People Break Down The Nicest Celebrities They've Ever Met

You're taller in person.

People Break Down The Nicest Celebrities They've Ever Met
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Meeting your idols and favorite artists is a slippery slope. We always seem to forget that they are just normal people, who just happen to live fabulous and glorious lives; through the lens of the media machine of course. We don't know them personally, we just think we do. So it can be the greatest moment ever, or a soul crushing disaster when we finally come face to face with them.

Redditor u/TheBreadMan42069 wanted to hear about the famous faces they've encountered by asking... What celebrity have you met that was surprisingly nice/rude?

"no it's okay my darling"

gordon ramsay masterchef GIFGiphy

A lot of redditors mention Gordon Ramsay being lovely.

My godsister can confirm. She worked at a hotel restaurant in Cornwall where Ramsay vacations at regularly. She was so nervous she spilt something but he just gave her a really fatherly warm smile and went "no it's okay my darling" and continued on with his conversation.

When I was a kid, my family took a trip to London and we were shopping in Harrod's. Being the kid I was, I was running around while my parents shopped. I ran up to this man, looked up and said "you look REAAAAAAAALLY familiar. Have we met?" And he flashes a smile and says "no, but I get that a lot" and then he walks off. My dad came right over and went "... you do realize that was mr bean you just spoke to right?"


Good Ole Louie....

Lewis Black is freaking awesome. I was in Vegas with some buddies Veterans Day weekend and we spotted him playing craps. I stood near him and watched because a) it's Lewis friggin Black and b) I've never played craps so I had no idea what was going on. He noticed me, asked if I knew how to play. I said I didn't and he immediately spent $200 teaching me how to play craps and wouldn't let me put any of my own money down since I was learning.

We chatted, he asked what we were doing in Vegas and we mentioned celebrating the Marine Corps birthday and Veterans Day. He thanked us profusely for our service and asked if we wanted tickets to his show the following night. I'm a bigger fan than my friends were so I said yes I'd love to come see his show. He said he would leave tickets for me at will call. My sister met up with me the next day and we were super pumped about the show, but joked that it was too good to be true and there wouldn't actually be tickets waiting for us.

Sure enough, Lewis Black is a man of his word and left me four free tickets at will call, and not only that but they were good tickets, like third row center. He put on a great show and I will forever enthusiastically support him. He made great conversation, was patient and kind teaching me to gamble on his own dime, and kept his promise of tickets for me. A+ guy, despite his angry ranting comedic style.



I met Leonard Nemoy at different times. Leonard was incredibly cool. He was giving a talk at the place where I work and we all knew he was coming so we sat at a table outside near the entrance so we could see when he arrived. His security people led him from the car to the building and we said hello as he passed.

They took him inside to a private green room to relax before he went on. To our surprise, after the handlers dropped him off at the green room he came back outside, sat down with us and just hung out, we talked about food and cool places to see nearby. We just chatted like he was one of the crew. Class act guy. One of the neatest celebrity encounters I've had.


Oh course he is....

sexy jeff goldblum GIFGiphy

I don't think anyone one would be surprised that Jeff Goldblum is nice, but I can attest to it.

I was an extra in a movie with him. When he arrived on the scene, some nasty film crew woman was screaming at us not to bother him or ask for his autograph (which none of us had done). He must have heard her, because he turned right around and came over to talk to us.


Movie Marathon

Back when they were filming Lord of the Rings all the hobbits: Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee), Billy Boyd (Peregrin Took), and Dominic Monaghan (Meriadoc Brandybuck), came into my mom's video store and wanted to rent all of Peter Jacksons movies. They were so excited to have a movie marathon I thought it was super cute.

Edit: They were nice. :)


Hey Girl....

Paris Hilton - I didn't meet her in person. But I worked for an airline answering phones as a supervisor. She called in to change her itinerary on New year's Day years ago when she was very much in the public eye. It would have been about 3:00 a.m. where she was, and I could hear the party going on in the background. She was my very first call of the morning where I was on the east coast. 7:00 a.m.

I was hungover as hell, and in no mood to be at work. She was absolutely the nicest person to deal with. She was really sweet and patient, she made small talk while I changed her reservation and seemed genuinely kind. I was pleasantly surprised.


Hey Hugh

Its pretty well established that he's nice, but Hugh Jackman is one of the nicest human beings I've ever encountered.


A friend of mine went to the premiere of X-Men Origins Wolverine and they camped out by the theater, he said he woke up and he was told that Hugh Jackman had bought everyone who camped breakfast. It was a little breakfast sandwich and an orange juice I believe, he also said there was at least 100 people there.


Staying Fresh

Will Smith Applause GIFGiphy

Will Smith

I worked a private event for him a couple years back. He made sure to thank each and every employee when he arrived and before he left. He had the best manners and was in such a jovial mood, joking around with the staff. Great guy.


Wicked Nice

Met Vincent Price when I was a kid. He was speaking at the college where my parents worked and since our house was next to the auditorium we usually hosted the meet and greets. I was only supposed to be allowed in with the grownups long enough to say hello but when I blurted out how much I liked scary movies he stopped to talk. He was extraordinarily patient and kind to a nine year old kid who just wanted to talk monster movies and show off his monster dioramas.


Good AL

weird al yankovic stare GIFGiphy

I work in the film industry.

Weird Al is insanely freaking nice. Like, you ask him for a photo and he'll make a 10 second video for your dad nice.


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