People Share Their 'F*** You, I'm Done' Stories

Over and Out!

People Share Their 'F*** You, I'm Done' Stories

When you're done... be done. Mean it! Limits are not meant to be broken. Life is full of tests that find us in places where we have to decide if we are willing to take more crap or move on. There is no right answer. Stay... walk on... both are correct choices. But in our guts... we know when it's time to say... Peace Out! Own it!

Redditor u/AtomicKittenBasket wanted to discuss the moments when we all have reached our limits by asking..... People of Reddit, what is your "F this crap, f all of you, I'm done!" moment?

Be Kind.

So I have some friends and they decided to make fun of this guy who was just trying his best at something he wasn't the best at and told them to screw off because that wasn't cool. ShatugiWaffles

Walk out.


I had several of those moments... one company that didn't pay on time causing me to lose my car, and then another company who screwed me out of a sale. I walked out on both. evilemperor89

Not Amway! 

I was pretty desperate for a job, and answered an add by phone. They told me to come to this address at 2:00 pm. It was full of slick talking idiots and I recognized it for what it was. Basically, pyramid type scheme (like Amway). That's was what it was and I said as much. I was quickly escorted out the door. Man, was I pissed! I should have raised more heck on the way out! Strode2014

Sophomore Year. 

I was a sophomore in college laying up in my loft bed. My roommate walked in (my best friend for over 10 years) and she was on speakerphone with her mom (like my second mom) and they were talking a whole bunch of crap about me because she didn't realize I was there. I got up, looked her straight in the eyes, and left. I came back when she wasn't there and grabbed the essentials and went to stay with another friend in her dorm. Came back at the end of the year to get my stuff and haven't spoken to her since. Pretty great choice actually. LOLLIPOP1789

Go on Andy....


I haven't listened to Joe Rogan since he had Andy go on. I'm just tired of him giving grifters a platform, they're not a "side" that needs to be heard when they're full of crap. I respect his freedom to do so though so I just stopped listening to him. TopScruffy


When after already once getting in trouble, and expelled at my new school the officer walks in and ask for me. I was already suicidal and had drugs on me. I kicked my slides off got him close and ran out the door. I ran to the nearest 7/11 got high and talked about it to the cashier. Then proceed to walk outside and just cry you till police arrived. (Happend 3 months ago). -NDY

The HR Guy....


I worked a job where the "HR guy" was the bosses boyfriend and people got hired on and got away with never working because they were friends with the higher ups.

My moment came that after saying casually to my manager that I have anxiety they had quality assurance sit behind me every day for an hour for two weeks. And when my call scores came in perfect management shrugged their shoulders and told them to keep doing it.

I got to the point where I'd almost throw up going into the building and I just stopped going to work. They fired everyone and the company shut down less than six months later. c0ffeeandtea

Crazy people. 

I had a child with a guy I thought was the world. When said child turned 2, I packed up my shit and left because he was being abusive. Then he started stalking me. I moved in with a family member because I was scared. He showed up at my family members house. I was outside with child. He tried to grab child but I got to him first and ran up a set of stairs onto a porch. I got across the porch when he caught me and tried to throw me off the porch while I'm holding our 2yr old. I filed for a restraining order the next day. ItsASecret26

That was my life.


You know the movie Office Space where 3 bosses come to tell him he screwed up? That was my life. After about 3 months I sent a Peace Out email to all 3 bosses and left for lunch never to return.

The company went bankrupt about 2 months later. geoffeaton

Hey partner. 

When a teacher tells you to find a partner but nobody is your friend in the class so you end up working with the person who stalks teachers and watches them through windows. ChickenNoodle_Soup_

I'm Out!


Found out my super paranoid boss was poised to become the director of the organization. I waited until the day my retirement vested and got the heck outta there. That dude refused to have an internet connection at his home and was somehow put in charge of IT. MarinertheRaccoon

Mo' Money....

