People Share Which Part Of Their Daily Routine They Love The Most

What the best part of your day?

Before I go to sleep for the night, I tuck my dogs into their bed and give them some pets and kisses goodnight. It's my most favorite part of the day. I get to be with my cute dogs, and it also signifies that I can finally lay down and relax. I also love when I'm early enough to be alone in the elevator at work.

Redditor u/Penguin_Pingu was curious about the little things that people enjoy, and so asked... "What's something you love about your daily routine?"

20. Taking time to learn

"drinking coffee while watching/reading something informative, it's an absolute delight"


19. Wholesome lunch


"Eating my peanut butter & jelly sandwich at work that was made by my wife."


18. Half days are my favorite

"Coming home on a half day with my lunch in the fridge, sitting in the living room with my lunch watching Parks And Rec"


17. Finally living with your S.O.

"waking up and going to sleep next to my SO every day since we both moved in together and he changed his work schedule. i'm thriving in it because we hadn't done that for so long because he worked overnights. i love that he's the first thing i see in the morning and the last thing i see at night."


16. Get that cardio in

"I get to bike to work 60 minutes everyone morning and evening along bike paths that border one of our rivers that snake through town. It is a fantastic way to get ready for the day or decompress after a hard one. Regular Cardio keeps me sane and healthy!"


15. Sit back and relax on the bus

"I dont drive, but generally I love taking the bus. I like just waiting to get to my destination and hanging out."


14. Multi-tasking like a pro

"Brush teeth while in the shower, listen to music, do homework and still have 4-6 hours of free time. Heck yeah!"


13. When your kid is too adorable

"My 6 year old waving and blowing kisses from the bus window on school days. She didnt do it the other day and I was sad about it all morning!"


12. When your pet shows you love

"Getting into bed at night and having my cat come and snuggle up with me, purring. She's the best."


11. Gaming by candlelight

"The evenings, I put on my candle and play on my Nintendo switch. Super peaceful :)"


10. Quality daughter time

"My 3 year old likes to wake up super early ... but since she mastered door handles she doesn't cry for me anymore, she just pitter-patters her way into my room and will snuggle with me for like 15 or 20 minutes while telling me about her dreams."


9. Unwinding alone

"I get off work at 5pm, my girlfriend/roommate gets off at 8pm. So until she gets off, I have time to unwind, play some video games, watch a movie, do what I want. And then she comes home and I get to see my favorite person"


8. The one happy person at work

"At around 3 PM everyday, the cleaning lady comes to my office. She greets me with a big smile as she gets through the door. While cleaning up the trash cans she sometimes talks about her family or her sons. Sometimes she wishes me luck with my work. You can tell that she loves her job and a great person. Meeting this sweet old lady always brightens up my day a little."


7. That would really be fun

Giphy "Choosing a wig. I get to chose who I'm gonna be for the day and it's exciting. One of those black girl perks."


6. Singing really lets out tension

"Singing in the car on the way home. I have about a 40 minute commute. I probably get weird looks from other drivers, but I don't care. Still gonna belt it out."


5. Eight wonderful minutes

"Every morning after I get out of the shower I sit in front of my heater for 8 minutes while checking my phone and dry off like a car going through the blowy part of the car wash."


4. The cutest "cheers"

"I'm a stay at home dad with my toddler son. Every day first thing we do after waking up is go downstairs and he sits on my lap and we watch cartoons while he drinks his milk while I drink my first cup of coffee. He's sometimes goes 'cheers' and we clink cups."


3. Give yourself some time to reflect

"Every morning, before I start work, I write about my day before.

It's amazingly therapeutic, and probably my favorite part of any day. I get my first cup of coffee and just write. It's the best."


2. I hate getting out of bed, but it's the best to be the first one up

"Waking up early and getting to the world before anyone else does. Its like a permanent 1st! prize."


1. That feeling when you finally have nothing to do


"Coming in after the final walk with my dog. It means the day is over and that I can now relax."


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