People Break Down Pieces Of Outdated Advice That No Longer Hold Up Today
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

I still chuckle to myself when I think about being a kid and the number of times I heard a teacher tell the class that we'd have to learn to do math problems by hand because we'd never have computers available to us during exams. And look at us now! Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live and work––we carry around actual supercomputers in our pockets with myriad capabilities. Oh, and math? There's a handy dandy calculator function available to you. Funny how things change, right?

After Redditor flamewolf3 asked the online community, "What's some outdated advice that's no longer relevant today?" people told us about the advice they've heard that has long outlived its usefulness.

"My grandma told me..."

My grandma told me to find out where a restaurant is, look up their phone number in the yellow pages and call to ask for directions.


"If you need help..."

If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, dial your operator.


"Probably not done today."

The week before I left for college, my dad bought a cheap electric etcher. He etched my social security number on my TV and bike and a couple of other things.

That way if they were stolen and recovered I could prove they were mine.

Probably not done today.


"When you get near the end of a pregnancy..."

When you get near the end of pregnancy, the baby will move less because "they run out of room."

So outdated and dangerous. Any change in normal movements or reduction in movements should be checked out ASAP by a midwife or doctor.


"That a savings account..."

That a savings account is a good investment... What with 0.05% interest and all.


"To pay for college..."

To pay for college, just work part time at a restaurant waiting tables!


"To get a job..."

To get a job, just walk in with a good attitude and a printed copy of your resume, and don't forget the follow-up phone call!

When hiring at my work, my boss specifically writes to never call in the ad. If anyone calls I'm supposed to tell them the position is filled, because if they read the ad and still call, "they obviously can't follow basic instructions."



To find your first job (like as a teenager), just go from place to place filling out paper applications.

Nope. Now pretty much everywhere just says, "apply online and we might call."


"You need to learn..."

You need to learn to write in cursive or nobody will take you seriously and you won't get good grades on your assignments in college.

By 2010 when I went to college, virtually all of my assignments, including most tests, were digital, and even the few handwritten exams allowed regular print.



"If you have bullies, just ignore them."

Honestly, this was never applicable as someone who's dealt with bullies for as long as I can remember. It's an unrealistic expectation that a-holes like that would just stop because you don't care.


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