I've worked the same job the last three years of college. There should be about a dozen student employees and the management is so bad this past year that people keep leaving the manager kept not hiring replacements. Finally, when we were down to 2 people a few months ago, they hired three new guys, who I trained. Found out the other day those three make more money than me. 14ChiTown

Hired out.

I got hired out of school for a trade marketing role, which would see me constructing trade booths for a car cleaning product company.

I showed up for Day 1 wearing a suit, they asked if I had normal clothes. I did so I threw those on. I then drove my new boss and a couple teammates to a gas station, where we had to set up a booth and approach people while they were pumping gas to try to sell them a waterless car washer in a can.

I asked a coworker if this is what they did every day - it was. The second I found this out, I told the boss "forget you, you lied to me", got back in my car and left. Nedward_Schneebly

18 Hours in....

I quit working in McDonald's after six months of being treated like a dog by the managers. Final straw was a bunch of kids threw ice cream all up the front of the store and they expected me to clean it up even though my shift had ended and I'd clocked out. Arrived for my shift the next morning and was handed a bucket the second I walked in. They left the ice cream there for 18 hours despite there being more staff doing my role when I clocked out. They were told to leave it for me to do in the morning. At that point, it just felt like they were messing with me. Quit a few days after. Empty-Tea

What made me lose my mind?


For context. I think people deserve the right to practice the religion they choose and no I am not religious.

I was in a group chat with my family. An elderly family member (on father's side) given a week to live. One relative (on mother's side) said, "she hasn't passed on because God is giving her time to convert from religion "a" to religion "b". Mind you, both people in question (relative and elderly member) are SUPER religious to different religions.

I tell relative that is a horrible thing to say about anyone, especially when they are about to die. I then tell said relative, they're an intolerant POS for saying that.

What made me lose my mind?

I then get called out (on mother's side) for being full of hate, for defending dying relative. Both my parents are in this group message and NEITHER of them defend me.

I always suspected my mother would chose this relative over me and now I'm certain. L5S1GotMe

"must work harder" 

Definitely the time that I had a senior employee call me a piece of s*** and say I wouldn't make it in the Air Force because I don't subscribe to his bull crap "must work harder" attitude about being a groundskeeper for the parks and rec department, forget you Larry I'm doing great in the Air Force, ps there's nothing wrong with doing all your work in one fell swoop so that you can take breaks, I still got my job done well. GeneralDirgud

You're Out! 

When my niece threw me against a wall. This was after months of her lying, sneaking out, stealing, etc. From me after I took her in because of trouble that she caused at home. Threw her out of my home that night. ZippyNinjaCat

"okay, bye"

I used to have a circle of friends, and we were having what was originally a friendly chat. I don't remember how this conversation dissolved into insanity, but it had something to do with clothes. I might have said something about not liking how I looked in white.

My one friend immediately tells me to shut up, and that I'm skinny so I have no room to complain about my appearance.

The other two friends agreed with her, and the argument went a bit further. Keep in mind, these friends knew me since middle school. They were aware that I had an eating disorder that I had only gotten over a year prior.

They knew I had extreme self-esteem challenges, mental health issues, and frequently self-harmed. They were well aware of me hating my appearance, but because they were all plus-size, I wasn't allowed to make a single complaint about my body.

I did try to defend myself twice during this conversation, and it got me nowhere. So I was done. It was pretty much like an "okay, bye" sort of response and I was gone.

For real, it is not okay to tell someone how they're supposed to feel about themselves. You don't own insecurity. Careless_Hellscape

Don't Set me Off! 

If someone is dishonest with me. I never let things get the best of me, but disloyalty, dishonesty, lack of integrity or low morals, all can piss me off pretty quickly; I'm a pretty laid back individual, but once I'm set off, there's essentially no going back. shawnypitman

3 days....


Not experienced it as of yet but I will receive my A-Level (College Tests) results in 3 days, I imagine this is when I will have my first Forget this crap, forget all of you, I'm done! moment. KaiKrissKross


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