People Share The Cruelest Thing They've Ever Done To Someone

Nobody who walks this Earth, has ever walked this Earth or will ever walk this Earth will be completely free of regret and instances of bad behavior. We're all guilty of treating people poorly now and again. That is of course not an excuse, we should all treat one another with dignity and respect. Evaluate your behavior, atone and move forward. And do better. Let's all try together.

Redditor u/Lenrique06 wanted to know if anyone was willing to own up to some regretful behavior by asking.... What's the cruelest thing you've ever done to someone?



My younger brother and I would sort of play fight when we were younger and it would escalate to a real and aggressive fight, keep in mind that I am 4 years older than him,and he would do things like spit in my face, and I would hurt him badly in the spur of the moment. The guilt and regret haunts me to this day. alias1ch1

I still cringe when I think about it.

I told my father that he had allowed my mother to die.

My mother was in a property dispute with her stem mom and step brothers. One day they invited her to their home so they could "talk." That was the last time my dad saw my mom. They killed her and tried to frame my dad. I was 8 months old at the time.

My dad has often told me that he blames himself. He says he kicks himself everyday for not stopping my mother. For not anticipating her relative's evil designs.

During my teens, I was often bullied by my grandmother and paternal aunt. I often complained to my dad but he just told me that I should be respectful to my elders. He was too busy trying to salvage him failing business to pay any attention to what was going on at home.

One day in the middle of a heated argument, I told him he was failing to protect me, just like he failed to save my mother. Scarcely had the words left my mouth that I began to regret them. My dad's face fell. He was truly hurt. I apologized profusely and he forgave me right then. He said he knew I didn't mean it.

I still cringe when I think about it. shygirlturnedsassy

nobody got hurt though....

Maybe not that cruel, but in hindsight I feel like I'm a psychopath.

When I was younger, my parents had control over our LAN-cables connecting to my brother's and my room respectively. The room with the cables was inaccessible for us because it was locked most of the time.

One day, my brother had an argument with my parents and it resulted in getting his cable pulled out. When I saw the room wasn't locked, I decided to restore his internet access fully knowing my parents would accuse him of breaking the rules. It escalated pretty badly (nobody got hurt though).

I knew what was gonna happen, yet I still wanted to see (or rather hear) it just because I could. Encrux615

I do this all the time.

I once gave the bagel shop worker a fake name instead of my real one. AIDANboi321

I do this all the time. My name is difficult for most people to pronounce let alone spell. It's a sort of shortening of my name but no one has called me that until recently.

When I moved into my new apartment a few months ago I told my neighbors that my name was the shortened version. I get a chuckle out of it because my 'new name' is Alie (a lie.) Leafy81



Ate their leftovers. Beansiesdaddy

Oh the Trauma....

I have more than one because of unresolved trauma that turned me into a monster of a teenager.

  1. I had a best friend all through high school and one night at a party senior year I just told her we weren't going to be friends anymore. Nothing was even wrong. I was just tired of always talking to her. I guess I just didn't like her anymore for some reason. She cried and demanded explanation. Followed me around the whole party all night until I just left. I didn't talk to her for two weeks and then decided I wanted to be friends with her again. She became my friend again and acted like nothing happened.

  1. My boyfriend brought a cake to my house once. I don't remember why. My brother asked if he could have some and I refused to let him have any. My mother went out and bought him a cake because I was set that he couldn't have any.

Those are the two that bother me the most. Andandromeda3821

Hey Red....

Went to a picnic with my family and my mom's friend who had a baby that was super into strawberries (around 1 year old). I would pretend to feed him a strawberry but then would give him a cheery tomato instead. dwhyyou

I vowed revenge....

When I was in college, sometimes people would leave their computer logged in on the iMac's. I'm not an apple person at all but one thing I learned is to make the app tray thing super small and off to the side and take a screen shot of the original desktop so it looks like the tray is where the person left it. It happened to me once and I vowed revenge on that unknown prankster. Herdie27

Poor Gabe.


In high school this dude made fun me so as retaliation I narked on him and told security he had drugs in his bag, he didn't do drugs. They searched him and found a screw driver and called it a weapon. He was expelled for it. I'm sorry Gabe. LimaBearz

I'm so sorry pizza guy....

When I was 14, I was out with a group of mates drunk as heck, roaming around South East London, Camberwell. We were talking to complete strangers and stumbled across this man who didn't speak much English. He was holding a pizza box and my friend asks "OMG Can I have some?!" Reluctantly, he opens the box and my friend proceeds to take the ENTIRE pizza. We all ate it by ripping it apart like feral dogs. The guy had such a sad look on his face. It's 9 years later and I still feel so so bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm so sorry pizza guy 💔. agmmamma

Don't Cry.


