Do you believe in those that walk amongst us? You should. Well, that's just my opinion. But it's a good one. The spirits are with us. They are untamed and emboldened and they live on. So many people feel as though they have proof. So maybe we should hear them out and see how all of our experiences align. Being supernatural isn't a crime... it's a superpower, that one day, hopefully, we'll ALL have.

Redditor u/Jojobazard wanted everyone to sit down and discuss how we know that we're not alone in this world by asking.... What was the creepiest thing you witnessed, that made you believe in supernatural stuff?

"ghost cat"


At the last house we lived in, when the bed in the master bedroom was setup a certain way, some nights it felt like a cat or small dog would jump up and settle in one particular spot toward the foot of the bed. I didn't think too much of it but jokingly mentioned having a "ghost cat" to my husband one time only to find out he had been feeling the exact same thing in the same spot (bc of his schedule we slept at different times). If one has to have a ghost, a sleepy pet ghost is a good choice. vodka_philosophy


I was riding my bicycle down a narrow path. Maybe 30 meters in front of me was an elderly woman also on a bike. I was going fast and catching up to her quickly. I was a couple of meters from passing her when the path took a right turn and she was out of my sight for a second. I should have been right behind her after I, too, had taken the right turn, so imagine my surprise when she had just... vanished. There was an open field to the left, a highly fenced off area (with no gates) to the right and one straight road ahead of us - no trace of her anywhere. I know the area well and there is no way she could have been hidden anywhere. This woman just went POOF and it puzzles me to this day. onesmilematters


Obligatory "background story": my brother passed away a few years back. When my mom and I would visit his grave, a small pinwheel she'd put out there would spin. My mom swore that it would spin any time she'd visit. I never disagreed, as it would be rude to do so. But I didn't believe in anything like that. However! Recently, I went to visit him- and I guess I was feeling bitter and cynical. So I said something along the lines of "I'm not an idiot, I know that thing will spin no matter what. You're not here anymore." mind you - it was WINDY outside. And the thing just stopped spinning. Just stopped completely. I was shocked and cried for a little bit. I have no idea what it meant, or if I'm thinking about it too hard. milkvine



Hearing a gruff man's voice next to my bed when playing video games with my then current girlfriend. We both heard it. We both lost our crap. SnideSnail

​I was 21.....

I was 21, looking for a new apartment/room to rent, and had an appointment in the morning to meet a guy I found on Craigslist who was renting out a room. I told my mom that I had an appointment the next day. That night I had a dream that I went to the house, he led me inside and showed me the room, and then when I walked past this stairwell that led to a basement, he pushed me down the stairs. Then he tied me to a bed. I woke up sweaty and obviously freaked out. I looked at my phone and my mom had sent me a text a few minutes before saying "I'm having a weird feeling - don't go to that guys house, he's bad" Not sure if supernatural like ghosts or just intuition, but it certainly felt like something was keeping me from going there. I didn't go obviously. the-willow-witch


I was in my room and headed to my parents bedroom, from the edge of my vision I saw my brother siting on the couch so I kept walking, then I remembered my brother doesn't have a shaved head. I looked back and there was no one there. Prey12

The Window Witness...

I took a picture of my parents with one of their friend's phone while we were all playing cards one night. Looking at the screen to line up the shot I saw nothing weird. As soon as I took the pic an old man in a flannel sweater was standing behind them staring out the window. Trippingthewire

Haunted Unit.

A patient walked out of his ICU room after he had just died and looked around. Out of my peripheral vision. When I turned my head he was gone.

Edit: the patient coded right as I got on shift and died within the hour, so I wasn't especially tired. He came in as a doe, most likely homeless, so there was no family in the room. I was the nurse so I was sitting close by, didn't see anyone else go in there nor would anyone have a reason to except me the morgue hadn't arrived yet cuz post-mortem care was not done.

He was staying in the room known to ALL the nurses on the unit as "haunted" because the call light would go off or the bed alarm would go off frequently when it was empty. Out of the periphery of my vision I cant be sure but it did not look like he was wearing a gown, it looked like he had on street clothes. He was a young guy with a big, long blonde beard, so it was an easily identifiable attribute. Before i would joke along that room was haunted, now i believe it is. chinchillarocket

when I was out of my imaginary friend stage.....


When i was very young, i had an "imaginary friend" named Samantha. I vividly remember playing dolls and stuff with her and all that kinda stuff. One day when I was like five or so, I asked her why she would never be at my moms (my parents are divorced and have been forever) and Sam's responded with something along the lines 'i can't your mother will remember me, don't talk to her about me' and me being young and stupid was just like, okay :) and went back to playing with dolls.

So after awhile I remembered this (when I was out of my imaginary friend stage) and I talked to my mom about it, she got terrified and made me shut up right then and there. After awhile longer, we finally talked about it. In high-school my mom had a friend who committed suicide, her name was Samantha. After that I've always believed in supernatural stuff. Kac4583


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