People Describe The Biggest Instances Of Hypocrisy They've Ever Witnessed
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There are some people who try to prove a point or proclaim their values but do not see the irony of not following the words they speak. Hypocrisy, in a lot of cases, is lost on the hypocrite themselves.

It's funny to see, and also a little disappointing. When they try to have that hypocrisy pointed out to them, they don't receive it very well either.

Redditor ChadbourneShamille8 wanted to know what were the best (or worst?) examples of hypocrisy Redditors had ever seen.

Redditor ChadbourneShamille8 asked:

"What is an instance of hypocrisy you witnessed?"

Try not to facepalm these examples.

Reddit irony.

"Getting kicked off a subreddit for typing the word Cxnt, only to be called a C*nt by the moderator."

- Are-Sole

"Rules for thee but not for me."

- Just-Call-Me-J

"Anyone banned from r/unpopularopinion can give you dozens of examples."

- Arkady2009

"You mean that sub where people post extremely mainstream opinions pretending they're unpopular?"

- lookingForPatchie

"'I'm not racist but I just stated my racist opinion.'"

- Dagda_the_Druid

"'Your post was removed because: Not an unpopular opinion. Meanwhile, enjoy the half dozen posts about Ellen and Billie Eilish posted within the last five minutes.'"

- Arkady2009

"To quote a tagline I've seen on reddit 'Anything before the 'but' is bullsh*t.'"

"9 times out of 10 that's true. The other time it's not still implies that what comes after the "but" is more important than what comes before it."

"Whether the 'after-the-but' actually is more important that what's before it can be a different story. Similarly, whether the 'before-the-but' actually is irrelevant and/or false."

"The previous 'paragraph' still doesn't change the fact that my first two 'paragraphs' are very very likely true."

- filrabat

Zero tolerance policies.

"My favorite example is zero tolerance in schools."

"It applies stringently to students, and not at all to faculty."

- All_Your_Base

"Why do zero tolerance polices never seem to apply to bullies? I got pushed, hit and relentlessly mocked. Second I told them to f*ck off next thing the school wants to talk with my parents about what a danger I am. Thankfully, despite all the other issues with my mom, she at least would ask the principal why they were all concerned now when they were so dismissive after the last several incidents she brought up where I did nothing but take it."

- ansteve1

"Ugh. My youngest was being bullied in JK. We escalated to a meeting with the principal."

"'Don't you have a zero tolerance policy on violence?'"

"'We certainly do!'"

"'Well, your inaction that has brought us to this point sure seems like tolerance to me…'"

- PokePounder

"Zero tolerance policies are for zero-thinking people. They are never a good idea and nearly always fail spectacularly."

- roboninja

The "holy rollers."

"There is a chapter of 'holy rollers,' Christian bikers at the end of my street. Across from their clubhouse is a convenience store that I go to daily. A homeless woman named Betty comes to this store in the afternoon to get out of the sun and hopefully get a few handouts. Typically, if Betty is there when I show up I'll grab her a big bottle of cold water and a few snacks."

"One day I stopped by the store to grab a coffee before work. Betty was there and was asking three of the holy rollers if they could spare some change or possibly a cigarette from one of the bikers. They started teasing her about her clothes and told her to get off her butt and get a job and walked across the street to their clubhouse. As usual I went in, got her a triangle sandwich and cold water and gave her a couple of my smokes."

"Pretty hypocritical of those that supposedly follow the word of Jesus to turn their back on a sister in need. I'm not religious and I do a better job of helping the less fortunate than many religious people do."

- PleasurenPain702

"I don't know if it's real or not, but I remember hearing this story about how this priest disguised himself as a homeless beggar to see how his local congregation would act to those in need."

"Apparently, he found that a lot of members would mistreat him pretty badly not knowing it was their priest."

- Far-Sheepherder-8256

"Bumper stickers on my fridge because I don't want my car vandalized by the 'turn the other cheekers' who are filled with love."

"'I love Jesus its his followers that I have a problem with.'"

'"The only problem with Baptists is they don't hold them under long enough.'"

- BlueFalconPunch

Other's personal experiences is not welcome here.

"Saw this small argument between two people that happened some years ago online in a comment section. The topic was 'Is Christianity slavery?'"

"One of them argued that it was and brought up their own personal experience as one of the reasons for it. Saying that they were forced to go to church and that you have to have blind faith to follow the religion."

"In response, the other person, who argued that Christianity wasn't slavery, brought their experience. Saying that they had found more freedom in themselves by following the religion and that faith is not blind belief, but rather an act of volition which would generally be based on evidence."

"In response to that, the one arguing that Christianity was slavery said something along the lines of, 'You bringing in your personal experience doesn't make your argument valid.'"

