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Sexism in the workplace is nothing new.

It's been going on for ages.

There are some situations, though, that you sort of expect that people would just ... be better about.

Like working in the ministry, for example. The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church just released a video proving how wrong you'd be.

The video, which is about 7 and a half minutes long, features male Methodist pastors reading comments that female Methodist pastors have heard. The comments, submitted by the women, covered a range of topics.

Some questioned whether it was appropriate for a woman to preach, some implied (or outright stated) that women were weaker and the amount of sexual comments was just disgusting.

Folks, don't hit on your pastor. Why do we even need to type that out?

The male preachers were not prepped about the comments beforehand - and it shows in some of their facial reactions.

Behold, some of the many faces of "WTF?" Which one are you usually?

We're typically a solid #5 when someone says gross stuff.






If you're sensitive to sexist and misogynistic comments, you may want to proceed with caution at this point. The comments made may be disturbing or upsetting to you.

They certainly were to the women who heard them, as well as the men who read them. Here are a few.

"I can't concentrate on your sermon because you're so pretty."
"You do a really good job, but I think scripture is more meaningful if read with a male voice."
"You are looking fat."
"Women shouldn't wear pants."
"You're going to hell, you know. God does not permit women to preach. It's in the bible."
"I keep picturing you naked under your robe."
"During holy communion it's hard for me to concentrate when you say "this is my body, given for you." I keep thinking about your body, not Jesus's body."
"If God can use a donkey, I guess he can use women in ministry. "
"Better be careful eating so much, you don't want to lose that school girl figure. "
"If I were 20 years younger, you wouldn't be able to keep me away from you."

The men in the video reacted with sadness, disgust, and disappointment. They don't really seem too shocked, though - which is pretty telling.

Watch the video for yourself.

The video started making the rounds on Twitter, where people seemed just as horrified as the male pastors.

What sorts of sexist comments and attitudes have you witnessed in the workplace? Can women end such attitudes or is it up to men to police themselves and the men around them?

Jessica Bennett offered the book Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace, available here, as a primer for women.

And sometimes, it is as simple as sending a clear message. Like this coffee mug, available here.


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