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There's something about getting different foods hyped up for you only to be terribly disappointed. I will never forget how sad I was the first time I had a lobster roll, for example. It was decent, but I wasn't in love with it. Then a friend told me that not eating one in New England was a big mistake so the next time I was in Massachusetts I ordered one and the difference was like night and day.

After Redditor xxKilgorexx asked the online community, "What food was a disappointment to you that you were excited to try?" people shared their stories.

"I remember liking the first one..."

The McRib. I remember liking the first one that I had as a kid. Every year, when it comes back, I go to McDonald's to get one. And every time, I'm like, "Meh." It's okay, but overall pretty underwhelming. Having said that, I'm sure I will find myself in line at McDonald's when they return next year.


"I was so excited the first few times..."

Anything from Starbucks. I was so excited the first few times, and I tried so many different things, hoping to find something that wowed me.

Didn't happen; it's not bad coffee, per se, but it's nothing special and definitely not worth the price. Also, some of their flavour combinations are seriously questionable.


Starbucks is largely flavorless.

You can fight me on that.

"I thought it was gonna be sweet..."

Tomato juice. I thought it was gonna be sweet, but even though I was young and stupid, I felt scammed.


I'm that freak who lies V8... I don't think I can entirely relate.

"I live in a part of Texas..."


I live in a part of Texas where it's almost impossible to find dragonfruit. I FINALLY got my hands one six months ago...

Turns out dragonfruit is the La Croix of the fruit world.


"Pretty much any sweets..."

Twinkies. Pop Tarts. Pretty much any sweets you read or watch characters eat in US-based media.

They're always just ok and overly sweet.


Pop Tarts are something you only eat when you have no other choice...

...and by that, I mean you have to pretty much give up on life to eat a Pop Tart willingly. There must be absolutely nothing in your fridge. You should also, ideally, be going through a crippling depression. These factors will greatly affect your Pop Tart experience.

"I got a raise at work..."

I got a raise at work so took my wife to a Jamie Oliver restaurant in London. Spent £100 on a steak and was really disappointed. Don't get me wrong it was cooked and spiced to perfection, just wasn't for me.


"My taste buds..."


My taste buds formed a union and protested for better working conditions.


That's quite the turn of phrase.

Your grapefruit hate has been duly noted.

"Crab meat tastes so much better..."

Lobster. Crab meat tastes so much better to me and my guess is that lobster is more popular because it is easier to eat.


"I hope to try one..."

Tamales. I loved eating Hot Tamales and thought an actual one would be awesome, so I ordered it and eagerly tried to eat it. Problem was that I was about five years old, no one told me you aren't supposed to eat the husk, and my dad didn't say anything even after seeing me look so disappointed. I hope to try one without getting a mouthful of corn husk eventually!


"I know it's supposed to be..."

Coconut water, I know it's supposed to be some delicious miracle elixir or something but I find the salty-sweet taste to be sickening to me.


Don't you come for my coconut water!

It's wonderful! More for me, then.

"I was so sad."

Hollandaise. I loved different sauces and gravies growing up. The first time I had alfredo I was in heaven. I must have been about 14 or so when we were at a place that had a gorgeous picture of eggs Benedict. It just looked so beautiful and creamy and I had to have it. My dad warned me that he didn't think I'd like it, that it really didn't have much flavor but I wanted it anyway.

When our food came it was one of those rare times that the plate looked as good as the picture. It had the little sprinkles of paprika and a garnish of cute little parsley and it was just so beautiful!

And then I took a bite. I don't know exactly what I expected, maybe something cheesy? Whatever... but what I got was warm mayonnaise and that's still what I think of every time Hollandaise is even mentioned.

I was so sad.


"It looked fantastic..."

When I was a kid I saw a commercial for Dairy Queen's double cheese burger. It looked fantastic and mouth-watering and I begged my dad for days to take me to get one. He finally caved and what we got was two little turds on a bun with some cheese on top. Now I have trust issues.


Fast food will often disappoint you.

At least, that's been my experience.

"Don't bother."

IKEA Meatballs. I didn't try these until I was about 23. Everyone used to tell me how you can't go to IKEA without getting the meatballs. If anyone hasn't tried the meatballs yet. Don't bother.


It's such a shame when food doesn't turn out to taste as good as you've hoped...

...and it's been a while since I wasn't disappointed. Have you tasted my cooking during lockdown? (I'm kidding, I'm actually a good cook––but some of the takeout I've ordered now and again hasn't exactly been the best.)

Have some of your own stories about disappointing food? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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