Jobs That Don't Contribute Much To Society

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So many useless jobs and ways that are gross and help no one.

Who even came up with half of these jobs?

How are any of them legal?

But they're out there.

Scammers and thieves, getting paid to prey on us.

Be vigilant. And maybe send in a resume.

If we can't beat them, maybe join them.

I jest. Maybe.

Redditor Yeetthyself64 wanted to discuss the jobs that don't offer much to the world. They asked everyone out there:

"What job contributes nothing to society?"

Secret shoppers. Betrayal for coin.

Health Thieves


"In the US: PBMs (Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers). They drive up medical costs while simultaneously telling your doctor what you can’t have."

"They make no contribution to your well-being and produce nothing of value."


Hang Up

"Extended warranty call center."


"I got a job at one of these places, not really realizing what it was. My job was to essentially pass around existing customers who would not really get any help, and pass potential new customer to the sales people."

"On my 2nd day a frustrated customer called just asking for help I felt terrible and told her I couldn't help her. She made a comment about feeling like she was being scammed, I told her she was correct, and just left at lunch without saying anything."



"Admissions Counselor for unaccredited schools."


"I worked in an admission office for a traditional private, accredited college just outside Boston, after I finished grad school. I was mostly doing the email marketing for the office, but occasionally filled for in-person college fairs when someone was sick, or we double-booked."

"Most colleges are not-for-profit, meaning all of the money from tuition had to go back into the college. As an admission counselor, we were legally not allowed to get things like commission or bonuses based on enrollment numbers. I got a salary, and that was it."

"The other for-profit schools, which were unaccredited and for-profit, were basically sales reps. I talked to one of them (who tried to poach me), and he specifically mentioned how much he earned each year from recruiting students. Just, completely disingenuous and not in the best interest of the students."


Oh Lord

"Megachurch scam pastors."


"Churches, period."

"I think the biggest problem with religion in general is that basically anyone with some charisma can become a priest, imam or whatever, and people tend to take their word as if it's directly out of their God's mouth and blindly follow it, which in turn drives a lot of people with certain characteristics to wanna become one."

"Like people who wanna assert dominance, impose their own twisted beliefs and interpretations of religious texts upon others, and greedy people. That's how you get megachurches, crusades, religious terrorism, persecution of gay people and women killed for not wearing a hijab, etc, etc."


Poor Swifties Know the Pain

Sorry Taylor Swift GIFGiphy

"Ticket scalper."


"I'm always flabergasted when scalpers try to claim they are doing a service."


"The whole ticket sale system has to go. I got to see some bands I like for free because I got tickets from a radio station. Price on the ticket was like 40 bucks, but the only way to buy them was through Ticketmaster for 100 plus fees and bull. LiveNation and all the people responsible for this nonsense should be publicly executed."


Oh Ticketmaster... evil minions of a the devil.

Legal But Awful

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"Patent Trolls. 100% legal. 0 contribution to society, just a person who has their hands out asking for money along the way."


Promises, promises...

"Those people who make long-winded facebook videos which promise a lot but where nothing happens."


"With this one simple trick, you can be rid of your problem. But before I show you the trick, I'm going to talk for 45 minutes and show you fake chalkboard drawings and then tell you you need to pay for the trick, but it isn't a trick at all. It's just common knowledge but now you're out $59.95 and I've made a bunch of money off of people's hopes."


Bad Mom

"Mommy bloggers that put an uncomfortable amount of personal information about their kids on the internet."


"I knew a group of mommy bloggers and not a single one was a mother. They had been hired by another company to write content which they most took from other bloggers and then amped it up with fabricated stories."




"Multilevel marketing."


"I felt so foolish to have been convinced it wasn't 'pyramid selling.' Yes. Yes it is. Didn't cost me a lot, thankfully, but the fact I tried to get others involved was shameful."


Marketing always seems like a mess.

I tried and cried and left.

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