Anyone who's taken a biology class knows you can't fight genetics. What we're made of is decided long before we're even a twinkle in our biological father's eye. Sometimes that kind of inheritance can be a benefit, like good bones, healthy skin, or a resistance to all foodborne illnesses. On the other side of that genetic all these stories.

Reddit user, Lord_Majestic_Hair, wanted people to open up about their biological flaws when they asked:

How did you lose the genetic lottery?

Line Them Up And Pass Them Down


"My mum has bad teeth, my dad can't see."

"I have braces and have glasses."



"My ears stick out."

"I look like a mug with two handles."


"I think that can be adorable. Embrace it"


They Call Me "Uncle Sweater"

"I'm so hairy. I gave up on shaving so long ago."

"I'm just a werewolf now. I think I also have a bit of a mustache growing but that might just be me being hypercritical of myself."


Cultural Blending

"Weak teeth from my mums side and wonky teeth from my dad 😔 but luckily I'm British so I blend right in!"


Pity Them...

"Allergic to kitty cats. The cuteness I have had to deny myself, no one should have to suffer this way"


You Take The Bad With The Good

"I get everything from my dad's side:"

""Deviated septum (I can only breathe out of one nostril)"

"Osgood-Schlatter disease makes my knees hurt constantly"

"Bad joints (I'm 18 I feel 81)"

"Hairy legs (not too great on a girl)"

"I got his ocean blue eyes tho"


Adulthood Won't Save You

"My face is always filled with Acne."


"Same, I've wrestled with problem skin all my life. I thought getting older might mean things would get better and they did for awhile. But, now I'm back to wrestling with my skin all the time. It's exhausting."


Kind Of Missing The Obvious Inspiration...




"Maybe you can look to George Costanza for inspiration."


"I perfer [sic] Patrick Stewart"


No Fighting The Tide

"Got A tuberculosis gene, taking meds for my heart, chronic migraines and bipolar manic depressive. Also my bones are 50% brighter than usual due to a benign bone tumour which eventually will get malignant."


Ah, So It's THAT Kind Of Family

"Two reasons:"

  1. "I have the smallest penis in my family."
  2. "I was born to such a family where I actually know this."

"Thank you for answering my question to your 1 with your 2."


I Got Nothing

"I have no a**."


"Squats every day for an hour until you get a real booty. Eat a healthy diet with a lotta meat maybe a bit of fat. I dunno, I'm no doctor but it's working for me."


"Breaking all your pants with a ginormous a** is way way worse. :( I can't just wear a belt and solve my problem. I'm out here acting like Spongebob in season 1 episode 2B."


Strengthen the Back

"Rounded shoulders and forward neck. My dad and brother have pretty much given into it as well as their pronounced guts. I have taken it upon myself to focus heavily on workouts that work on these areas; rear delt flys and face pulls. Anything that strengthens that area to pull it back. It has helped quite a bit but I still have work to do. The belly is just going to take discipline, which I have. They both don’t exercise nor lift weights."



dark darkness GIFGiphy

"Anxiety and dark circles so bad people think I have black eyes."


"My entire family has dark circles under their eyes. Not sure what is up with that."


"Me too. They think I haven't slept when I did sleep."


So Small

"Mom shortness."


"Mom's tall. Dad's taallll. Brother's taaaallllllllll. I'm short. By woman standards. I'm a man."


"I'm literally almost 10cm (ca.3 inches) shorter than my mother. My mother is already 5-6 cm (2-3 inches) shorter than everyone else in the family."



Bored Loop GIFGiphy

"Girly perfectly shaped nails and cellulite. And somehow it's the weirdest thing ever when you're in high school... oh yeah, I'm 6'3 bearded guy."


"Cellulite is normal, it's the shape of fat cells."


Epic Hair

"My dad is bald and has an epic beard, men on my mom's side had full heads of hair into their 80s but little facial hair. I am bald and can't grow a beard."


"Don’t worry about that, beards are gross."


"Talk about winning the lottery."



"Excessive leg hair (I am an Asian Chinese woman). My other Chinese friends used to make fun of my legs when I was younger. I have to shave at least 2 to 3 times a month. Then there is my brother, a typical hairless Asian dude looking at the mirror daily for his non existent facial hair. So it is like a genetic mismatch."


Size Doesn't Matter

"Every female on both sides of my family have ginormous boobs. I wear a size a1/2. This blows."


"Hey, no back problems at least!"


"Eh. Big boobs aren't all they're cracked up to be. Really. I will trade."


By the Foot

"I’m short like my grandfather, but have my tall grandmother’s gigantic feet. I’m basically a hobbit."


"Oh my God, same but I’m a girl (I assume the rest of reddit are males). 5’3 and size US women’s 11 feet!!"


"Interesting, mine are super long and narrow and I often find that shoes which are long enough are too wide!"


but it's hereditary...

"Got a hereditary cholesterol condition. Had to start medicating at age 11. Whenever people ask me what I am taking (because I take my meds after dinner and people see it) I have to admit that it's for my cholesterol, immediately followed by 'but it's hereditary, it's not because I'm fat.' Even though I am."


Well, some of these folks really drew the short straw!

Do you have a genetic lottery "loss" to share? Let us know.

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