On Sunday, September 16, Onalaska Independent School District Superintendent Lynn Redden posted a blatantly racist comment on social media, saying "you can't count on a black quarterback" for "precision decision making," making reference to the end of the Houston Texans NFL game in which quarterback Deshaun Watson failed to throw for a potentially game-winning touchdown as time expired.

Redden claims he posted the statement in error, thinking he was sending a private direct message. This is a strange defense, considering the sentiment is no less racist in private.

On late Tuesday, September 18th, the Onalaska School District, located about 75 miles north of greater Houston, announced they would call a special meeting on Saturday the 22nd to discuss the future of Redden's contract.

The district also released this statement to the Houston Chronicle:

Onalaska ISD regrets that an inappropriate comment has been attributed to the district's superintendent. The OISD does not condone negative comments or actions against any race. The district values every individual and therefore the district will take the appropriate measures to address the situation expeditiously and completely.

Though Redden has now deleted the post, he did tell the Chronicle that "he based the comment on the 'limited success' of black quarterbacks in the NFL."

Bill O'Brien, the Texans' head coach, personally called out Redden's beliefs:

Twitter was united in its disdain for Redden and his racist ideas:

Meanwhile, when asked about Redden's comments, Watson decided to take the high road.

In the face of hatred and bigotry, the truly great show us a better way to live.

H/T - CBS News, Houston Chronicle

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