Food tastes different to different people.

What might be heaven for some people can taste like hell for others. This is fine, as a wide and varied food selection is out there, waiting to be sampled.

Still, there are some foods people will never touch with a twenty-foot pole

Reddit user, u/RasheenHyuga, wanted to hear what you'll never eat when they asked:

What's a food you're not allergic to but find disgusting?

Sometimes it's not what a food is, but what it represents.

Doug Funnie Says, "What's Up."



"As a child my sister would have my parents make liver and onions once a week for dinner... not because she liked it but because she knew I hated it and I would get stuck at the table until bed for not finishing my dinner."


Sea Bits

"F-cking clams. Who in their right mind likes to eat clams."


"My guess is a lot of shellfish started out as "we're hungry and this is easy to get" food. I do like clam chowder if it's done right (because butter and cream..come on) but bivalves are generally a "no" for me because of texture and the way they look."


Pretending To Be Something They're Not

"Water chestnuts. They're like the apples of liars."


"One time I was at a party where I thought they were serving scallops and bacon. Turns out it was water chestnuts and bacon."

"…I've never been more disappointed in my life."


Sometimes you have an experience with a food that never leaves you, that lingers in the back of your mind like a bad smell you can't get out of a couch. Because of this, you'll never be able to enjoy it again.

You Know What That Black Streak Along The Back Is?

"I got food poisoning from shrimp. For a long time if smelled shellfish I would violently dry heave and/or puke. Now I can stomach the smell, and even can eat one of its deep-fried."


Not Entering Any Contests Any Time Soon

"I used to love hot dogs as a kid. I got pretty bad food poisoning from a school hot dog when I was 13 and threw it up all night. It was pretty rough and damn near traumatic bc it seemed non stop and it was hard to breathe (it also doesn't help that it coincidentally happened the same day my parents continued their fighting all night and officially split up, and me, my mom and my sisters went to my grandmas house later that night lol). That was in 2006 and to this day I'd still rather starve that touch a hot dog. I HAVE CHOSEN starving for the night over eating one before. Just smelling a hot dog makes me feel sick, just imagining trying to eat one makes me gag."


Soapy Leaves

"Coriander. I'm one of the 10% of people who taste soap when they eat it."


"Maybe I'm dumb, but I just learned coriander is the same as cilantro."


"Cilantro is the leaf, and coriander is the seeds. Things I learned today"


And then there's these food experiences which you'll have to read to believe.

Zombie Drink

"Do liquids count? Bc kombucha and sparkling water are absolutely horrendous."


"Kombucha is somewhere between "this is an acquired taste" and "these people are zombies and this is the only way they can taste anything"

"Theres a few flavours I like but miss me with any of those tumeric flavoured ones"


Slimy Veggies

"Normal stuff: cottage cheese, celery"

"Oddly specific: sauteed zucchini and/or yellow squash that has cooled off. It tastes fine but it's slimy and will make me gag."


"I always hated squash as a kid. Turns out, my mom over cooks the living f-ck out of all vegetables. Like until they're mush. As an adult I found out I like squash, Brussel sprouts and green beans provided they're prepared in a way other than being steamed/boiled to he'll."


That's The Worst Description Ever


"It's basically warm fish jello."


"Ahhh, a fellow Norwegian? That is soooo weird, even the bacon don't save it."


Everyone has different taste palettes, but after reading these descriptions it kind of makes you think twice about trying fish jello ever again.

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