People Describe The Biggest Instances Of Hypocrisy They've Ever Witnessed
Adrian Swancar/Unsplash

There are some people who try to prove a point or proclaim their values but do not see the irony of not following the words they speak. Hypocrisy, in a lot of cases, is lost on the hypocrite themselves.

It's funny to see, and also a little disappointing. When they try to have that hypocrisy pointed out to them, they don't receive it very well either.

Redditor ChadbourneShamille8 wanted to know what were the best (or worst?) examples of hypocrisy Redditors had ever seen.

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People Break Down The Most Hypocritical Thing They've Ever Witnessed
wendy CORNIQUET from Pixabay

Ever hear the word projection?

That's the word that comes to mind when I hear some politicians speak. I'll spare you some names, but at least one of them will be out of office in less than 48 hours, so that's nice.

The world is full of great people.

It also has no short supply of hypocrites, who twist and turn the narrative however it suits them.

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