Doing good deeds can be something contagious. And Lord do we need some beautiful contagion right about now. Pay it forward shouldn't just be an idea, it should be a way of life. Committing even the smallest act of kindness for someone, whether they are a loved one or a stranger, can change the course of so many lives. Being kind is a domino effect, a really great one. So pay for a coffee, hold a door... or just smile.

Redditor u/emceeizzy wanted everyone to fess up to the goodwill they've spread that they've also kept quiet about, by asking.... What's the nicest thing you've ever done for someone secretly?

Air for you....

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While working hotel security I often put air in very low tires of guests vehicles in the parking lot.


That's such a nice thing to do! Nothing worse than coming out all set for your day and you have to deal with a low or flat tire!


Those 3....

I saw a lady struggling with 3 children in a grocery store. She showed great love to the 3 even though they were giving her a hard time. I eavesdropped enough to learn that she couldn't afford half the stuff, if any, she was putting in her cart. She was so loving to those kids. Every word she said to them was soft and kind.

I knew the manager of the store very well. I went to them and told them about that lady. I then pointed her out discreetly. I gave the manager two hundred dollars and asked them to give it to the lady. I often wonder how things worked out for her in life.


Paul Young

I have an unusual first name. Many years ago I got a signed photo from 1980s pop star Paul Young. I was having a clear out and so I googled someone with the same name as me. It wasn't easy but I found someone who was, fortunately, an academic at a university here in England. I posted the photo to him at his uni. Hope he liked it.


Merry Christmas

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When I was a kid (probably 12 or 13), I gave up my Christmas presents for a friend. I grew up upper middle class, not rich, but we were comfortable. My best friend wasn't as fortunate as I was.

One year when my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told her I didn't want anything and instead to give the money she would have spent to my friend's parents. She bought a Walmart gift card (or something similar) and left it in their mail box. To my knowledge, my friend never knew this happened and I would never bring it up. I'd be willing to guess his parents knew the money came from us, but not the circumstances surrounding it.


I accidentally discovered.....

I had an acquaintance whose reddit account, I accidentally discovered. There she had a confession post of how lonely, friendless and depressed she was and how she used to cry to sleep. For the months following, I would try to talk her to sleep online so that she won't feel lonely or cry. Most of the time, I ended up sleeping first though lol. I introduced her to online gaming and used to play a lot with her. I tried to support her to be herself more and be more open. We are not friends anymore but I hope she is happy and doing better.


4 years straight...

Every day I used to walk past this old guys house walking home from high school. I read about old age and depression so I figured I'd be nice. I went and looked after his front yard (all overgrown) i planted flowers etc.

I would successfully do it for 4 years straight and one time he caught me and thanked me and told me about how his wife died and how he had no family etc.

Now in collage, the man died and I was lucky enough to go to his funeral. His lawyer told me that he left most of his estate to me. (Wasn't much but for me growing up poor it was everything)

It was a lesson to me about positive karma and to pay it forward. Answering any questions in the comments.


"Oh my god, who left this here?" 

They stole 350€ and a phone from the dog shelter a few months ago, that all the money they had to feed the dogs for an entire month so they had to pay from their own pocket (which they couldn't because their job doesn't pay and so they has to skip meals because of it). So I bought a 250€ brand new Samsung Galaxy A30s, put it in a box with another 350€ in it, went there to do some voluntary work like I always do and left the box in their office and put a note on it saying "For the doggies at Akira", a few minutes later I heard a "Oh my god, who left this here?" And I was just saying "I don't know, it was there when I arrived"

Now the donations have to be supervised so I have to say this is a donation and sign a paper so I can't do secret donations anymore. I think that I've donated around 700€ there even tho I rarely earn money and I was planning to go on a little vacation, but the doggies are more important.


Being a Mover....

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Not per se secretly, at least I didn't mean it to be a secret, but:

Was at a friend's birthday party. Friend lived on the fourth floor, no elevator. New neighbors were moving in right under his apartment on the third floor.

I smoke, but I won't do it inside a non-smoker's home (that's just rude), so every time I wanted to smoke, I had to go down the stairs and smoke outside the front door, which was fine.

Every time I walked back up, I took a bag or a small piece of furniture of the new neighbor's stuff with me and placed it beside their door.


Add More....

When I was in high school I have some friends who cannot afford to textbooks. Their parents were farmers and they do not do well. So I gave my saved money to my homeroom teacher to buy them books and never speak about this. If I directly give books to them they may feel bad. Having get books from your teacher or from your classmates makes difference I believe. My teacher add more money to my money and buy-give them in other students in need I do not know.


Good Luck Mate....

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Not really secretly, but spur of the moment. Few years ago I had swung by the grocery store to pick up a couple things after a long day, it was nearing 10pm the store was fixing to close.

So, there was only one checker open, and an older gentleman with a cart full of groceries ahead of me. After what felt like an eternity, his credit cards were being declined. And i overheard him tell the check he didn't have enough cash on him to pay for everything, so just before they were going to sort his groceries I spoke up to add it to my tab and ill pay. He was dumbfounded and nearly in tears. We shook hands and exchanged names. Never saw him again, i hope he landed on his feet.


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