"When I read that I just facepalmed."

- Far-Sheepherder-8256

"I guess in this case, it sounds more like 'having parents is slavery' rather than 'religion is slavery.'"

- Dagda_the_Druid

"This happens a lot in the religion mega thread on the unpopular opinion subreddit."

- Simply_Sky

"It happens a lot elsewhere too."

- Just-Call-Me-J

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​"My dad once told me that he's glad my sister gets welfare, but he doesn't think anyone else should."

- MentalHygienx

"It would be exactly the same for free Medicare, free education, an abortion, etc. etc...."

- NotPoliticallyCorect

Family values.

"Not really a single instance, but a guy I've known for a long time is very vocal about 'family values,' 'the sanctity of marriage,' and complains about people having multiple children by various 'baby mamma's.'"

"He's on his third marriage. He's fathered six children... two with each of his three wives, has two step-kids, and his latest wife is just about the same age as his oldest daughter."

"He's all but disowned her, her brother, and his oldest step-son. But he's all about 'family values.'"

- gogojack

"He gets more family value by buying in bulk."

- throwaway_lmkg

Premarital sex.

"My mother saying premarital sex is sin and I'm going to Hell whilst having 5 'bastard' children and then her saying her and her baby daddy were married in the eyes of the lord, even though one of those kids isn't even his."

- ally2771

"My mother telling me premarital sex is bad, meanwhile my brother was born 6mo after the wedding and weighed almost 4kg."

"Mind you she did end up married to my dad, so I guess she was trying to warn me not to make the same mistakes?"

- Jaggedrain

Hypocrisy in the workplace.​

"Practically every day at the last company I worked for... I could write a list 100 pages long about all of the unethical crap I witnessed. Here are a few memorable ones:"

  • "The same manager who was booking himself vacations and 1st class flights using the company credit card once threw a fit at me because I tried to expense 3 dozen donuts that I bought for a 6-hr training class I was administering for my entire team. My expense report was denied and the costs were deducted from my next paycheck."
  • "My team/department and I were forced to work 60+hr weeks for weeks and months on end (some of us were working 80-100+hrs/wk). Any time I would have to go over to the other branch, only one person would actually show up on time, most would waddle in around 9am, leave for lunch at noon, come back at 1:30pm and leave for the day. I brought this up to management and was told 'mind your own f*cking business.' Worth noting, that branch was 'friends' with management."
  • "One employee was allowed to sleep at his desk for 2 years. When I say sleep, I mean he would show up at 8:30, sleep until almost noon, take a long lunch, sleep until 3 and then leave for the day. Another employee was overworked, fell asleep once and was fired on the spot."
  • "Come bonus time, the general manager re-dispersed bonus funds so their friends would get 2-3x what the rest of us got."

"Managers who play favorites in that manner ought to be thrown out and denied unemployment."

- 1234_Temp_qwer


"Job requires work from home for 16 months due to COVID. Job determines COVID rates aren't so bad anymore in July and requires everyone return to office. Remote work is no longer allowed AT ALL in future (despite being allowed on occasion before COVID)."

"Then Delta starts to ramp up and everyone must still come to office, but not allowed to hold/attend meetings in person and mask must be work in office. So a whole office full of people on Zoom calls in masks. Until..."

"Everyone gets sent home again for Delta but MUST report to work at least once a week. Safety first!!! But only 80% of the time."

- w33dcup

"Relative won't get a COVID shot, because of fears that persist about what's in the shot, but has extensively traveled through SE Asia doing shrooms, heroin, cocaine and pharmaceuticals and will take any drug offered to her."

"Afraid of COVID shot but spiked her skin with an unknown needle in Thailand. Oki doki."


"I'm in an area that has had its first COVID case in July 2021."

"In 2020, it was all strict, masks everywhere, disinfections, no parties, restaurants closed, etc."

"Now, a giant party every other weekend."

- Dagda_the_Druid

"When mommy won't let me cross the road if I don't hold her hand, but she never holds grandma's hand when she crosses the road."

- EccentricHorse11

"This is kind of a wholesome one. I love it."

- SpongeRobTheKing

Too much screen time.

"My parents when I was a kid/teen: Don't be in front of your computer so much. That much screen time can't be good for you!"

"My parents: Sits in front of the TV all day every day while playing candy crush on their individual iPads."

- TheQueenOfSomething

With the brightness and volume level set to max lol."

- kuku-kukuku

"But it's okay, they've got that tiny lamp on in the corner as their only other source of light after the sun goes down."

- neohylanmay

"My dad telling me that video games would poison my mind, and then proceeding to binge-watch the news for hours at a time."

"Even as a kid, I knew it didn't add up."

- MrStringyBark

All we can say is:

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