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It's not like any of us are safely going anywhere, right?

A vaccine doesn't mean it's time for you to start organizing a "Return to Normal Life rave for you and a thousand of your closest friends. It's still important to stay home for who aren't able to get the vaccine yet, keeping a self-quarantine for the betterment of your community. Just because you're safe doesn't mean everyone else is. Besides, there's plenty of stuff to do for cheap to help pass the time.

Reddit user, u/WGVegeta, wanted to hear what you're doing to make quarantine easier when they asked:

What hobby do you enjoy that's cheap/free?

Making Things

One of the easiest hobbies to pick up is some form of crafting, creating something out of nothing. Fortunately for you, it's one of the widest ranging hobbies with numerous

Just Keep Adding And Bending Things

I make things out of willow. Any bendy stick will do. Takes weeks but I just keep adding more sticks until it fills the space where I "see" the object. I started by deciding to make a nest one day out of some logs and limbs. It turned into a huge weaver's nest. Since then I've done moose, sea serpents, herons, owls, just all kinds of things. Here's a horse someone asked me to make for them. I grow my own willow now but it was definitely a free hobby.


Enjoy All Your Sweets (Sort Of) Guilt Free

Baking. Most baking ingredients are cheap and you can end up saving money on not buying baked goods.


Came here to say this. I bake all the bread for my household, which impresses some people terribly, and I'm always a little embarrassed because dude it's truly so little work. Just needs a little attention, and it's true it can be very tricky to schedule if you're not home all day like I am, but well, I am. Easy peasy, much better bread for a fraction of the price.


Yarn And Needle

Cross stitch! Basically pixel art on fabric. You can get a ton of patterns online for free or just a few bucks, and the thread/fabric for a first project usually runs $5-10 and will keep you busy several hours. (You can buy a beginner kit at any hobby store.)

It's what I do to unwind every night and I've had some beautiful results if I may say so. :)


Going Out In The World Alone

Keep in mind: socially distance if you decide to head out into the world for an activity. There's still plenty to do that doesn't involve people, but, felt like a nice place to put a reminder. Wear a mask and enjoy!

Exercise And Some Fresh, Safe, Air

Hiking. Find parks or trails in your area and check them out. There are a lot of cool places to explore.


To add to this, geocaching! People hide boxes and put the coordinates on the internet, so you go looking for them scavenger hunt style. Gets me outdoors on new hiking trails all the time I never would have considered.


A Little Disc Fun

Disk golf. $10 state park pass for the year and then just buy disks (can get a set for like $30). After that cost, it is just gas to get to the park. There are paid courses but I enjoy the ones at the state parks. Plus that $10 a year I pay helps upkeep on the parks.


Taking In The Local View



I love walking! I live in an older neighborhood, so I see a variety of architectural styles of houses, and you can see the different lot and property sizes. Seeing people's landscaping choices, and really enjoying the changing of the seasons and how the length of day changes etc.


The Best Kind Of Cheap: Free

As the man said, the only thing better than cheap is free.

An Old Classic

Reading books


Yep. Most libraries let you rent e-books and audiobooks.


Don't Need A Fancy Gym To Get In Shape

Working out. Even when stuck indoors self isolating or whatever, there is a lot of stuff you can do without any equipment. Body weight stuff like press ups, squats, sit ups etc.


See also: running. You CAN spend an obscene amount of money on shoes and clothes but you can also get shoes on clearance and wear a pair of old sweats to run in.


Pen. Paper. What Else Do You Need?

I actually have honest talks with myself through writing. You'd be amazed how much reading your own thoughts can help you.


I've kept a diary for the last 10 years. I find it really helpful to try figuring out why I think a certain way about something, basically self analysis.

I'm no psychoanalyst, but for me it sure beats having to pay the fees they charge...


...Maybe Some Dice.

Playing tabletop role-playing games with friends.

It can be an expensive hobby if you want it to be, but it can be totally free too. All you need are a couple of friends, a rule set, and a pencil and paper. Dice are nice too but technically you can get away with an app or just Google.


We're not fully out of this yet, folks. Mask up if you have to go out, stay home when you can, and we'll get through this all together. In the meantime, if able, try to pick up something new to do. You might find you have a gift of baking or woodworking you never knew about.

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