Industries That People Hope Won't Exist In Ten Years

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With advances in tech replacing jobs previously worked by humans, we're living in advantageous yet very frustrating times.

Cab drivers in major cities bemoaned the shortages of customers who have become more inclined to order rideshare services that are conveniently accessed by phones.

Many public transportation hubs like train stations are also starting to see fewer ticketing agents as vending machines and virtual tickets have become more prevalent.

The transportation industry is just one in which our generation is seeing a diminishing workforce. Will it all be worth it or are we essentially moving too fast?

Well, that depends.

Because there are plenty of industries that are more sinister in nature that shouldn't be around anymore.

Curious to hear examples of the toxic industries that have taken advantage of consumers for far too long, Redditor filetemyoung asked:

"What industry do you hope won't exist in 10 years?"

Good riddance to some of these!

Bye To "Alternative Facts"

"24 hour media outlets masquerading as 'news.'"

– Nati2de

Downright Text Book Thievery

"The F'kers that make college text books $2,000 dollars!"

– Honest_Plant5156


"Scam call centers."

– whypussyconsumer

No More Monthly Charges

"Everything as a subscription. As a tech worker I understand why this is so popular but god do I hate it."

"Edit: Some subscriptions can genuinely offer amazing value to consumers. My problem is the mass adoption of subscription on products and services that have no business being a subscription. Those that exist solely so companies can make more money off of you. Not everything should be a subscription."

– iHazRice

No More Tricking Students

"Third party student loan 'consultants.' I used to work as a federal student loan collector for a Department of Education contractor. I have horror stories about borrowers who were purposefully deceived by these people, the worst of whom was someone who thought a consolidation she paid for completely eliminated her obligation."

"What these legally grey a**holes do is trick people into paying to have free paperwork done on their behalf. Sure they have the tiny fine print disclosures, but they're extremely predatory and make me sick. Imo getting rid of them could be legislation worthy, given that they interfere with federally owned debts."

– dr3dg3

The following industries led by avarice and greed can be blasted to obsolescence.

Money-Making Schemes

"MLMs/Pyramid schemes"

– Special22one

The Toxic Middlemen

"Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Look them up."

"They’re basically bloodsucking middlemen that sit between hospitals and health insurers. Supposedly created to control prescription drug costs and manage formularies, but they actually drive prices up. One of the many terrible causes of high medical costs in the states."

– tc273

"The concert ticket mafia. (TicketMaster / StubHub / LiveNation). F'k them."

"ETA: I know those entities aren't really an entire industry. They basically have the market monopolized, though."

– cerberuss09

And when it comes to the exploitation of children or animals, Redditors hoped the following industries were gone as of yesterday.

It's Abuse

"The Troubled Teen Industry."

"Look up Nexpos video on Elan school and you’ll see what I mean. Abusing minors for money shouldn’t be an industry."

"Edit: didn’t realize this would get so much traction, so if you’re interested in helping advocate against TTI, head over to r/troubledteens and join our little crew!"

– Coastal_wolf

Kids On Media

"Child modeling and anything to do with children being publicized on social media."

– AdCharming4503

Puppy/Kitten Farms

"This and even pet stores that actually sell animals from these mills. My home state of Maryland is the second behind California in banning pet stores from selling animals from puppy/kitten mills."

– LoveStoryGaming

I remember hearing about a small-town photographer who had been working for the local paper for years and was let go without warning.

The manager allegedly informed him that the staff were told to snap photos for the paper using their smartphones. It was a cost-cutting measure, but poor guy had no warning and was devastated.

While the photography industry has been adversely affected as well due to the proliferation of smartphone snapshots and Instagram, it's sad to see happen–whereas many of the examples listed above make more sense to see relegated to history.

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