People Share Which Building They'd Snoop Around If They Wouldn't Get Caught

I remember being a kid in elementary school. I was convinced the teacher's lounge must have been some magical room with all the answers to everything, arcade games, soda machines, etc. This became a weird sort of fixation - to the point that in fifth grade I just couldn't handle it anymore and stuck my head in. All I saw was beige tile and seating that offered sadly little lumbar support. That was okay, it didn't deter me. I was convinced that was the front room and that there was some sort of teacher speakeasy in the back.

Spoiler Alert: I ended up working at that same school briefly as an adult. Sadly, no speakeasy. Just sad beige tiles and hard seating. Totally a vending machine in the corner, though, so I'm celebrating the small victory for my 8 year-old self.

The desire to know what's happening in places you're not supposed to be is pretty natural. It can also be pretty consuming if you let yourself run with the curiosity too far. One Reddit user asked:

You're given a search warrant for any building in the world. You have 8hrs to snoop/explore, though you can't take anything. What building do you choose?

Yeah all of the Indiana Jones's and Nicolas Cage's came out of the woodworks for this one. There were a few places here that we didn't even knew existed! Click next and let's explore.

Secret Archives

Vatican's Secret Archives. Lemme at 'em! People think the Vatican is open since they let students study in there and they are in the process of scanning all the documents to make them available to the public... but there are secret documents. Canon Law _requires _a secret archive. I was a secretary at an archdiocese. I was told that, "anything that could ruin the reputation of a priest goes in there."

Can. 489 §1. In the diocesan curia there is also to be a secret archive, or at least in the common archive there is to be a safe or cabinet, completely closed and locked, which cannot be removed; in it documents to be kept secret are to be protected most securely.

§2. Each year documents of criminal cases in matters of morals, in which the accused parties have died or ten years have elapsed from the condemnatory sentence, are to be destroyed. A brief summary of what occurred along with the text of the definitive sentence is to be retained.

Can. 490 §1. Only the bishop is to have the key to the secret archive.

Rivers Of Flowing Mercury

The tomb chamber of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Xi'an. Barred from archaeological study, it is said to be protected by deadly traps and contains a room with a scale model of the empire with rivers of flowing mercury and treasures.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae server room. The question says you can't take anything, but it didn't say you couldn't accidentally spill some 2-liters on a few server racks. You're welcome, everyone with student loans.

Boring-As-Hell Office Building

If anyone says the Pentagon, I swear to god it's just a boring-as-hell office building. I've worked in the Pentagon on different projects. The building is a bunch of offices with cubicles, where programs of different types take place. Much of it is financial and administrative offices. They have a few of the "neat" rooms you guys are thinking about, but most of the building is blah.

I was in a top secret clearance room in the basement recently to install some color changing lights in the ceiling so they could look cooler on video teleconference calls. The pentagon is boring as s*.

15 Year Old

The 15 year old boy in me will say Playboy Mansion. I always imagined it as being a From what I heard the Playboy Mansion is actually thoroughly unimpressive and it is apparently in dire need of a complete renovation. Buuuuuuuuut it's got Playboy Bunnies, so... yeah.

Scientologists Calling For Help

Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. Police receive hundreds of 911 calls from the hotel, but it's owned and run by Scientologists and the police are denied access almost every time.

In 1997, Clearwater police received over 160 emergency calls from the Fort Harrison Hotel, but they were denied entry into the hotel by Scientology security. Clearwater police are suspicious about the number of 911 calls that come from rooms at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Police respond to each call only to be told most of the time by Scientology security guards that the call was a mistake. Police are not allowed to check individual rooms where the calls originated.

Scientology officials say most of the calls are mistakes that occur when foreign visitors try to dial the international access code, 011, after dialing a 9 to get an outside line. They claim they are working with police to resolve the problem.

Checking For Clogs

My upstairs neighbor's apartment.

I swear they wear wooden clogs for bedtime slippers.

I wanna check.

Ethiopian Ark

There's a chapel in Ethiopia that claims to have the actual Ark of the Covenant. It's a tiny building, though, so I'd only need like two minutes to see if they actually do.

The weird thing is, that chapel only has 1 person inside and anyone could climb the old fence around it. Either no-one believes it's actually there, or something stops people from looking. You could literally just walk right in if you wanted to. I've talked to Ethiopian immigrants about it, and its definitely something a large amount of people believe.

Sure it might be practically unguarded and just sitting right there, but I wouldn't go trying to jump the fence and look inside. You are liable to never leave the island although likely from being beaten to death more than any curses.

