Doctors Everywhere Are Savaging The NRA For Being Told To 'Stay In Their Lane'

On Wednesday, November 7, the National Rifle Association, the largest and most influential gun-rights advocacy group in the U.S., wrote derisively about doctors in a defensive tweet. Speaking out against physicians who treat gun wounds and subsequently call for increased gun control, the NRA wrote: "Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane."

America's doctors, who routinely treat injuries caused by guns, did not take kindly to the NRA's belittling tweet.

Medical organizations quickly rose up against the NRA, denouncing the gun advocacy that brought so many new patients to their doors.

Some doctors shared harrowing stories of gun violence made possible by groups like the NRA.

Physicians of all forms stepped up to speak in favor of gun control.

Making fun of life-saving doctors is very rarely a good move.

Could the NRA do what these doctors do?

Should anyone who fears further gun violence in America simply stay in their own lane?

At the end of the day, Twitter users seemed to realize whose lane was whose.

H/T - The Hill, CNN

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