So many people know how technically challenged I am, so I couldn't imagine dealing with dozens of me on a daily basis because it was my job. I would definitely be a regular at the liquor store. Humans call for assistance for anything and everything. Trying to figure it out for ourselves first never seems to be an option. And 8 times out of 10 it seems like the it's always a "your glasses are on your head moment." IT people are heroes.

Redditor u/NetworkMachineBroke wanted the IT workers out there to feel free to vent by asking.... IT workers, what is the most ridiculous "You're IT, you have to fix this" request you've received?



I work in web development/maintenance.

I got a call from a client who was absolutely livid when I told her that she could not take the hyperlinked text from her webpage, transfer it over to their print ad, and still have it function like a link. Hysterical_Realist


Lady called to report her monitor wasn't working. After troubleshooting and asking her multiple times if everything was plugged in she finally pipes up that the monitor "doesn't have the light on." The monitor wasn't plugged in and she wanted me to wake a guy up at 3am to do it because she was dressed to nicely to do it herself because she was preparing for a meeting at 6am.

Told her to do it herself because I was not about to wake up the on call for that. She complained to our director and he literally laughed at her and her reasoning for wanting the on call sent out and she is now banned from calling in. theSQUINTYazn

The Senior VP. 

Had a lady executive use her laptop bag as a wheel chock when her husband changed her tire. She ran over it. She brought it to us and said "make this work. I have a presentation in an hour." Then left. We took it out of the bag and it was U shaped. We laughed at the situation. There was nothing we could do. The hard drive was even crushed.

She came back and screamed at us for our incompetence while demanding another laptop (her third in six months). Our team lead took the laptop to the VP of technology. He brought her down to our office and made her apologize and told us she did not get anymore laptops. If she wanted to work on the weekends she had to come in to the office.

His dad was a Senior VP. Krase

Hot the Power....

Posted this before, but i was a remote tech and had a woman call me and wanted me to drive 6+ hours to her facility to turn on her computer, because hitting the power button was 'not her job'. CommodoreFiftyFour

My dad had to do that, he worked remotely 2 hours from the office, his computer had a problem and for some reason, he had to go and turn it on (and login too probably) himself. egrith

Anyway, I fixed the camera.....

I do IT at a hospital. MY first year, in march, I get called to the surgery dept. They explain they can't open images from their medical records on one particular computer. As I'm clicking about, I manage to get it fixed (file association error) and the next image I try to open is a FULL ON COLONOSCOPY. Just an extreme close up of an elderly patient's weird, damaged butt.

For the rest of the month, I get teased by the entire surgical staff. "Hey, wanna come work on our computers? Hey, wanna come look at our surgery today?"

April Fool's Day rolls around. Surgery dept. calls. "Hey, we're having a problem with one of our colonoscopy cameras, come take a look."

"Yeah, sure" I said, "It's April fool's, you aren't getting me that easy."

"No, really, it's messed up, come take a look."

"Yeah sure, I'll get right down there."

So I saunter down there slowly, taking my time, knowing I'm walking into a prank of some kind. I get there and the ward nurse is making me suit up and scrub in, I'm like "Props you guys, you're really pulling out all the stops for this prank."

Nope. Walk into the surgical theater, patient is ASLEEP, ANUS EXPOSED, CAMERA UP BUTT. Doctor starting at me, looking visibly upset. "Where the heck have you been?"

Anyway, I fixed the camera. FunkTurkey



Got a call to to remove a plug on a radio and push the wire through a small vent in the cabinet because the wire was "unsightly."

I did this while 15 executives watched. None of them knew how to change a plug, and had never even seen the inside of one; but because it had a wire it was ITs responsibility. dietderpsy


Drove for 2 hours to replace a touchscreen monitor that had stopped responding; turns out they were wearing gloves.

We used to log these type of callouts as ID-10-T errors. soiledpantsforsale

Had this person never tried using their phone while wearing gloves before? It doesn't sound like that would be an uncommon frustration at this point. Frosti-Feet


I was working as a developer at a Navy contract. One morning, a Navy Captain walked up to my desk, "You're Roman?"

"Yes, sir! How can I help you?"

"I got a virus in my email, so I forwarded it to you."

"But.... but, why?"

"Well, I didn't want it in my inbox."

"But... but... ..."

"Was it supposed to go to somebody else?"

"You *could* have deleted it or notified the IT guys across the hall who deal with that type of stuff... sir."

"Well... you're IT, right?"

*sigh* roman_fyseek



The hospital I used to work at called IT to come in one night because the telemetry monitors had all gone down on the nursing floor. Computer wasn't working, they were freaking out. IT comes in and sees that someone had kicked the plug out of the outlet. Needless to say, he was not impressed. boin-loins

pepsi thief!!! 

Once had a person call in to the IT desk because the soda machine stole their money. Pretty sure the can of Pepsi he wanted was arrested somewhere in the soda machine. Estella_Osoka


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