People Divulge The Most Suspicious Thing They Own

People Divulge The Most Suspicious Thing They Own
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People who are less concerned about the clutter in their lives have a tendency to be collectors for the things they have passion for.
Worldwide travelers may have a collection of magnets on their fridges from the places they've been to. Those who are Star Wars fans may have an assortment of rare collectible items–including action figures or reproductions of iconic props and costumes.

Others may have in their possession items that are not necessarily a part of any collection but can definitely raise eyebrows.

How were those items obtained and for what purpose do they have them for?

These were the things that were explored when Redditor CampaignVivid asked:
"Whats the most suspicious thing you own?"

You may never want to upset these people if you know what's good for you.

Bold Bling

"Brass knuckles I found on the ground behind a baseball field in high school."

– andrewmmmmm

Explosive Present

"Friend of mine owns a gun range and gave me a stun grenade as a gift I keep it in my wardrobe with the pin and handle secured with duct tape."

– Much_Committee_9355

A Dangerous Game

"A kids atomic kit with actual Uranium 238."

– TheSkinCollector65

These sharp objects are not limited to what you can find in the kitchen.

The Write Weapon

"A pen knife. It's basically a normal pen but the top part can be removed to reveal a small blade. A friend gave it to me after I told him I take night walks very often."

– anorangeladybug

The Real Deal

"A short sword, meant to get it as a cosplay sword that was two handed for a Crusader cosplay. When I first got it I opened it up and was immediately disappointed by the size (that's what she said) and noted it had a sheath. I unsheathed it and hear that shing come from it and went 'oh this sh*t real.'"

– ravengbl

Cuts So Deep

"A knife collection started by my dad in the 1950s and added to over my lifetime. Most are touristy pocketknives from gas stations, flea markets, and auctions. Some are high-end collectables, and scary-looking mall-ninja weapons."

"Telling people I have 100+ knives usually raises and eyebrow or two."

– Shawaii

Handle With Caution

"I bought a replica of the blade movie sword, honestly thought it was going to be some fake or cheap metal blade, nope it's a real fucking sword and nearly cut my hand taking it out of the box because it doesn't have a sheath, still awesome but since I have little kids now I gave it to my dad to display, he loves it"

– Bigbadbobbyc

These people had some macabre belongings.

Ancient Ancestor

"A human skull? Pretty sure it is from some early middle aged female. No idea. But it's an anatomical model so I'm a bit ashamed I don't know."

– DeluxeWafer

Human Samples

"I did a high school externship my senior year with the county medical examiner, attending several autopsies as well as assisting in the pathology lab. As a parting gift, the deputy ME prepared for me a complete histological slides set from every human organ. Being a science nerd with a professional microscope, it honestly might be the coolest thing I own."

"Where did all of these come from, you ask? Evidently, he prepared them for me from a set of preserved samples collected during the autopsy of an 18-year-old girl who died suddenly and mysteriously, in a case that was never solved. The idea, of course, being that this is a set of healthy human samples, which would be most useful to learn from."

"Still, it does give me pause to examine them. These were, after all, part of a person once. A living being, and someone's daughter."

"Also, being able to say 'Yeah, so I've got a bunch of chopped-up pieces of a dead girl in my closet...' definitely makes it the most suspicious thing I own, by a wide margin."

– havron

Now we're getting kinky.

Key Collection

"Several dozen handcuff keys laying around my house. I swear I'm not some psycho I just keep losing them."

– spade13F

A Literal "Gag" Gift

"A foot-long rubber dildo. My wife received it as a gag gift and now that she's gone it's in the filing cabinet full of her stuff I don't want to touch but don't want to throw out."

– TheBelhade

Slap-Happy Weapon

"When I was in the Marines, I drunkenly bought a two foot jelly dildo and my Platoon Sgt. and I set up ambushes to beat the hell out of our buddies with it. A floppy dildo makes a fine melee weapon."

– The_Brain_Fuckler

These random assortment of items couldn't be confined to specific classifications.

A Grave Tome

"A book called 'unusual deaths'. My sister received it as a gift from a friend when she was a teen. She never cared to read it but I thought it was interesting and she gave it to me. I was about 8 at the time but I still have it."

– aniacret

Ultimate Safe House

"15 generators 12 full sized solar panels that all power a bunker I own."

– Wolferus20000

A co-worker had a collection that raised a red flag and made me question the kind of person he was.

On the surface, this guy was affable, very kind, generous, and had an accessible sense of humor.

When I went to visit his apartment to "get to know him better," he divulged more information about himself that elicited nervous laughter when he showed me what was in his closet.

Being a history nerd, this guy had a collection of WWII gas masks and authentic Third Reich collectibles–including an assortment of Nazi uniforms.

He claimed he wasn't a White supremacist. He was just really fascinated about that era in history.

Whatever, buddy. I nope'd my way outta there so fast.

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