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Jemel Roberson was the 26-year-old security guard who was tragically killed by a policeman. He was detaining a gunman at Manny's Blue Room Lounge in Illinois when cops allegedly mistook him for the shooter and fired on him instead of the actual gunman.

Outrage broke out after Roberson's senseless death, yet another instance of black men dying at the hands of police.

His mother, Beatrice Roberson, has sued the officer as well as the village of Midlothian, Illinois, for $1 million.

In the interim, a GoFundMe campaign was created.

"To honor Jemel's memory, a GoFundMe account has been started in hopes of collecting donations that will cover his burial expenses."

Friday, a familiar name joined the list of donors β€” Kanye West. West's name is listed 10 times with donations of $15,000 each, totaling $150,000.

The original goal was $150,000 and, as of Sunday evening, contributions had reached more than double that.

Many people are applauding the rapper's generosity.

Others feel West's kindness is more in line with the Yeezy they know and love, unlike the MAGA version that has been in the news lately.

Jemel Roberson's GoFundMe can be found here.


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