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Aging is a sneaky process. Most of us don't realize how old we've gotten until we find we are no longer able to do things the way we used to with ease when we were younger.

We try and hold on to our youth by the skin of our teeth, but even then, our willingness decreases as the years go by.

Sure, it's depressing, but you know what? Aging happens to all of us, and no one is getting out of here alive.

Aiming to feel less lonely in our aging bodies, Redditor Couch_Licker inquired of strangers on the internet:
"What gets worse with age?"

Physical consequences of aging is one of the cruelest things in life.

Watch Your Hyde

"Your skin. Take care of it. Skin cancer sucks."


What The Body Does With Food

"Digestive system."


"Every meal is followed by a poop."


Fighting Gravity

"Bending over to pick a quarter off the ground. Hurts your back, gut and your fingers don't work. That's why there is change all over my floor. ;)"


After A Wild Night

"Hangovers for sure."


"At 18 I could go heavily drink and feel damn near 100% the next day. Now I get horrid mental and physical effects. Probably should quit drinking all together."


When our senses gradually start to fail us, it's yet another reminder of our brief mortality.

Look, See



"Make sure you get your eye dilated every year and check for cataracts."


See, Hear

"My hearing is on the decline. I don't think it'll go completely, but I did get hearing aids last year."


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The degeneration of certain abilities as we get older is too much to bear.

Staying Above Water

"My ability to cope. I'm just burnt out all the time."


"I feel the same. Aside from my family and friends, I have no care for anyone or anything anymore. Nothing phases me but that's not a good thing IMO. I feel very apathetic towards everything, I'm tired all the time and just want to lay down."


Counting Sheep

"The ability to sleep through the night."


"Used to be a world champion sleeper and now 5-6 straight hours is huge. Pretty much wide awake every night at 3am."


Putting Up With People

"Humanity.... The older I get the less I want to deal with people."


Maintaining Friendships

"Friendship - making new friends after your 20s becomes a big struggle, and the newer friendships just aren't the same. You can literally run out of 'lifelong friends' due to death, disease, people growing apart, etc."


I found as I'm getting older my patience and tolerance for certain things have gotten worse.

Waiting in line at the grocery store while someone fumbles with their payment option, or getting antsy when the food I ordered at the restaurant is taking way too long are things that never bothered me ten years ago.

I"m not curmudgeonly by any means, at least not yet. Besides, I'm not that old.

But to all the cranky elders I grew up with who complained about poor service or lack of efficiency, I get it now, and I hear you.

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