When I was in my early 20's I teased a male coworker about his new racing stripes on his car. I asked him if the stickers made it go faster. He broke down crying. I felt like crap and apologized right then and there. Became friends for a few years. My statement was the last straw after a bunch of crappy things had happened to him. It changed how I look at people/situations.

Other than that all the things I've done to myself. GraveyardNiko

"the school bus is here!!"

My sister, who is three years my junior, and I grew up in a small bungalow. She had the smallest bedroom and had it absolutely crammed with furniture and belongings. The narrow path that she had to follow in and out of the room was barely a foot wide and snaked in multiple directions.

One time when I was 13 and she was 10, I waited up till she was asleep and quietly moved everything in her room a few inches off the wall, essentially making the path barely a few inches wide.

Come morning I woke up early, got dressed, put on my winter coat, kicked open her door and yelled "the school bus is here!!"

She promptly shot out of bed and started sprinting out of the room. Ended up kicking her desk at full speed and slamming into some shelves, breaking some trophies and other fragile knick-knacks.

She ended up with a broken toe while I was grounded for a month. Amazingly we're friends as adults. stoic_minotaur


Convinced my friend that Errol Flynn's penis was so big that he had to have a trough put into his leg by a plastic surgeon so that he could wear the hosiery to play Robin Hood in the movie without him having a penis obviously strapped to his leg. I told him that this was done to avoid censorship.

It became his favorite "fact" and would share it with anyone.

Feeling totally bored with this, when he turned to me for corroboration when he was trying to win over a girl at a party, I just incredulously replied "No?"

He walked out of the party and didn't speak to me for weeks. forfar4

Using Mario. 

In Mariokart I did two things I'm not proud of.

1.) Whenever I got a lightning, I would wait until the last placer was over a jump, then I would use the lightning so they would fall into the pit and get even further behind.

2.) Sometimes I would drive backwards, and since I got into last place when I did this, the next power I picked up was usually a rocket. Then I would just wait until the first place passed me, and I would use the rocket. They'd get knocked to the side and their momentum was gone, but that was it. This was so rude because it screwed me over too- I'm stuck in last. It doesn't completely screw over the first placer. But the fact that I put myself through so much pain to bring the first placer just the slightest inconvenience- it made them so mad. Every. Single. Time. AnimalBoat

Sorry but with a chuckle....


My sister and I used to have bunk beds. I put sunscreen, like the oily kind for babies, on one of the steps and waited. She eventually came in and went up the steps but of course she slipped. One leg went through the ladder and the rest of her went to the floor resulting in her hanging somewhat upside down. I felt bad right after but it was still pretty funny at the time. queenwieda


One time I put SUPER GLUE on my brothers pillow before bedtime. My brother laid down on the pillow, hair got stuck, screams for mom when he sits up. I got grounded and we had to cut his hair to get the pillow off. HeartShapedDonuts4u

The BFF....

When I was in 5th grade, there was a girl that I was "best friends with." She was super clingy and didn't have really any other friends except me, and I liked hanging out with her too and considered her my best friend....until my other friends started to make fun of her (she was nerdy, wore glasses, wore turtle necks, came from a bad family situation, etc).

Me and my other friends came up with a nickname for her so that we could talk badly about her right in front of her face. I don't remember what the nickname was but it was an inanimate object.. say it was "bracelet" (idk). So she would run up to us in the playground and she would be excited to play with us on the playground and we would be like "oh my god bracelet is so annoying. I hate her so much. Bracelet is such a loser"etc, etc, RIGHT in front of her. She would always laugh and ask us "who is bracelet??" And we would say "oh you don't know her" and we would laugh.

Not only that, but we were also passive aggressively mean to her in other ways as well. I think that she eventually figured out what we were doing, because she would cry when we said things but never said what was wrong... but she never stopped trying to be my friend...I look back on my fifth grade self and just want to slap the shit out of myself for doing that. softserve79

2 Ugly to Live.

Every year for work we have an ugly Christmas sweater contest and then winner gets some BS prize but I chose not to participate. My boss asked my why and I told her "I didn't have the time to get your face printed on a sweater." I was transferred to another location the following week and I really feel bad because I didn't know she was going thru a divorce because her husband thought she wasn't pretty anymore. I think about it everyday. Dyskusten

Decades Later. 

I threw a kid's Cub Scout cap out of the bus window just being an moron. He got off the bus and ran back to get it and was hit by a car when he ran into the street. That was 65 years ago and I've thought about it, hating myself, at least once a week since. 3templeq

Soaked Through.


When my sister was 2, I was 12. One time she was annoying me so I threw a cup of water at her. When she started crying my mom peaked in the room to find her soaking wet, asked what happened, and I blamed it on her. Said she threw the cup on herself. My mom started reprimanding her. Yikes. littlesadgreenbean


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