ~ 1BUK1-M10D4

No Guns

"Not me but my friend's mom. A coworker of her's was stalking her, obsessed. Convinced he was in love with her and nobody else deserved her, that kind of thing. Eventually he came to their office with a revolver. She was bending down to put files away, or something similar."

"He quickly approached her from behind and shot her in the back before immediately shooting himself in the head. She survived obviously, though the wounds were significant. Incredibly fortunate she wasn't hit in the spine or major organs. I often wonder how different it would have played out if she had been standing, or facing him. More than likely she would be dead."

"This was before my friend was born, and his mom made a mostly full recovery. Still has chronic pain and PTSD, but she can walk and has a job. Not reclusive or unfriendly to strangers. Terrified of guns, of course, but that seems fair. Both my friend and her are extremely lucky." ~ Cutter9792


"At the beginning of October my husband was trying to buy a PS5 on letgo. He wanted to make sure it actually worked so he gave the guy our address. I told him a dozen times that he was going to get robbed. He still had the kid come over. As soon as he got there he pulled a gun, grabbed the cash and shot twice. One hit my husband in the abdomen. The second went through the stairs behind him and traveled 30-40 feet to the kitchen."

"I heard the commotion and ran downstairs and chased him away from the house. We got to the front gate and he pulled his gun again and shot at me. He missed my head by less than 2 inches. He was caught and is being charged as an adult (16) for 2 counts of attempted murder and a variety of other charges." ~ jmrobins00


"Strangulation by a step-parent. When my strength and eyesight faded and I felt about to lose consciousness for the last time they let up just a hair. Next thing I knew I was in another room with a locked door between us. Was primal crap; no idea how escaped. Will never know if they experienced a brief moment of clarity that they could actually go to jail/lose their cash cow in the form of my bio parent or if they thought the deed was done."

"They tried to break the door down and I considered jumping out the window but I knew they'd would catch me before I reached the neighbors house and they wouldn't fail a second time. Might even add the neighbors. And if I left it'd be my bio parent for sure. The perfect bruises of their hands on my neck lasted weeks. Wore a scarf. They're still together." ~ questionforthecactus

One Push

"In 1998 I was walking with two friends to the corner store after school. After leaving with an armful of snacks and candy we were about to cross the street. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the hospital. Come to find out I was hit by a loaded Mack truck going 30mph. The kids that were with me told the police I ran into the road, turned around, taunted them and was hit."

"I was age 10. At age 20, I learned from a mutual "friend" that one of the kids that was with me had pushed me into traffic. I considered him to be a good friend at the time. It was rough going to school just weeks after the incident. After sustaining two skull fractures I recovered well."

"But, the rumors at school and never knowing the truth was troublesome and weighed on me heavily. The person who pushed me is now in prison on counts of aggravated assault. Unfortunately, he wasn't charged or tried for what happened to me. Local police refuse to reopen the case twenty years later. I'd feel a lot better if I could get justice." ~ mrpderp


"My own mother tried to choke me to death. She's mentally unstable and I "pushed her too far" one night. I've never been alone in a room with her since." ~ _Frog_Enthusiast_

Be careful out there.

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