We're all familiar with the feeling of losing faith in humanity. It's that feeling that makes you facepalm at your desk when you read the latest nonsense in your newsfeed.

Some people, though, seem to feel the need to be extra and go out of their way to be as ridiculous as possible. Sometimes they're socially tonedeaf or just having an off day, and sometimes they're just a really horrible person.

Redditors StannistheMannis96 asked:

"What was your biggest 'I hate people' moment?"

We've collected some of the best, and worst, replies.

Some replies edited for content or clarity.



You know those bright, flashing red and white lights in your rear view mirror? The really loud, annoying wailing? It's called an ambulance. No, I won't switch lanes. If I switch lanes and you decide to panic because all of a sudden, you remember that you're suppose to pull over, and I get hit? Then I get in trouble for not driving in the number 1 lane AND one of us is probably gonna get hurt.



Never Interrupt Plant Shopping

Part of my job is handling video requests for young classical musicians which often means dealing with their parents... who are often rich, entitled helicopters that think their kid is Paganini incarnate.

There's too many stupid conversations to count but my favorite was the dad, who called me after hours when I was plant shopping (cell is on my signature because I don't work in the main office) to yell about, I think, him thinking the audio quality on one video was worse compared the other. The one he was complaining about had a mix from the main audio recording (super high definition) and the one he thought was good was sh**ty camera audio. He assumed that was better because it was loud (aka compressed to hell by the camera's auto limiter).

He got a email from me when I got home with my bosses cc'd that said, in very polite words, that if he ever called my personal cell again for something so pointless especially during non-working hours (it was at like 7pm), all further requests for his child would be disregarded.

He was much nicer after that.

Edit: I "fixed" the audio by running it through a very aggressive, multiband compressor. Not the most professional path but the dude kinda ruined a nice time with my GF.


A Little Louder For The People In The Back



But That Would Make Things Easier For Everyone

When waiting for bags at baggage claim, and everyone crowds in super close so no one can see anything except those at the front, and no one can get their bags off because other people are in the way. Just back off people! You only need to be that close for the 5 seconds it takes to grab your bag!



When a “go fund me” account was created to help one of those Kardashian girls become a billionaire.


Try Something New For A Change

On the Amalfi coast at an amazing restaurant you have to take a boat to get to, there was a couple sitting next to us that threw a huge tantrum because they didn't have chicken alfredo. Then got even more angry when the boat wasn't going to be back for 15 minutes and demanded the restaurant call another boat immediately.


Just Get Out Of Everyone's Way

In busy parking lots, when the guy in front of you sees someone heading *to* their car with a cart full of groceries then pops their brakes and waits for the spot to open up, especially when there are already other open spots further up the lane.

It's one thing to wait a few seconds so someone can back up and you can park, it's another thing entirely to hold the other cars behind you hostage while Grandma loads her minivan one bag at a time then spends a few minutes on the phone before backing out- all because you want to park a few feet closer to the front door of H-E-B.


Oh Yes, I Totally Fell On Purpose

Every time I go to Costco. Don't get me wrong, the employees are great, but something about the place just makes people hit me with their cart. One particular time comes to mind, when I was crutching it, they hit me pretty hard, they were coming from a side aisle, knocked me down, my crutch was stuck in her cart in that spot where you put heavy stuff on the rack under the cart... I couldn't get my crutch unwedged from it... she came around and I thought she was going to help me... but instead, the first words out of her mouth were "You were in my way!" and she went on to yell at me for like a minute or two straight (I just tuned the rest out) while I got my crutch out myself and worked to get back up.

She also had the "I'd like to speak to your manager" haircut... I dunno why that sticks in my memory, but it does... maybe because mean people all seem to have the same haircuts.

Edit: thank you all for your kind responses, I had no idea so many people have had so many similar experiences! I don't hate Costco, and their employees are just the best, but I do my very very best to dodge that place on the weekends because of precisely incidents like the above. I don't know whether people feel tough because of the big carts or what, but it's way worse than any other grocery store or home depot or anything like that in terms of people's near complete lack of situational awareness.


It's A Cat, That's How They Are

Used to work at a vet clinic and had a euthanasia scheduled. Couple came in with a healthy looking cat... Wanted to put the cat down because "it has eye boogers and just sits around." We refused to put him down and kept him as our office cat. He was the friendliest cat and loved to do tricks!


It WAS Free

My image was copied off of a public website and a large watermark slapped on it. The image was free for public use and now the stock photo company charges people to remove the watermark and use it. Ironically it's still available for free on the public website if you dig a long way.


It's Really Not That Difficult

Whenever I walk into a public washroom and someone didn't flush.


Finite Amount Of Space

Whenever people try to get into a cramped public space before letting people out.

It’s like...where do you think you’re going to go? Literally?


Take Responsibility

That moment for me was 3 years ago. I was driving home with my mother in the passenger seat, and my 10 year old brother sitting in the back. We're sitting at a stop light when suddenly we're hit from behind by another car. I check on mom and brother who are both shaken up and crying but seem to be physically unharmed. I get out of the car to check for damages and the back is completely totalled. I walk up to the car who hit us and the guy is freaked out and super apologetic.

All the while, people are honking and screaming at us to get out of the way. I ask him to move his car to the parking lot on the corner so we can properly exchange information that's not in the middle of a busy intersection. The guy says "of course!" Puts his car into reverse, turns all the way around then speeds off in the opposite direction. Hit and run.

If that moment wasn't enough to make me hate humans... as this guy speeds off, another guy in a pick-up truck pulls up to us only to say "guess he got away from you!" Laughs, and then also drives away. No ,"are you all ok?" or "gee, that sucks". Laughs and drives away.

Luckily I took a photo of his license plate as I got out the car so when the cops came we were able to track his vehicle down. Turns out, it was a stolen vehicle and the guy was intoxicated. Humans suck sometimes.



My great-grandfather was an admiral in the British Navy during WWI. When the war ended, he was given the ship's bell, which had been inscribed with a dedication to him. In 1950, after moving to Canada, he bought an area of land in Ontario to build a cottage on. He built the cottage by hand, and decided that because this land had become one of his favorite places, he decided to bring the bell there, too. He attached it to a tree using a large chain. Well, some asshat went to the island when he wasn't there, cut the chain, and stole this bell, my grandfather's greatest possession. He was devastated by it, and we lost an important family treasure.


It's Right There

When you pull into a seemingly empty parking spot but there’s a shopping cart that someone left in the middle of it RIGHT NEXT TO THE RETURN AREA!


12. Inches. Away.

Working at art museum, you would not believe the amount of people who believe that because they have degrees in Art and/or are just really enthusiastic about it have the right to touch the artworks. As in, fingers straight onto the 300-year old paintings and ancient sculptures.

"Oh, it's okay, I have a Masters' in Art History!"

Cool. 12 inches away, please.

"But I was just trying to demonstrate to my coll--"

**12. Inches. Away.**


Keep Your Head Down

Whenever I have to go to the store during a holiday.



When I found the shoplifting subreddit and it's literally just people talking about stealing, ways to steal and showing off their 'hauls'.


Be Kind

I was panhandling for change to go to an interview. Couldn't afford the bus/subway. A chick dumped her coffee on me and screamed to get a job.


What We've All Been Thinking 

Is "every day" an acceptable answer?


I was going to post "The part of the day when I'm awake." so yes.


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