Humans have made some really questionable choices over the ages. Some of what we've created is utterly destructive. Other things are pointlessly harmful.

Tewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww asked: What's the worst things Mankind has ever created?

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Biological warfare.


I remember when I was doing my military service, we were trained for potential NBC attacks.

My sergeant asked me: "Ok, you're sprayed by a plane with VX, what you gonna do?"

And I was like "I don't think I would still like to live in a world where people would do that"

Not what he was expecting, but truly, dying that way or thinking some guy had the idea to produce such weapon doesn't help much.



Chrysler PT Cruiser.


Whats wrong with those, mine works just fine?!


A working PT Cruiser? You should donate it to a museum.


Phone menus.

Press 1 for ..... Phone trees suck.


"Please listen closely, as our menu has recently changed" every goddamn time.


I'll take a phone tree any day over the voice recognition option...

Welcome to the derp hotline, please tell us out loud how we can help you today. We implemented this phone menu in place of the 5 option touch tone one so you can spend the next 10 minutes yelling at your phone like an ahole trying to figure out the exact phrasing of the options the engineer put in that lead to the same 5 options anyway.


Forced complicity.

The premise that there are some ideas that you're not allowed to question.


Are you suggesting that Emperor Sh'gluth'm'barque DIDN'T create the universe with his diving blessing? LOCK HIM AWAY.


Faith. Censorship. Tribalism. Truly some evil stuff. You get my vote.

Edit: Faith, censorship, and tribalism are ideas/attitudes which discourage asking questions.


Weird dog breeds. Sorry, pug lovers.

Some dog breeds have serious medical conditions due to the breeding standart that is pushed further and further. Sure not the worst but still, it breaks my heart every time when I hear a pug breathing.


Yeah pugs literally hate breathing.


Plastics - they're killing everything.

Plastic. It's easy to produce, cheap and light. It has saved lives, helped us communicate across the world better, given us access to products the middle class and the poor couldn't otherwise afford. But it doesn't degrade over time and now it's killing our oceans.


I've spent like four days chasing this bird around my neighborhood because she has plastic fish netting stuck in her beak. I can't catch her to untangle it though. Makes me wonder how much trash the fish are swimming through.


The local beach/state park's shore is never not trashed. So I would say a lot.


Streaming content.

The worst things for my productivity: Reddit, Netflix, Pluto TV

Seriously, I can't get sh*t done on a daily basis because of this non-stop loop of content consumption.


Add PornHub to the list.


Like you spend more than 17 seconds on there.


15 minutes to find the right film, 20 seconds to utilize it.


Scam calls.

Scam callers.

I hope the guys running those centres gets all the cancers.


We can deal with our cancer after we get your computer fixed, sir. Hi, I'm Bob from the town of Michigan, Detroit. Google called us and said your MacBook Pro is having common XBox problem. Can you give me remote access to your PC and also provide me with your credit card and social security numbers?


Legit for a couple months I had one calling every day. They tried the IRS scam, they tried the social security scam, and they tried the your relative is in jail and needs you to bond then out scam. They've finally stopped trying with my number.


Waste their time. My calls have dwindled to almost nothing. You don't have to make jokes or have fun at their expense, just waste their time.


Cancer sticks.



As a smoker... Yeah. I love them, and am about to have one now, but if they never existed, that would be great on so many levels.


For what it's worth I smoked for a very long time, after getting chronic bronchitis and waking up in the middle of the night choking, I was finally able to quit.


The decline of intellectualism. We're screwed.

Its no single thing, its the way a couple of things have merged into one:

  • Social Media
  • Distrust of experts
  • The belief that every opinion must be somehow treated as equal.

Its lead us to a point where people will happily disregard thousands of scientists or economists when they say something, in favour of some celebrity who says that "This thing, which is not approved by the FDA and is actively warned against by doctors is the best slimming tool I've ever seen" or "hey, lets fundamentally change our relationship with all our international partners in a way that all the political and economic experts say won't work", or just things like "random climate change denier with absolutely no qualifications" must get as much screen time as the climatologist in order to maintain balance. The last couple of weeks I saw an article that in all seriousness said to ignore the meteorologists forecasting a cold December, because this guy says that the robins aren't behaving right for a cold month ahead.


I think the fact there are medical experts who are also celebrities and trying to seek fame makes it worse.


Yep. That's a horrible crossover. Particularly the anti-vax ones, who spend all their time going on about how big pharma is out for nothing but your money and are giving you heavy metal poisoning, all while selling bottles of colloidal silver (literally a bottle of heavy metal) for 20 a pop.


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