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Kids, for better or worse, are perhaps the most honest people on the planet. If a kid thinks you look like a dork or that you smell like a dead skunk covered in expired mayonnaise, don't worry because you'll soon find out. On the other side of that very unstable coin are the compliments and niceties that come from the mouths of babes. You can trust their judgement that something is going right, just like the stories below.

Reddit user, u/flowersforfrogs, wanted to hear about what brightened your day when they asked:

What's the sweetest thing a kid has said to you?

The Embodiment Of Joy To People All Over

we wish you a merry christmas singing GIF Giphy

"You two are like Christmas"

A friend's little daughter to me and my wife.


Setting The Example For Future Generations

I like your hair. I recently dyed my hair a new color and was and still kinda am insecure about it but I enjoy it. One day I was in public and this little kid I have never meet before comes up to me and says I like your hair. And then told me he wants his hair to look like that when he is older. It melted my heart m


Tell Me How You All REALLY Feel

Not necessarily 1 kid. But I was a teachers aid for a time during university. At some point I was once so busy with school I missed a couple of days when I came back I had a group of kids get up from thier desks and tackle me saying how much they missed it.

Another time was when my baby siblings all say how proud they were to see me graduate from University and that I was the best older sister ever. Kids can be so sweet.


Don't Tell Her There Was Nothing In The Box

When my five year old daughter saw me pick up a box and yelled, "Super hero! Your a super hero!" It made my day.


Reaffirmation In Your Hobbies

A six-year-old I'm tutoring asked me why I knew so much Star Wars lore. I told him "because I'm old, and I like Star Wars way too much." He looked up from the Jango Fett he was doodling and just said, "It's okay. Not too much."


The Title Every Parent Should Strive For

"You're the coolest dad ever."

My daughter asked me to make up a song while I was messing around with my guitar. I did, she liked it and she said that... it made my [millennia]...


The Daddies On The Bus Say...

When my son was about two, he and my wife were singing The Wheels on the Bus. They were sitting in the other room going through all the verses (the driver on the bus, the babies on the bus, etc…) with my wife singing the lyrics and my son providing the appropriate response for what the various things and people do and/or say. They get to what is typically the last verse (the mommies on the bus say, "shh, shh, shh..") but instead of ending the song my wife adds a verse.

From the other room I hear:

My wife: "The daddies on the bus say,"

My son: "I love you."

Still makes me tear up thinking about it.


We're All Trying To Make It Through Together

"Here, this can be your tip!"

Needs context, though. I was delivering pizza to his house in late April (many years ago). His mom apologized for not having enough money to give me a tip. I told her it was no big deal. The kid ran off for about a minute as I exchanged the pizza for a check, and he returned with a little bag of Easter candy, which he gave to me.


A Lesson To Learn Forever

I worked with kids with Asperger's awhile back and this one kid, Peter, came running up to me SO excited. And he says "GUESS what I HAVE in my POCKETS??" So I ask what, and he goes "NOTHING!". And I'm like "I guess that's neat." And he goes "You don't understand! Think of all the things I can put in them!!". Taught me a real life lesson there. Thanks Peter.


Happy Parents Lead To A Happy Home Life

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It was an indirect comment, my teenage son had a friend over and my husband and I were having a dance party for two. The boys came upstairs and I tried to invite them in, of course my son wanted nothing to do with it but his friend whom I know well jumped right in. I later heard him tell my son that he wished his parents loved each other like his parents do. Happy but sad in this situation


Exactly What We Were Aiming For

My friend and I had gotten dressed up for a friend date. We were taking pics on a swing in a pretty lively part of town, when a little girl came up to us and said "Gosh you ladies sure are pretty"


A Lot Of Pressure In Those Well Wishes

A kid walked up to me and and my boyfriend and said, "You guys are cute together. I hope you last a long time. I hope you have pretty babies and have a good life together. You guys look great together." Then he walked away and said look mommy they are happy. She looked at us and then she walked over explaining her and his dad split up. I was sad, but my heart was filled with joy


It's The Innocence That Really Sells This One

My anxiety causes me to pick at my face, and the extent to which I pick at it fluctuates in intensity. Last year, I was going through a REALLY rough time and my face was a literal pizza. There was a little girl, 4 or 5 years old, who I'd see at the stable I rode at and she always asked about my red spots. It was so innocent and she was so sweet and funny that it never upset me.

Fast forward a year later, my face has improved drastically. I saw the same little girl for the first time in several months, and she excitedly yells, "ALL YOUR RED SPOTS ARE GONE! You used to have like 100 but now you only have like 2!"

The pure innocence and excitement honestly makes me smile every time I think about it.


From A Far Away Land...

Little kid stared at me for five minutes then asked his mommy if I was a princess.


These Stories Matter And Stay With You

Little back ground info to clarify what is the sweetest thing, just got out of jail after 145 days for a 3rd time possession charge. My best friend picked me up from jail and brought me to his house for a place to stay since I lost my apartment. His son is nine, and wanted to hear a story. So I told him the story of Arthas Menethil from World of Warcraft because I know it from the heart. I had to act dramatic while telling it, he told me "I wish you could tell me stories like that everyday." I don't know why but that little comment to me was the best and sweetest thing Ive heard in so long.


Lightning Bolts Of Power

I was wearing shorts and my niece looked at my stretch marks (I'm very insecure about them) and asked what they were so I told her. Then she said "Oh I think they look really cool! They look like lightning bolts!" Ever since then I've referred to my stretch marks as lightning bolts.


It Could Have Something To Do With The Claws?

A kid at the gym asked me if I was wolverine.


Are you?


That's not the point, sometimes it's just nice to be noticed.


Doesn't Get Any Cooler Than That

Recently a kindergartener could not pronounce my name and called me "Ms Cool" so if u excuse me I'm just gonna go legally change my name to that bye


Truth And Honesty And Love

homer simpson hug GIF Giphy

My mom fell a month or so ago and broke her leg. Had surgery shortly after and has been healing nicely. Monday night, she was rushed to the ER for chest pain. Initially they thought it was a heart attack turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. She was in pain but only had to stay the night. My dad was pretty shaken but he told me to head home as there wasn't much I could do for her.

I came home and my 4 year old runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug. He sees the I have been crying and the following conversation ensues:

Son- daddy what's wrong?

Me- Son, Nana is in the hospital. She is ok but she might have to stay there for a day or so.

At this point I start crying again.

Son- Daddy, don't cry. Be brave. Take deep breaths. I will get you a tissue.

He runs to the desk grabs a tissue for me. He then runs to the couch.

Son- come sit with me daddy. We can snuggle.

He is turning out to be the sweetest little boy on the planet. My wife and I were both shared a glance for a few moments and silently nodded to one another. Sweetest thing to ever come out of his mouth.


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