People Describe An Experience They Had That Defies All Logic

The world is too big to accuratley explain.

Sure, there's science and math and all kinds of other tried and tested methods to explain every aspect of this universe we reside in, but what about the things that defy those logistical practices? Haven't we all had a moment when somehting happened, then in the immediate aftermath of thinking about it we think, "What just happened?"

There are no words, no solutions, and no answers. You can't explain it.

Reddit user, Loudersmoke420, wanted to know your most inexplicable encounter when they asked:

"Whats an experience you've had that you can't explain with logic?"

It'd be so easy to chalk these kind of experiences up to, "You weren't paying attention." And perhaps. That's fine.

But what if...?

Gone But Never Found

"Well just last night I was called out on an emergency service call to a university hospital boiler room. I had a pretty nice insulated Klein screwdriver that is easy to see. I was at ground level when I dropped it straight onto the concrete floor. It is nowhere to be found. I searched and searched and found no trace of it. There were no floor drains it could have fallen into, and no places that it could have rolled under. It's just gone." ~ supertech323

Cats Are Magic. Only Explanation.

"I keep my cat's bowls up on one of the bar areas during the summer since I tend to get ants. One morning I went to fill their bowl and found that it was missing from the counter. I briefly searched for it, thinking my cat knocked to the floor out of protest for it being empty, but after searching the immediate area, I couldn't find it so I fed them in another bowl."

"After work I started a more intensive search and basically looked through my entire (small) condo but it was completely missing. I was a little bit worried because I live alone, so things moving on their own or without my knowledge is definitely concerning in a number of ways."

"About 2 weeks later I was sitting on the couch when I heard a crashing sound behind me. I got up to check and found the food bowl sitting on the counter. With food still in it."

"I seriously have zero explanation. There is no where for it to have been hidden or tucked into because it's literally a flat counter. There is nothing above it for it to have fallen from. There is no way food would still have been in it, had it been sitting there for 2 weeks because my cats are fata--es. The counter is literally in full view at every point in the condo (except for the bedrooms)"

"I have tried to rationalize it and I just can't." ~ dawrina

Ghosts. Aliens.

Why not? After all, how do you explain something like this?

Could Be Lots Of Things. Or It Could Be Aliens. Who Can Say?

"When I was about 13 years old ( I live in the middle of nowhere in front of a lake btw) me and a friend at the time were camping directly in front of my house in a tent. At one point we wanted to go in and grab our year books but as we did we looked at the sky (no light polution ) we saw something moving funny and as i pointed at it, it did a zig zag in the sky and vanished."

"Freaked us out and we ran in, my mom told us to go back out and we did. Later that night the tent lit up green we froze and kinda freaked, But that was it. Then we woke up the next day, weird was a long time ago but it still sticks with me to this day." ~ aciddlollipops

There's A Perfectly Rational Expla-Ghosts. It's Ghosts.

"A few months back I fell asleep on the couch. In the middle of the night the house alarm goes off. One of the doors leading outside has opened. I get up, turn off the alarm, and check the house. The door leading from the laundry room into the garage is wide open. I think to myself, "Wtf?? That's weird." Because I was pretty sure I locked it and even then, how did it just randomly open?? So I close it, lock it, then check the house making sure it wasn't a break in or something like that. No one is there."

"I reset the alarm. I had just fallen asleep when the alarm goes off AGAIN. This time I'm scared. I jump up, turn off the alarm, run to the laundry room again. Once again, the door is wide open. I'm literally getting chills remembering this. I thoroughly search the entire house, even checking the closets, I'm convinced someone is in the house. No one is f-cking there. I can't explain it. One minute the door is locked, the next it's wide open." ~ TheMeanGreenGoblin

"You missed them on the first look and when the alarm went off the second time it was from them leaving." ~ GhostMonkeyExtinct

Sometimes you'll never know. You'll never be able to figure it out.

And that's okay.

Knowing It's Coming

"A little over a month before he died, I was living with my parents and getting ready to move out of state for the first time. I told my mom I was scared dad would die while I was gone. I was so upset and crying about it. Completely unconsolable. She told me it was silly. He was healthy, the healthiest he had been in decades. He had been really stressed about money but he always seemed so happy still. That was late August. He died October 23rd. Widowmaker heart attack. No signs or symptoms. Looked the ER doctor in the eye and died. Just like that."

"He was an amazing, amazing man. My best friend. His funeral was full with people standing in the back of a big, crowded room." ~ cripplingstudentdebt

Get Out Of That House, Right Now

"When I was a teenager, I was home from school and a young girl started screaming my name in the middle of the house, over and over. There was no young girl there, nor did I know one. The house was completely empty." ~ landofmold

"What the f-ck bro" ~ Rudy_Skies

"Yah it was traumatizing. Maybe my brain was misfiring or something. Or maybe it was a premonition." ~ landofmold

Seeing It Happen In Such Vivid Detail

"Deja vu - I have had repeated visions that come to me randomly (usually when I'm zoning out) with no context, but are vivid enough to see specific details. They aren't always static images either - it's as if I'm watching a brief clip of a movie."

"Years/months later I'm living life and the "movie clip" is playing out before me. It's terrifying and it's happening frequently lately."

"** I know there is research that says this is all coincidental, but the evidence they provide vs. my own experience tells me there's something else going on." ~ thatdontimprezame

Spoilers: The Dog Is Okay, But Yeesh. Terrifying.

"My parents live on 5 acres in Michigan, with the nearest neighbor about 3/4's of a mile away. Otherwise it's all cornfields, creeks, and forest around them."

"In 2015 I was staying with them for a period of time, along with my dog. One night in early fall, after midnight and long after my parents were in bed, I was curled up on my bed reading. My dog was right next to me, head in my lap sleeping, when I heard an incredibly loud, blood curdling scream. This scream was unlike one I've ever heard - it sounded female and absolutely terrified - tortured, even. Like something horrific was happening to the person it was coming from. And it sounded like it came right from living room, or at least from somewhere inside the house."

"If I had been the only one to hear it, I probably would have chalked it up to an electrical misfiring between my brain and ears, or something else. But my dog absolutely heard it too. She went from snoring, to being on full alert, hackles raised, noise pointed at the bedroom door. Opening the door she simply refused to leave the room and go check the house with me."

"I think that scared me the most. Her aversion was visible - in 12 years together I've never seen her hackles raised like that before or since - from neck to tail, like a rigid mohawk. She wasn't going to pass the threshold from my room to the hallway if she had anything to say about it."

"I did check the living room, and all the other rooms. There was nothing. No animals in the yard. My parents didn't hear a thing. But me and my best girl absolutely did, and I've never been able to explain it." ~ lustypatagonian

Life is strange. Be open to any and all explanations and you'll never miss a thing.

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