Blast From The Past

Can it be from the past? Library of Alexandria. I'd bring a camera with me. The burning of the library of Alexandria will always be one of the greatest tragedies in human history. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of knowledge that was lost.

Deadly, But Cool

Assuming I had a radiation suit... the Chernobyl reactor. Deadly. But cool. The elephant's foot is this blob of stuff that oozed out of the reactor during the meltdown. It's so radioactive that just standing near it can kill you. But not like "you'll die younger" or "you'll die in a few months" - like just a few seconds next to it and you will drop dead inside of two days. I don't even want to imagine what could happen if you were near it for a few hours. And it's not even that big, or imposing. It doesn't glow or anything like that. It's just there. Doing nothing. It's just a pile of muck that no one can take a quality photo of and it can kill you basically instantly. It'll be radioactive for a hundred thousand years.

You could stand near it and drop dead and never know why. Deadly, but cool.


The research facility at Skinwalker Ranch. Its under 24 hour armed guard and surrounded by motion detecting cameras so I really don't think that it's just a cattle farm. It has this website of all these various "interdimensional beings" that have been seen on it. So you'd think it would be active all the time, right?

But I have a friend that lived just down the road from that "ranch". She said lots of local boys would see how long they could stand up against the front fence at night before getting creeped out. She also said nothing ever happened there and it was pretty dead. I still want to go and see it for myself though just to say I have been there

Giant Three-Headed Corgi

The queen's palace to be honest. I wanna know what secret places she has in that palace of hers... but I'm scared I'll get killed by the giant three-headed corgi before getting close to anything exciting.

Ravioli, Ravioli

Chef Boyardee headquarters. Gonna get that formula.


Moscow metro. There are more than 200% more track there than the map shows. It's already huge, I can't even fathom what three times bigger really means. It was built to be also a bunker against war threats or apocalypses, its an entire underworld.

Trump's Apartment

A lot of people are saying the White House, but nobody's said Trump's apartment in Trump Tower or his Mar-a-Lago resort. Check out the New York AG's lawsuit against the Trump Foundation. He wrote on a piece of paper to use foundation money to pay off a settlement. I know this is an opinion article, but the photo at the beginning is the document I'm referencing. He'd be stupid enough to have incriminating documents in plain sight.

For The Views

Whichever building would give me the most views in a video titled "OMG SPENT THE NIGHT AT 'building' ALMOST GOT CAUGHT HAHA LOL THIS WAS CRAZY"

The Google Slide

I'd honestly choose Google Plex. I mean, area 51 may have aliens and all, but do they have a slide to go down floors?

One Bad Joke.

Hangar 18. I was working with the local Fairborn gov't to produce some community videos. Coordinated with the Air Force PR people to get on base to get some video for the project. I'm being driven around the landing field on a golf-cart, my guide pointing out various aircraft, buildings or scenes I may want to feature in the video.

Having spent time working in Roswell I was familiar with the woo connections and I jokingly ask my driver which one was Hanger 18. He glared at me, shook his head, turned the cart around, took me back to his office and waited (without answering any of my questions) for a security team to escort me off-base. No one spoke a word, I was just told to leave and if I tried to come back I'd be arrested.

While I was joking before, now I really really do want to know which it was and what they keep in and under that hanger.

Open The Snake Doors

The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India. It's a Hindu temple that's covered completely in gold, and it had several vaults full of trillions of dollars worth of treasure that have only just now been opened and inventoried. But there is one vault that still isn't opened, with a metal door with giant snakes on it, and it is said that opening it would be a very bad omen and would bring down the wrath of the gods. Just exploring the rest of the temple would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but if this scenario means that I can also somehow magically be teleported behind that vault door, then it's even more worthwhile.

I couldn't even begin to speculate. Vault B is the largest vault yet it remains unopened. It's speculated to hold some 1.8 billion US dollars worth of treasures. In the other 5 vaults, there were all sorts of treasures. Gold, jewels, jewelry, solid gold statues several feet tall, even a solid gold throne encrusted with diamonds and other rare minerals that was meant for a god. Back in the 1930's raiders tried to break in but they were scared off by venomous snakes that came in droves out of no where. Another time someone tried to get in, it was the temple authorities trying to gain access to the chamber during a famine, but they claimed to have heard the ocean from behind the door, and fearing that the vault was connected to the Red Sea, they left it alone. Some people believe it's a god behind the door.

Whatever it is, it will forever tempt my curiosity until that door is opened, if ever.

Just Making Things Weird

You never said the hours had to be consecutive. I'll take the warrant to my neighbor's house. I'm not going to look through anything. I just want to go to the bathroom whenever I want and really make their life weird.

H/T: Reddit

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